Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We're experiencing a weather front moving through over the day leaving us with lots of rain.  And it's rather odd to have lightning and thunder this time of year but I've noticed some over the past couple of hours. 

It was a rather odd day for me in another way: kinda in a funk, a bit sad, thinking of things that sadden the spirit.  Decided a nap was in the stars so took a snooze all wrapped up one of my grandmother's quilts.  That gave me some stability and felt cozy in my cocoon and slept like a baby until the phone woke me.  But it was refreshing and obviously needed.  I feel better now, ready to face whatever comes my way. 

I must admit to myself that I didn't eat healthy today.  Nope, I jumped wildly off the side of my wagon and ate whatever I wanted, drank sugary drinks and even had a piece of cheesecake. Hope this is just a fluke odditity and my willpower will return by morning.

Ok, that's behind me and now I need to climb back on the wagon and get with the program.  This is definitely not the way to lose weight and eat healthier.  Bad bad.  Must do better...tomorrow.

Tomorrow should bring cooler temps and new horizons.  More on that subject on tomorrow's post. 

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