Tuesday, November 1, 2011

As The Leaf Falls

Today was the day Sweetz and I went to mom's to attack the leaves.  Those beautiful trees were so gorgeous with the sun illuminating brilliant yellows and reds. If you looked up!  But the dead ones on her lawn were another story:  it was time to get the rake.  Well, the rake didn't see much action today but the push mower and the blower did. 

Her back yard is enclosed in a chain link fence which  doesn't offer an adequate opening to get a riding mower through.  Ok, so I got the push mower.  Sounds easy, but then it needed gas and oil.  It needed the wheels lifted, it needed to be primed, it needed the mulcher attachment, and to top it off - it needed to be started.  But finally all prep was completed and off I went to mow the back yard.  Since I had raked the back yard into piles earlier thinking this step would help, I thought this job would be a piece of pumpkin cheesecake.  Not so.  The leaf piles were wet and globbed so the mower wasn't mulching them very well.  But off I went around and around until it was fairly mulched. Of course, there were lots of new leaves that had fallen on the entire yard, but hey it was fun...of course.  I did rest at the midway point and then after the back was finished. 

Sweetz came with the van packed with our push mower, blowers, rake, gas can, etc. as I was finishing the back. As he began the LARGE sloping front yard, I finished the back.  After a swift rest, I found myself working beside him on the front. And we got 'er done.  Sweetz didn't bring the riding mower this time, but after the workout we got on that lot today, by golly I'll see that the riding mower gets used the next time.  He thought it would be difficult to use a riding mower because of the slope.  Probably so, but a push mower is not the way to do it for this aged geezerly lady. 

The most amazing part of this whole story is that my nearly 90yo mother was out there too.  She had a rake and pushed the mower in the front some when I was doing something else.  Told her not to help, but help she did.  That part was so amazing to see her.  She has always loved to work in the yard, so this was a great day for her to work in her yard awhile.  

I came home exhausted!!  I could barely climb the steps to get in my house. I kicked off my shoes and sat for about 30 minutes to see if I would live.  Four hours of hard labor is alot for my out-of-shape sedentary body. 

Sweetz had made a pot of soup yesterday so it was perfect to just heat and serve tonight for supper.  I guess I'll live, but just barely.  Ummmmmm, wonder how many calories I burned on that lawn???  Surely, I'll notice a lower number on the scales in the morning!  I have no pictures to add today, actually didn't think of taking the camera, but wouldn't it have been neat to see a video of me pushing that mower!!! 

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