Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Dormant Creative Side

I headed out this morning to go to an Agriculture Extension Craft Fair in our area.  They do this at least every Christmas, not sure if they do it at other times of the year but it's always nice to see the handcrafted items.  I bought a handwoven basket and a towel with tatting on the hems.  Then I decided it would be nice to go to my friend's business downtown where she sells handcrafted items.  She makes a lot of the items for sale in the shop but also offers creations by area craftsmen like wooden bowls, silver jewelry, scarves, pottery, beaded items, glass painting, soap, herb blends, etc.  I bought a few items for Christmas gifts so I'm heading into the holiday season with a few things crossed off my list. 

After my friend, Jean, recently sent me a picture of a beautiful dried  arrangement she created for her fall house decor, I've been wanting to attempt to do one.  So, today when I arrived home from my morning shopping excursion, I walked around the yard and garden and picked a bit of this and that, dried flowers, seed pods, and grasses.  After choosing a pottery pitcher as the holder, I attempted to connect to my creative side of the brain.  Whatcha think, Jean??? 

Being in Tena's shop this morning, I saw many things I could sew,  knit, crochet, paint, etc. if I would only settle down to do them.  She's so creative and seeing her unique things just made me want to jump in with knitting needles, paint brush, crochet hook, and beads.  Might have to unleash some creativity soon and try my hand at some different jewelry techniques. 

Tena invited me to come to her store after the holidays and she'd teach me some new crafts, two of which are...gracious - forgot what she called them...something like pounded metal jewelry and the other one was punched felt items. She has evening classes but I don't want to get out in the evening with dark arriving a bit after 5pm.  But she said I could come during the day and we'd play with some new ideas.  She has all the needed supplies in her store and even has a craft area conveniently located near the rear of her store.

Sooooo...for now, maybe I can get back to painting again and I definitely have plenty of free wall space... 

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