Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Day

Today the family visited and thankfully the weather cooperated.  Brian had some wood from cutting down an oak tree so now we have a fresh stack of firewood.  The guys unloaded the trailer and then we had a bit of time sharing our lives.  The little guys were hungry when they first arrived so I fed them two bowls of cereal to tide them over til lunch.  The big guys grilled the burgers and hot dogs and I fixed the rest of the fixings.  Yummy, yummy.  We don't eat like this often so it was nice. 

This afternoon a neighbor visited and while here was asking me about my camera - so I took a picture of her.  Our children grew up together so we've known each other for years. 

Tonight our church is hosting a BBQ dinner for the church family and we plan to attend.  I don't know where I'm going to put BBQ since I'm still full from lunch...but it sounds too good to turn down.  The house is quiet now that the family has left.  It was nice and I thoroughly enjoyed all the ruckus but everyone will be back on Thanksgiving Day along with my sister-in-law.  

I found out today that Nolan loves to solve Sudoku puzzles too!!  Wow, boy after my own heart. At one point I couldn't find him but there he was in my living room stretched out on my sofa working one. (Jean, don't judge me on my corner Thanksgiving arrangement!)

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