Monday, October 31, 2011

Spooks and Goblins

Halloween is now history - and good riddance, I say.  Halloween has never been my favorite holiday - but I really like Thanksgiving or at least enjoying fall and the colorful leaves and the crisp air and the end of hot summers and pots of soup and cups of hot tea.  Ahhh, but it ushers in the cold weather, snow, ice, sleet, etc.  None of which make my favorites list. 

I lived in New Jersey for seven years - not one of my favorite states.  It was awfully cold and snowy making those seven years a struggle for my thin Southern blood.  I'm thinking Florida would be a nice place to linger for the winter months as a snowbird, then round out the year farther north or west.  It's a dream, because in this economy I don't think such movement is going to happen. And if it did, our government would probably find some way to tax my travel miles.  

A friend picked me up this morning and we spent some time  running some errands and then treated ourselves to a BBQ tray for lunch.  Now, that was some tasty eating.  We drove along on some country roads and enjoyed feasting our eyes on the gorgeous fall color in our area.  It won't be many more days before the leaves begin to fall in earnest and then the drab winter will be upon us.  I might have to paint our kitchen and dining room yellow to bring some sunshine to my days. 

Mom, Sweetz, and I ate at a little Japanese restaurant tonight - sure was delicious.  They offer a small portion option so I got that so I could limit the amount I ate as I try to stay firm in my healthy eating plan.  The fried rice wasn't on my plan so might have to tread on the treadmill awhile. 

I'm thinking my healthy eating plan needs a cute name...and not H.E.P.  No, it needs a catchy name so I must come up with something appropriate - but that will be a task for another day and another time as my brain is telling me kindly that it's time to end this day.  Good night all, pleasant dreams, and don't let the bedbugs bite. 

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