Monday, November 28, 2011

Sights and Sounds of Christmas

Linda left this morning and she called mom to tell her she arrived safely.  She had an uneventful drive back home, stopped a few times to stretch her legs, take a break, get gas, etc.  Undoubtedly, she's glad to be home again to get back to her own routine.

It clouded over a few times today, but finally about 8pm it decided to rain - one of those light sprinkling rains, not a full downpour.  Now, we're expected to get some cooler weather for at least a week.  Bummer, I was getting spoiled with our unexpectedly warm weather.  If only winter were this nice, then I wouldn't mind 3 months of it. 

Today I packed the fall decorations away for another year and Sweetz put them in our storage closet.  Then he proceeded to bring out the boxes of Christmas decorations.  So, I put out a few things. A pillow here, a towel there, replaced a picture with a wreath, etc.  Doesn't seem like Christmas yet; I'm still in fall mode.  My decorations need a lift like a different way of displaying them. Certainly am ready for a unique slant to decorating with them. Time to get out of the rut of the same ol' same ol'.  Something vibrant, something artful, something uplifting.  And where does inspiration come from?  Well, I went online and found a website, not much Christmasy on it yet, but mine will have to evolve a bit at a time. It wouldn't be much fun to have the house decorated in one day.  I like to display the sights of Christmas a bit along over several days as the inspiration hits.  

Another thing I did today was to work on some Christmas
projects. They sounded like quick ones, but, of course, nothing works out to be easy.  I did find satisfaction in my accomplishment and now I have some Christmas gifts already in the hole.  Woohoo. 

Had a call tonight from our son wanting to know if we wanted him to buy some gifts for the boys for us to give them.  What could I not like about that??  Sounds like a wonderful idea to me!!! Wonder if they will wrap them too????  Wooohooo, this gift exchange thing is getting easier each year.  This could become a habit.  Rake out a few bills and the shopping magically gets done.  Not like it used to be in my childhood days - we got a few gifts, mostly clothes, and were proud of anything we got.  These days, the kids have lists of what they want and parents seem to feel they have to supply the youngsters with everything on their list.  Whatever, I'm too tired of this annual Christmas train ride so find  I'd like to bury my head and not come up for air till January. 

Mom and I are going to a concert tomorrow night - will be nice to start the season hearing a military chorus - hope they sing all my favorite Christmas songs! Maybe that will get me in the spirit.  Will soon be pulling out Christmas CDs to fill the house with the sounds of Christmas.          

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