Sunday, November 13, 2011

Procrastination Revisited

A few months ago I had promised to do some volunteering where I used to work.  Yep, that was AFTER the sheriff left the premises since my tortured body definitely didn't want to see the whites of her eyes again in this lifetime. 

I've done some of this, that, and the other on some projects for Marcia over those weeks.  But one project was a fairly discombobulated jumble of papers that she wanted me to type into one neat set of pages.  I must admit it looked a bit overwhelming to my retirement plans, so had put it away.  You know how that is: out of sight, out of mind.  Well, the retiree mind is a bit tired and retired so it didn't take much to almost completely forget it.  I had made certain all the papers were hidden in an envelope, inserted in a folder, covered underneath a bunch of papers, and finally stored in another room.  Yep, thought it was a goner from my mind. 

This afternoon, I decided I had procrastinated long enough.  Time for action Old Girl.  Well, long story's now neatly typed, saved, and emailed to Marcia.  Won't she be totally BLOWN AWAY Monday morning when she arrives at work to find I have FINALLY completed typing up her notes and clippings to one neat project!  

I have one more incomplete project - a time line...(but she did explicitly tell me that there was no rush on it).  Whew.  BUT, I do need to finish it soon and get this HUGE notebook back to her.  My twelve pages of notes need to be edited down to two typed pages.  Sounds like fun, eh? Wonder what other interesting projects she'll have me working on after this timeline is in the can...

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