Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keep the Hankie Handy

What a GORGEOUS spring day!  Love it, love it, love it.  Oh, but the pollen is so heavy right now, I have to keep a hankie handy. The Sweetz One mowed the lawn today while the pollen and dust and clippings and dirt filled the air with unhealthy things that breathing was difficult to say the least.  I stayed outside anyway picking up twigs that continually fall from our trees.  Guess that's my chore since he will just mow right over them, roots, rocks, sticks - whatever gets in his path.  Seems the mower blade would be dull by now and it probably is, but nothing slows that man down.  He has things to do and he's out to get 'er done. 

I invited mom for supper - had a fresh salad with our own romaine lettuce and lots of other great ingredients.  Yummy was the perfect description.  I also fixed grilled chicken and served them with onions and peppers with our own potatoes.  Yep, yummy was the perfect description.  Then for dessert I served a slice of my very tasty pound cake topped with a combination of fresh pineapple, blueberries, and our own strawberries.  Oh, oh, oh.  Just thinking about it now, makes me smile.  Yep again, the perfect description was yummy.  

Dishes are done (by hand tonight for some stupid reason) and I'm about beat.  Talked to a friend on the phone who invited us to go to their church tomorrow for a special dinner after the service.  We probably will go to our own church, but it was nice to be asked.  She's had some medical issues, but I think her health is back under control now.  Whew, it was rough there for awhile, but I'm so thankful she seems so much better. 

I planted the remainder of my seedlings today since they were getting pretty big for the little cups and it will be easier to take care of them in the flowerbed rather than remembering to water those little cups which dry out every day.  There are lots of seeds left that I can now scatter directly in the flowerbeds but it was fun starting the little seedlings inside over the last days of winter.  My latest hobby is sudoku puzzles.  I've become addicted to those.  I'm about half finished the puzzles in my book which has over 100 games.  That book moves from room to room with me as I work on completing first one and then start another.  Time slithers away but I'm happy. It's good to be happy, not to mention they should be good to keep my mental status sharp.  LOL That's debatable.  Not sure what I will do next.  I have 3 tote bags which I want to decorate with something I will paint.  The question is what to paint on them.  I like geraniums - so perky in their gorgeous red blooms and ruffled leaves so one bag will probably be painted with them.   Also want to make a couple pair of capris (to wear on our western ho trip - if we get to go).  This time I hope to keep my fingers away from the needle!!  Yes the finger is going to be fine with no infection or loss of digit.  Sore though, but this is a good reminder to be more careful.

Friday, April 29, 2011

16 oz perfection

Good enough for the royal wedding I'd say!  And it's called a Pound Cake in honor of England.  Worth a few pounds out of the wallet plus a few on the hips.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornado Spawning Weather

We survived!  Nothing on the dangerous scale blew through here, but lots of wind that was scary at times.  It's just awful about the southern states that weren't so fortunate.  Just so sad seeing pictures/videos of the devastation.  So many flattened homes, businesses, ruined cars!  Those people must certainly be suffering from shock this morning and our prayers go out for them.  So much tragedy in our country and now they face tragic loss of their belongings and many lives. 

We are getting a few strawberries every day which are just delicious.  I have been roughly chopping them which seems to enhance their sweetness.  Was thinking I'd go buy some of those individual sponge cakes but then thought I might make a pound cake.  But maybe a sponge cake would be a better choice.  Yesterday I fixed a delicious salad using some of the first pickings of our Romaine lettuce and served it with a mean supper which had the Hub and me smacking our lips.  We finished off our meal with a brownie delight - a brownie topped with a mound of fresh chopped strawberries.  There wasn't enough time to grab the camera before the delicacy was gone!  Faster than tornado speed... 

The cable men are here and will soon be replacing a cable line outside so I need to get this uploaded so I won't lose all my hard work on this. 

Cable guys just finished - well, at least they just left with their truck, but may come around another way.  Traipsed through our garden and flowerbeds several times.  What we won't do for cable TV and internet.  

Haven't made the pound cake yet, spent most of my time watching the cable guys.  They aren't young either, old geezers actually.  Sweetz said the company probably couldn't get the young guys to do manual labor anymore.  But let me tell you, these guys may look like they're ready for porch rockers, but they are in terrific shape - strong, and work hard.  I have been impressed.  Go Geezers! 

Ahhhh, the pound cake saga.  16oz of flavor.

And a bowl of strawberries. 

Not together yet...but SOON...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A River Runs Through It

There's a river that runs through the county.  It's a calm river, although rather dirty looking, but I find it interesting at several public accesses along its path through this area.  One must find beauty where it lies. 

There's also a riverwalk, not the beauty of San Antonio, but nevertheless, it offers a walk along the river.  Again, we must see beauty where it offers us a respite from hard concrete, power poles, and vehiclar traffic.

I had lunch with mom today at a seafood restaurant.  It was my treat for the time she spent caring for our katz while we were away on a camping trip.  She recently got a security system and when we returned to her house after lunch, it was screeching away when we got inside.  I'm talking LOUD.  She said she needs to watch the training DVD again that was left with her.  Yep, that's a great idea!  Hope it explains how to reduce the volume...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fried Rice

Such a beautiful day, it's started out sunny and the birds are happily chirping away to each other.  What a way to start a day!  I've often wondered what they are saying to each other but since I don't talk Bird, I guess I'll never know. 

I'm having lunch with my friend, Bobbie, at a Chinese restaurant today and then we're going to do a bit of shopping.  I don't think either one of us has anything particular in mind to buy but it will be fun to be together. 

My friend Pat gave me a birthday gift yesterday.  It was a BIG gift bag with several neat things. She even included something for the hubster!  I'll see if I can take a picture to include with this blog. 

The picture doesn't do them justice, but they are all cute items.  I took a picture of my new kitchen curtains this morning - the ones where I sewed my index finger right into the curtains!  Ouch. I got blood on the pants I was wearing but don't see that I got any on the curtains. 

Oh, I must take a picture of my boo boo.  It's wrapped in surgical tape to protect it since it's still really sore.  I'm wondering if I should file a claim with myself, then charge for the treatment and the cost of the bandage, not to mention the pain, and agony...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Attack of the Sewing Machine

It was a busy day today.  Jeff came by and wanted to repair our kitchen back splash but we told him no, we'd do it.  Think he feels bad he made the mess.  Sweetz and I need to go to Lowes one day next week to get the supplies, shouldn't be too difficult.  Maybe working together on this project will keep us out of trouble.   We gave Jeff a tour of our backyard garden - he seemed to be impressed.  The garden always looks good this time of the year, healthy plants, shooting for the sky.  We have a few red strawberries and plenty of green ones coming behind.  Should be a decent year for strawberries.  Not my favorite fruit, but is good in moderation and they certainly look colorful. 

I ironed a bunch of short sleeved blouses today.  Now,  I'm ready for some warm weather.  I'll wear one to church tomorrow.  No new Easter duds for me this year.  Hardly worth it, since I have plenty of clothes and need no more at this point. 

The sudoku bug has bit me - it's nearly impossible for me to put down the game book.  I bought a book of 117 puzzles and I'm already on #19. 

I made a pair of cafe curtains for the kitchen window today.  I wanted to change from Tuscan colors to blue & green.  I'm happier with this color scheme.  Certainly peppier and that's my outlook right now - peppy. 

I actually am ashamed to admit it, but I stabbed the sewing machine needle into my fingertip as I was threading the machine.  I must have hit the wrong button and the machine jerked into position and down that needle came - chomping right into my finger tip.  Can't believe I didn't know better as long as I have been sewing.  Ouch, bled like a stuck pig and was jumping up and down like a crazy woman so didn't get any pictures.  I let it bleed awhile, then I rinsed it, then I cleaned it with soap and water, then rinsed it again, cleaned it with alcohol, and finally squirted some antibiotic cream on it.  I'm sporting a piece of surgical tape on the fingertip now.  I think all the bandaids  are in the camper, but this tape will do.  I don't want the wound to get infected so I need to keep a close eye on it.   

We're going to eat lunch with Pat and Wil tomorrow after church.  Wonder if she will wear a new outfit?  She has had some health issues and is beginning to feel more like herself now.  I'm so glad she's feeling like getting out again.  I've missed seeing them. 

This picture reminds me of some of the little worksheets my son used to do in kindergarten.  The heading would read, "Which one doesn't belong?"  Or maybe it should be entitled, "Can you see me now?"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Now, We're Wired!

Had to have an electrician out today since our dishwasher decided to quit.  We were shopping for new dishwashers but then noticed an outlet near it wasn't working either.  Sweetz checked the breakers but everything was fine.  Sooooo, we had a nice kind electrician friend come out to fix everything.  He did.  I am left with some cosmetic repairs but they are fixable - I think - well somehow it can be fixed.  Why question is:  why not build a house where the wires are easily accessible?  Why are they hidden behind walls only to spring forth problems in a few years?  Our house is older so we probably will continue to experience problems with this house.  Sure, sure, sure, we could move - if we could sell this house in this sinking economy.  
Good news is we have a working dishwasher.
And a working outlet. 
The outcome could have been different.
Jeff told us that we nearly had a fire in the wall - and he showed us where it had started.  Wow!
Thank you, Lord, for protecting us.

And today's Good Friday. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

On And Off The Road

I walked around the yard today - yep, had a hand on my camera too.  Our azaleas are beautiful this year.  We have huge pink plants but still couldn't resist getting a close up of one gorgeous bloom. 
I also couldn't resist snipping a few stems which were yelling for me to cut them.  Now, I can enjoy the beauty indoors for a few days.  If they start looking a bit house weary, I can always snip a few fresh ones. 

We have a large white azalea plant too.  WooooHoooo, sooooo pretty!  I'm talking stunning!

And guess what the Easter bunny left in my house?  Just eggs so far.  Surely he will include some chocolate candy by Sunday morning!
I had lunch with a friend yesterday - sure was nice to see her again.  She's working hard and thinking of going back to school for another degree.  She's a great teacher so we talked about her getting her Master in Education.  She bought my lunch as a belated birthday gift.  But the best part was just enjoying being with a friend.

I was to have lunch today with another friend but there was a conflict in her schedule.  Can you believe a consultant bumped our lunch date!!!  We decided we'd schedule it another time.  I'll have to drive to another town, but that's ok.  I can use the opportunity to do a bit of shopping at different stores - especially a fabric store which we no longer have in our tiny town.  And I can just taste the photo ops that might present themselves.  I also had an appt for a hair cut this afternoon...and...yep, that got bumped too.   No problem, I'm retired and can move things around and usually reschedule fairly easily. Anyway, yesterday Tanya told me my hair looked wonderful.  Hey, it would have been hard to get my hair cut after that compliment!  I'm keeping it straight now after I retired and it's becoming more comfortable - plus a bit easier too.

It's been almost a year since I retired. WOW.  Time has flown but admit I've grown to appreciate this phase immensely.  I haven't accomplished all I wanted, but there's no rush.  Do I get an annual job evaluation? HA!  It's spring and that's my favorite season.  Flowers, birds, warmth - what's not to like!

I used the morning to read and talk with the hubster.  He left to run a couple of errands, so I stayed home to enjoy myself doing my own thing.  I chose to ride my bike around the neighborhood.  With the sun out and temps warmer than predicted, it has been a beautiful day to wheel around.  Today seemed like a perfect day to stretch my distance and endurance so I changed my route just a bit to include some extra hills.  If it weren't for the cars, things would have been perfect.  Definitely NOT complaining.  But I always get off the road since I don't feel I have the right to be on a road designed for vehicles.  Plus I don't want to be a patient in the Emergency Room.  Nope, it's easier to get off the road and let the cars be on their merry I wasn't wearing a helmet nor knee pads...   

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Sights

Driving around town today I saw some ducks on a pond.

 At Wal-Mart there was this camper sitting on the fringes of the parking lot.

I saw this old crumbling bridge over a river.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Napkins & Shirts

Today I had lunch with a friend.  We chose a local BBQ diner, which undoubtedly has the best BBQ in the entire south!! Ummm ummmmm good. 

Then we spent a bit of time shopping.  I bought 6 napkins...

and 3 shirts for the Hubster.  (Thanks, Bobbie, for helping me pick out the shirts.  He liked them!).

It was Senior Day so received 10% off my purchases.  Yeah, there are some bonuses for being a geezer!!! 

It was beautiful today - a sunny, warm, lovely spring day.  The Hub and I sat in the backyard while we both sneezed away - not sure how long this yellow pollen will last but am thinking it's here for a few more weeks.  AaaaaaCHOO.  Ahhhhh, but it's spring and flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. 

A storm front blew through over the weekend and 47 people lost their lives in the southern states with North Carolina suffering the highest number of casualties due to approximately 94 tornadoes spawned by this front.  Scary things. 

Disasters all over the globe. When will it all end?  I'll continue to thank God each day for our blessings.  He holds each of us in His hands. Easter is coming and the meaning of Christ's gift fills me with indescribable thankfulness. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lakeside Memories


Our closest neighbors were WAAAAAY across some of the lake on another separate loop. 
It was a quiet week for sure.

I actually got up at 6'ish one morning in order to photograph a beautiful sunrise from the east side of our loop.

It was a looooooong way down the road to our campsite.  We nearly had a full lake view, sunrise to the right and sunset to the left.  The lake was almost all the way on both sides to where I was standing to take this picture.  Guess it could be called a finger of land which jutted into the lake and we were down at the tip.  What a view!

Sweetz caught 3 catfish one afternoon.  And cleaned them.  They are now in our freezer and we'll give them to mom who LOVES catfish.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Tuesday 10:30pm

It was nice today getting
out and about a bit, nothing fancy, just a few minutes online sitting
in front of the library since they didn't open until noon.  Not sure
why they open so late.  Maybe it was a budget restraint decision.
For whatever reason...they kept their wireless connected and I was
able to get online sitting in front of the building.  We ate lunch at
a seafood restaurant which was ok, nothing great.  Waitress was only
4 on a scale of 1-10.  Needing nothing else, we tromped back to the
campground.  The lake awaited us and we needed to get back to watch
the little waves heading toward shore.  Sweetz lost his latest
fishing game, so he bought a new batch of bait and tried that game
again this afternoon/evening.  He only caught one catfish today but
it wasn't big enough to keep.  No doubt he be out again tomorrow to
wet a line once again.

After we arrived back at
the campground. we were relaxing by the fire but kept an eye on a
storm brewing quickly over the lake.  It boiled around, making lots
of noise, then the rain started.  It lasted about an hour then it
moved on.  We've been in the camper playing games, watching TV, and
listening to our favorite talk radio station.  Even though we're away
from home, it still doesn't mean we have lose touch with what's
happening in the world.   It's definitely time for prayers for our
country, but God is in control.  Now, it's snooze time and I'll have
to leave my concerns in God's capable hands.

Wednesday, April 13

It got nippy during the
night so I rolled out of bed and dialed up the heat.  Ahhhhh, it was
nice to be toasty again.  There were some night animal sounds since
the campground is nearly vacant.  Not sure what little critters are
moving around at night but the trash lid was off this morning –
thinking it was a raccoon.  Whatever, they didn't bother us.  There
are deer tracks in the sand today so they came through to get a drink
of water.  Maybe we are camping in the middle of a zoo!

The hubster fished this
morning but since there was nothing on his stringer when he came
back,  I fixed a late lunch for us a bit ago.  It's warm now – in
the 70s with a nice little breeze floating through making little
white caps on the lake which are  glistening like freshly-cut
diamonds on the surface of the water.  The neighbor in our loop moved
out after lunch so we are the only campers in this section.  A ranger
drives through about once an hour or so to check on things and we
wave to each other.  Life can be sooooo tough sometimes!  I've
developed quite a thing for playing sudoko.  The only thing is that
hubster likes his crossword and word search puzzles and they are in
the same book.  So, we share --- and try not to gr*wl.  Maybe we
should set a timer to keep things fair.  Yep, he's got the puzzle
book now so I think I'll grab my novel.  It's interesting and I only
have about 50 more pages to go.  After that, I'll bike around the

Rode my bike all over the
little hills in this area.  Checked out the marina, some the empty
loops, the ampitheater, etc. while loosening up the joints and
strengthening the gluts.  Hopefully, a few other muscles got a
workout too. Who knows – maybe I'll be thin as a rail when we
return home!!  LOL 

The campground is nearly empty but we are
thankful for the quiet days/nights that we are enjoying this week. We
plan to head back to the library tomorrow to allow some on-line time.
I'll dump this in the blog while I'm sitting comfortably in my car.
Or, I might just head in to sit at a comfortable desk while it's
available at such a nice library.  It's time for bed again – rough
stay at the lake!! But someone has to be here to keep an eye on the
sunrises and sunsets.  It was windy all afternoon and evening until
sunset.  Yep, got a few pictures, but mostly I just enjoyed watching
the views this trip.  They have been magnificent with no campers to block
our view.  An entire panoramic view just for us with the most
gorgeous pinks, purples, violets, and blues.  Awesome is the word
that comes to mind.  God's creations are definitely awesome.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Campground Central

8:40am Monday, April 11

Well, we arrived safely to Kerr Lake
and had our choice of all but two of the spaces in this campground.
From what I tell in the area where we are, there is just one other
camper plus a camp host who are both waaaaaaay far away.  The camp
host said all the weekenders left right before we arrived.  We are
parked on a “point” which juts out into the lake and we are at the
tip right at the edge of the water with views nearly all around us.
Wow.  We had a beautiful sunset but it went down faster than I
realized and barely missed it before it went below the horizon.  We
enjoyed sitting by the water last night at our fire pit listening to the night sounds.   
This morning I got up with a bit of fog
and headed out for some pictures wanting to catch the sunrise.  But
it's overcast so mostly got lake pictures.  There are a few ducks
which float by and a crane who visits occasionally.  This has to be a
scene right out of heaven.
There's no internet in this campground
so will send this along later when we get access. 


8:35am Tuesday, April 12
Still having a great time here at the
lake.  Sleeping like a log and enjoying the sunrises and sunsets.
I've been able to read and now made it to the middle of the first of
my three books I packed.  We've ridden our bikes/walked all over the
campground, enjoyed good food, played games, listened to the radio,
watched TV.  We had waffles for breakfast. Yum  Well, just heard it
sprinkling and looked out – it's pittering and pattering on the
roof.  Pleasant sounds.  Would be nice sleeping sounds, but I already
had my 8.  Not sure what we're doing today – were thinking of
driving into the nearest town and finding some free internet to see
if I can get this posted and read/write a few emails.  Now, if this
sprinkling will stop...if not, we'll head out to the nearest “town”
and find some dry excitement.  Maybe it won't last long, but will be
a refreshing morning shower which will start yet another relaxing day
at the lake.

I'm at the library now - which isn't open until noon, but I got wireless outside in the parking lot. I've read some emails, answered a few and feeling connected to friends and family.  Now, it's nearly time to find a good restaurant in this town before we head back to the campground.   I'll try to get on another day - in the meantime I'll try to love, laugh, and enjoy life. 
11am:  It's dry and sunny and warm in the 70's.  Life is good.  I'll post pictures when I return. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Packing Game

Well, Sweet Stuff and I are nearly ready to pull out tomorrow with the camper for our spring fling. Since this is the first outing of the year, it requires a bit more prep, but after this, most items will stay in the camper till the cold weather forces us to store it for the winter.

It's raining here now, so the actual packing has stopped and a little pile of last-minute items is forming here in the dining room to put in the camper in the morning.  The cameras are ready, the clothes are neatly folded, some of the food gathered, maps are folded.  It's good to be nearly ready and we will have a great time no matter the area or the weather. We'll have time together and experiences to share.  I won't fish with him -- that will be his alone time. I'll read and take pictures.  I'll oooooh and ahhhhh over his fish and he will do the same for my pictures. 

I saved all the pictures from both cameras to CDs this evening so the memory cards are now empty and ready.  I even baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies to take with us.  Could have done more food prep, but didn't - so I'll prepare meals just as I do at home.  Doesn't sound like a vacation from the kitchen, but I don't usually mind cooking as long as I am treated to a meal or two out occasionally.  

Since I presently have no air card, blog entries will depend on free internet access.  If I'm smart, I will type them ahead of time and flip them over to Blogger when I get online.  Yeah, it's good to have a plan...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ruffles, Roses, and Bows

Today, mom and I went to Ruby Rose Tea Room in Stoneville for lunch. Such fun to enjoy the quaint antiques of this era throughout the house.  The place makes you think you've gone back in time to a more relaxed time during the Victorian age.  There are roses painted on the middle of the doors and even on the back of many of the chairs .  Each room is decorated in flowers, lace, doilies, china, hats, gloves, jewelry, etc. of this time period. Both the owner as well as the server were friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive to our every need.

The food was terrific.  I had egg salad on croissant, white bean chicken chili, and a fruit cup.  Mom chose rosemary chicken salad on a croissant, potato salad, and fruit cup.  We shared a pot of very berry hot tea.  And then we were served the most delicious piece of heaven for dessert, called butter pecan bundt cake, but the name didn't do it justice.  Should have been called something angelic because only terrestrial beings should be able to enjoy anything that delicious.  The owner was tight-lipped on the recipe specifics, but I got enough out of her to understand she soaked the baked cake in a butter/brown sugar/rum concoction after it came from the oven, then poured on more before it was served on a plate predusted with powdered sugar.  See, doesn't it sound divine? Drat, I didn't get any pictures of it though. Sounds like I need to go again.  

I treated myself to a silver bracelet I found in the gift shop made from the handles of two silver spoons.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Decisions are Coming Closer

Well, fiiiiiinallly, the Hub is talking about pulling the camper out of the driveway. Hallelujah!  Whew, thought I would go nuts waiting for the man to make a decision.  I usually wait (impatiently) as the dutiful wife and practice my wifely silence. And today, blessed be the day, he decides to discuss the remaining "con" to camping right now.  I've been using my brain dust to come up with solutions so when the time is right, I'll be there with a solution that's feasible and most importantly, one he will grab enthusiastically.  By 11pm tonight he will claim the idea was his all along. I can live with that. We little women must be smart and wait for the perfect moment.  Nope, not going to write what the major con is, but it is definitely insignificant on my priority scales, but to him it's near the top.  I presented my Solution A and B.  He liked the latter.  Fine, either works.  Someone else controls A, he controls B.  He likes to be Big Cheese.  My prediction: it will work beautifully.

So, the plan is to move out next week.  One of my contributions is to cook ahead and freeze meals so we can eat in food heaven while away.  Yep, my cooking is usually better than 98.47% of affordable restaurants.  He knows that, and will enjoy great meals.  He thinks he's pampering me by eating out when we camp.  But I prefer eating at "home".  Now, I need to make a list of menus.  What fun!  Fortunately, I love to cook.   

We have narrowed the destination to two areas.  All east of here. I think a cleared campsite would be preferable to let the sun warm us.  Deep in the woods sites will be the choice during hot weather. A fellow blogger recently wrote about a solution for internet access:  Millenicom.  I checked it out online last night and it is a viable one for sure.  I especially like the idea of a no-contract agreement.  Hubster is definitely on my side with this one.  He knows a happy wife guarantees happy camping. 

I need to start a list.  

Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Addition

Hubster and I spent a long time  today in the backyard working in a new flowerbed.  Not sure what possessed us to make yet another bed.  But it is nearly finished, just needs another load of mulch which we have but just has to be scattered.  Tomorrow will be soon enough. 

And windy!  Oh, my.  Such wind we experienced today, but it kept us cool.  It didn't take long before we had taken our long-sleeved shirts off and were working away in tee shirts.  My skin is pale from the winter garb, but today I know I got too much sun.  Wonder if I have any sunburn lotion?  Or will I have to suffer all night for my lack of sun protection?  Oh well, the flowerbed looks wonderful.  It will be home to both herbs and flowers.  There's a hydrangea on one end where I have added the herbs.  The remainder of the bed has a  young Japanese Maple and will share it's area with flowers.  Sure will be nice to look out the back door and windows to a nice area of color. And Hubster said it would have the bonus of being easier to mow around. 

We talked today of a camping trip soon.  We're both ready.  Today would have been a fun day, but tonight a storm is predicted to come through our area.  Always something to separate us from our dreams.  Oh well, one day soon, before we wear out the campground books.    

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nearly Blown Away

It was a blustery day - actually thought if I didn't hold on to something, I'd be blown away.  Picked up some lunch in town and went to the city park.  This is some sort of bog project and I walked around the park to enjoy the sunny afternoon. 

And I saw something interesting...

Right there in front of me was this bird with his head held right straight up with beak even higher with striped markings on his chest trying so hard to blend into the reeds he was standing in.  But I was only a few feet from him.  I tried to talk to him but he wasn't impressed and flew off to another area of the bog. 

And I picked up some sweet gum balls which were all over the ground near this picnic table. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Here And There

I've been eager for the sun to return her smiling face to me - so today she did. But not just the sun - the wind returned too.  The two together made for a sunny but windy day.  But the added dampness and chilliness was the kind that seems to curl around under your clothes and make you cold to the bone.  Oh well, the sun was out and after all, that IS what I asked for.  Hubster and I headed out this morning for some errand running.  Such fun being free.  Well, it was April Fool's Day and no one played a trick on us, unless it was the weather. 

We drove to the bank, the post office, and two grocery stores.  The second grocery store was for a forgotten item from the first... blueberries.  Hubster likes blueberries.  So, ok, it necessitated a second grocery store run, but that was ok. 

We're retired, have all day, but this time I elected to remain in the car and I watched people.  Some hobbled, some hustled, some talked on their cell phones, some looked at their iPhones, some walked in alone, one walked in with a toddler racing around free from his car seat, even saw a friend walking in while her hair and coat was blowing around every which way.  But she didn't see me since we were quite a ways from each other.  Wanted to yell out the window, "Hey, Joan!" but I didn't since I knew my greeting would have been blown into the four winds. 

Then the cart boy came out and rounded up the buggies from all the buggy return corrals.  He had a nice long line of them while he snaked around cars coming in and leaving.  I was impressed with his dexterity and control.  One shopper a lane away shoved his buggy to the buggy boy and even in the wind and in spite of the distance, the guy caught it squarely, waved his thank you to the shopper, and hooked it on to his long coil of carts.  Then he disappeared through the store entrance. It was entertaining.  Then the hubster returned with his blueberries and off we headed to grab a quick lunch. 

We ended up at KFC where I chose a grilled chicken plate, two sides, a biscuit, and a drink.  It was good going down, but I suffered  a bit of a tummy ache afterward.  The cabinets and fridge are now stuffed with our purchases as well as a few things squeezed in the freezer.  We'll eat pretty well for another week or so. 

When we drove in, the mailman greeted us in the driveway with a package - it was Hubster's tomato plants he had ordered from an organic grower.  They look wonderful and I sure am impressed at how they arrived in such terrific shape while boxed away from the sun. 

My fourth and final book has been read and I am undergoing a withdrawal period tonight.  Tomorrow is Saturday so off I will go to the library to refill my reading stack.  I only picked four books this time, thinking I might not read as much if the weather is nice.  I think I should go ahead and get lots of books and if I read them all, that would be great.  If not, at least I have the choice of which ones to enjoy.  They can always be renewed or exchanged for different ones.  Thankfully, I don't have to buy all the books I read.  Whew, that would quickly deplete my monthly geezer entertainment fund.   

We still want to head out in the camper, but the weather will have to cooperate for that to happen.  But it will happen soon.  Soon.  I will be ready.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy my azaleas which will be opening soon.