Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanks to Golden Corral

On my morning errand run this morning I was exiting Wal-Mart and heard some sirens.  I didn't think much about them, but they got louder and closer.  Then as I arrived at my car, a big fire and rescue truck arrived with lights flashing and sirens blaring.  It was followed immediately by an EMS van also with lights and sirens railing.  Men rushed into the store and it gave me pause to think...was a customer having a heart attack when she saw the rising prices on nearly all the food items????

Golden Corral was offering a free dinner to all military veterans tonight in honor of Veterans Day.  They've done this for several years, but for some reason Sweetz decided he'd take them up on it this year.  It was a whale of a scene!  But extremely orderly -- and they were so nice to all the vets.  The food was stacked high on the buffet bar and beverage glasses were kept refilled.  The customers were escorted graciously to their tables by uniformed scouts and their leaders, and dishes were swept away by some of the cutest cub scouts who told the vets that they appreciated their service.  All done in the most organized fashion. There were several military items around in the front of the parking lot, flags everywhere, and numerous signs inside and out thanking the troops for their service. 

A HUGE flag flew above the restaurant attached to the top of an extension ladder on a big piece of machinery.  This HUGE flag rolled majestically in the evening breeze and was beautiful to behold.  Of course, I left my camera home!  Drat.  There was a group of officers, troop leaders, even our sheriff greeting the vets at the doors, thanking each vet and giving them a sticker to wear on their shirts.  The sheriff eventually went inside and continually refilled tea glasses the entire time we were there with a huge smile on his face.  I was impressed!

It was unbelievable to see the support for the vets.  I overheard many of the men discussing their units, their ships, their bases, their line of work, the wars, the trenches, the hardest years of their lives but it was evident each one was proud to serve our country. It was a moving tribute to our vets and I'm proud of my hubby and all the other vets who protect the freedom of our citizens. 

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