Saturday, January 28, 2012

On The Court

Sweetz and I met our son and family at the gym to watch our grandson play basketball.  Real neat.  He really hustles and is a good asset to the team.  His team won 28 to 22.

Then we all went out to eat a sandwich at a local deli and sat at the table long after we finished eating and enjoyed spending time together. 

Sweetz and I did a bit of shopping after we left the deli and then I casually mentioned that he could get me a smart phone (as we passed the Verizon store) for Valentine's Day.  He smiled and drove in the parking lot.  I decided if they weren't busy (today's a Saturday) and IF the salesman was nice, I'd go for it.  Well, Devin was exceptional and opened the door for me as I got near the entrance and never let up on the grand treatment the entire time. 

It took awhile to transfer the info from our account to the new phone, transfer pictures, contacts, etc.  I gave Sweetz my old phone and we'll chunk his old phone which is pretty beat up by now.  Devin gave me an informative orientation to the phone after all the paperwork and transfers were completed.  Since I've used a couple of phones belonging to other people, it wasn't all that difficult to follow the instructions.  BUT there is much more to learn but I'll muddle through until I conquer it. One step at a time. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Nifty Kind of Day

It was a nifty day for sure.  I went out once again to hunt and gather (as my friend, Vivian, calls shopping days), got everything done on my list and got the last four items from the grocery store: ice cream, provolone cheese, milk, and a brownie mix.  We are invited to a gathering Sunday evening so I need to take something for the food table and we thought some nifty brownies would be good.  Might even spend some time on the internet to see if I can find a way to enhance a brownie mix into something spectacular.  Right.

I met a friend of ours (Gene) to return a dish he had loaned us and visited with him awhile, along with promises to stay in touch.  We used to attend the same church, kids grew up together, shared many a meal and evening together, but since we left to attend another church, our times with them have dwindled.  But we always reconnect quickly when we see each other again and it's always great to hear each other's news. 

A new stack of library books are waiting for me - got six more today - and can hardly wait to start another one.  I try hard to accomplish some things around the house before I begin reading.  If I didn't, I'd probably read with dust an inch thick on every piece of furniture all around me and it probably wouldn't bother me at all. 

Saw a coworker from at least 15 years ago and we chatted a long time.  She's left the old workplace too, but now cleans houses. She doesn't look much different, amazing that I've aged but not her! Maybe I need a magic makeover!  Naah, I'll just stay as I am, after all she recognized me right off! 

Talked to our son today for quite a while.  We plan to attend a grandson's ball game tomorrow and share a meal before we head home.  We made plans to meet for a couple additional events in the upcoming weeks and it will be good to see them all again. It's nifty to be a grandparent - lots of hugs without the responsibilities. 

I have been asked to photograph a wedding this summer.  The happy couple are planning an informal wedding so that sounds like a nifty event.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Delete Delete Delete

Today was another "ketchup" day enabling me to cross off some additional items on my To Do List.  Yay, I love days like that.  I had an appointment this morning and it was successful, all things settled into a peaceful solution and that's the best way, isn't it?  My insurance situation was another item swiped off my slowly dwindling To Do List.  Delete...delete...delete.  Questions were answered, forms were completed, life continues. 

I met a friend in town and it was nice to spend some time with her.  Also I met a shop owner I had never met before and we chatted for a long time.  We have some things in common and it was so interesting to share some of her life.  And I even bought two things for Sweetz for Valentine's Day in her shop.  I'll keep them in a secret place until Feb 14.  Won't he be surprised - and they are unique!  He always says he's satisfied with a gift card from Lowes Home Improvement Center but still I wanted to figure out something unique - and I found it today!  I plan to make him a valentine card - some hearts, some sweetz stuff - but not too feminine, that wouldn't work now would it! 

Another stop this morning was the grocery store where I picked up  four things that were on my list.  I treated myself to a burger from Cook Out for lunch - sure was good,  and brought one home with an order of fries for Sweetz, who gobbled his up in record time - sure put a smile on his face. Nothing like a good burger.  

Reminds me that I heard on the news today that fried foods do not contribute to high cholesterol.  Wow, now that's news I can sink my teeth in.  So, guess that means I can have some fried chicken again soon.  Well, I'll try to not over-do the fried foods in my diet since that cooking method actually doesn't sound healthy, but hopefully some of the guilt will be missing when I do order something fried - like chicken wings - one of my favorite foods. With a family history of high cholesterol readings, it's been a constant battle to keep the results within normal limits. I've been on the treadmill more often lately, so hopefully that will help me lose a few additional pounds.  Tonight is another Republican Debate, so maybe I can watch that while I walk and walk and walk. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today was sorta a ketchup day.  Naaaah, not that thick red stuff from a bottle - but as in catch-up.  There were several loose ends I needed to tie up and I was able to tie a few.  Not all, but some.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can complete the rest.  I think I need a personal assistant.  One kind person who will organize my in-box by priority and do some research to assistant me in a few decisions.  But I'm afraid it will have to be me changing my hat to match the job description. 

I had a few interesting phone calls today.  One friend explained a situation and then asked my opinion.  Sometimes it's not easy to give another person, friend or no, the answer they seek.   It's not so much "The Road Less Traveled" as the road which they believe is the correct for their situation.  Sometimes it's best to listen and then support them in whatever choice they make.

Another choice I made today was to make an appointment with another ScissorHands.  Sometimes these decisions are difficult and sometimes they are easy. Wendy has sharp scissors and a sizzling curling iron along with her new tool of choice - a flat iron.  I'm not about to fork out a big pile of buck$ to have one of my own but
found a curling iron works real well with a few trusty moves, a steady hand, and constant movement.  I've known Wendy for years as she was a pal of my twins and I've sat in her chair off and on during her hairstyling career.  She always gives a good cut so that continues to be my wish.  You can walk out of a salon looking stunning and stylish, but it's what you are left with after your first shampoo at home that is the true test.  Ok, Wendy, you're on! 


Rain drops on old iris leaves

And look what I found in the flower bed today!! a lone forsythia bloom enjoying the January thaw.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Favorite Things

I enjoy reading, but guess what?  I haven't read today!!!  REALLY... not one page!  And the book is sitting right here next to me.  I'm about half through The Dwelling Place.  Looks like I need to restructure my activities to free some time for reading.  Sounds good to me.

We were wanting something different for lunch today so BBQ became the choice. It was going to be the star but I had a new head of cabbage so fixed some slaw and was it ever good!!!   YUM, it was better than anything else on the plate.  There's just a snippet left which just goes to show that I should have made more.  Oh well, it is best when made fresh as most things are.  I like to cut out all the big white vein sections and exclusively use the green sections which holds the flavor.  Did I say it was yummy?  Yep, it was yummy!  Fresh is best.  But it's winter here in our region so we don't have many fresh things to choose from.  I canned and froze some things from our garden this past summer but really need to use them more often. After all...WHAT am I saving them for!!  Not as good as fresh, but sure comes in a close second.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

To Do Or Not To Do

There is a lot of stuff to review and complete around here.  Not really in the mood either.  Not being a procrastinator, it surprises me that I'm not getting stuff done that needs to reside in the "Done" pile.  Seems other things are more interesting or happily diverting my brain.  Surely this is a temporary experience that will slide later into the Back in Control state.  Right. 

Got some typing done for my volunteer job that has been sitting on my desk.  Seven pages done and I estimate there's only two more to go.  Then I can email my project to the director and get some of my own things done.  Right. Hey, it sounds good.
MainMan is playing with a computer game right now but it's lunch time and I just don't have any interest in fixing anything.  That sounds to me like a trip to some diner.  Something tells me that he won't be interested in fixing lunch - but heading out with a few buck$ in hand should allow us to fill up on something good that someone else fixed.  The clock hands have really moved slowly today - in fact, they moved more like they were half frozen.  I'm sure for others the day rushed by.  With my minutes ticking slowly, seems I could have accomplished more during this time.  Maybe my blood sugar is low accounting for low energy.  Hey, that sounds like an excuse I can fully embrace.

7:30pm: MainMan must not have wanted someone else's cooking today, but I did.  So, off I went to drive around the roads during this quiet Saturday afternoon.  I was really surprised how few cars were on the roads so I happily was able to drive slower than usual and even snapped a few pictures out the car window. 

I ended up at a diner which offers daily specials.  I dug into my plate of turkey, creamed potatoes, and tossed salad with great delight while I kept one eye in my book.  Even treated myself to a piece of apple pie!  Yummmm.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Plans And Options

With the big Birthday65 in a few months, I've been pushed against a deadline to decide on which supplemental insurance plan to sign up with.  Not easy with all these envelopes of plans and options which have been arriving in my mailbox for months.  I have been putting them in a pile knowing one day I would have to open that Pandora's box and all the information would pour forth for me to make sense of.  Well, today was that day. 

But instead of doing the research myself, I called a friend of mine to give me a 50 cent overview...and he explained for about two hours how it all worked.  Now I think the topic is making more sense.  Sure is nice to have a knowledgeable friend who will take the time to explain. And I'm thinking a dinner would be a decent payback for the time he spent filling my brain with knowledge this morning.  What would we do without our friends!  Since I think I've conquered the baking pork tenderloin mystery, I feel that would be an awesome item to serve.  Of course, there are a few sides that would have to be thrown in, but those are easy.  Whew, it's a good feeling to have this health insurance supplement situation finally make some sense. It's a feeling similar to a floating sensation after some heavy weights have been removed.    

This morning I set out the ingredients for a batch of cookies but when I got to talking with Wil, that idea nearly evaporated.  Well, I'll probably make the batch of the cookie dough since everything is already laid out on the kitchen counter - but might stash it in the freezer to actually bake cookies a later day. 

6:00pm: Glory be...I not only made the dough, I also baked them too.  And ate a few too.  You know...quality testing!!

And today has been so pretty and sunny.  Chilly - but still a beautiful sunny day.  It's interesting how the fact that the sun is shining can make me feel more optimistic and energetic than a dreary overcast day. I started a new book:

And it's good too!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wonderful Winter Day

Sometimes I take my days for granted but not today - it was fabulous.  It was one of those inspiring/creative days when things seem to go right from the very moment my eyes open.  And I didn't drop or break anything, even found some things that I had been looking for.  How's that for a good day! Calli wanted out and in and out and in all day.  Maybe she just wanted lots of attention.

Our high temp today was 60*, my idea of an UNUSUALLY nice winter day.

This male cardinal tried to be patient as he waited for his turn at the feeder.  He sat on a branch and waited and waited but finally looked down at the woodpecker who seemed to be taking way too long to snag some lunch.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Cooking with Mom

Mom and I are trying to copy a recipe we had at the Green Valley Grill restaurant a week or so ago.  Yummmmmy it was good.  So we'll trying to see if ours tastes as good. 

**** of course it will!!!!

8pm: Oh, it was very very very very good.   Mom is caramelizing onions in the above picture.  A small pot of apple cider is simmering to thicken, then there was bacon to wrap the tenderloins and goat cheese.  What a treat they were.  There's some left and I froze my portions to have another night when I don't want to cook this much. 

I opened our first jar of green beans I canned this past summer and they were awesome - rounded out the meal with parslied buttered potatoes.  The entree was yummy and nearly as good as I recall at Green Valley Grill.  But it was still AWESOME.  I'll definitely make this recipe again.  Of course the pictures don't do the meal justice, but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon and evening with mom while we cooked up something memorable. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday, the 13th

Today is Friday, the 13th.  Some folks are superstitious and find that a bit unsettling.  But today -- all day long -- was fine.  Chilly, but still fine.  But after all, it's winter, so it can only be just so fine.  There were no black cats, ladders to walk under, not even a broken mirror.  But with the way I've been dropping anything made of glass lately,  it's a wonder. Not sure why, but for several days anything glass is generally doomed to be dropped and broken.  It would be nice to get over this dropsy phase - that is, if the next phase isn't worse!  

I understand we're to have snow tomorrow night.  That could pose some problems with the people having to drive on the roads. So, I do hope the roads aren't a problem - and maybe the snow will only stick in people's yards.  Of course with a decent snowfall, I could bundle up and get outside and take a few pictures. 

We received some seed catalogs in the mail today and Sweetz is nearly beside himself checking out the tomato plants, onion sets, seed potatoes, as well as half the other things offered in the catalogs.  And right now we don't need to dwell on all those hot sweaty hours we have to invest to get those yummy veggies to the table. 

The weatherman for our area says NO SNOW.  Now, that's a gift that will make me smile!! Seems I'm not ready for snow yet - maybe later...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pushing Buggies


Ahhhh, it was a decent day, warmer than most January days so mom and I decided it was a fab day to run some errands.  She needed to check on her taxes, to pick up a prescription, grab a few groceries, and do some banking business.  I was the designated chauffeur and masterly worked in lunch and a break to round out the day.  We saw a few friends and it was nice to stop and visit with some along the way.  Since I want a smart phone - well, I think I want one anyway,  Betty and Ron happily showed me their new phones and all the bells and whistles.  Rather intriguing.  Might have to check out some smart phones one day soon. 

We had rain yesterday - receiving about 2 inches here on our back porch.  Today started overcast and ended overcast.  But the middle was sunny and nice.  That's a great way to experience a January day.

I plan to make a scrapbook of mom's 90th birthday so while at Wal-Mart today I printed 48 pictures.  There are more on another memory card, but this should help me get started. We sat at the Subway eatery so mom could enjoy reliving her special day with her friends. A couple of her friends dropped by our table and she enjoyed sharing the pictures with them too.  Now, it looks like I need to get to work on that scrapbook.  Sounds like a good cold-weather project to me.  Maybe tomorrow... 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lunch and a Movie

Sweetz decided some away time was good for us - so off we headed for Danville for some shopping, lunch, and a movie.  All was fun.  The big town has a Hobby Lobby and MainMan found a clock he thought was neat so it found its way into our buggy.  Hey, it was HALF PRICE, a good deal for retirementers!  It hangs over a shelf or cabinet and looks like it's melting down the side.  Pretty neat.  I searched for an activity of some sort - like a hobby kit - but nothing struck my fancy.  Guess I'll have to come up with something around here to entertain myself.

Speaking of entertainment, we bought 3 puzzles today - that should keep us out of trouble for a few weeks.

Red Lobster got the privilege of serving us lunch today.  MainMan figured what he wanted on the menu in record time but me, on the other hand - not a lover of seafood - had to check out something besides things that splash around in the sea.  I chose a maple chicken special.  Yum, it was good.  Came with a salad, wild rice, and broccoli.  And lots of tea for me.  The waitress even added some maraschino cherries.  Not sure what they are soaked in, but they tasted scrumptious.

We ended the evening with a movie: Mission Impossible.  It was non-stop action but after you overlook all that youthful excitement, it was an entertaining movie.

It rained off and on all day - but we figured we were the winners of a free car wash!! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little Bit Japanese

I met a friend for lunch today at a Japanese restaurant.  Everything begins rolling just fine as we are shown to our table.  The chef begins his show with fancy spinning and rolling and flipping and tossing...and then the raw egg which was supposed to be doing one thing flops down and breaks in the ginger sauce dish in front of my friend's plate.  OK, it's at this point that we are both splattered with brown ginger sauce from waist up, her worse than me.

Jap Chef is very embarrassed and apologizes constantly.  As he begins to regain his composure, he tidies up the egg and the ginger sauce disaster but is finding eye contact a bit difficult.  My friend heads to the restroom to clean the spots with cold water but I find I am still too stunned to move. 

Red-faced Chef completes his wipe down and proceeds to give us clean dishes, napkins and silverware while continuing to apologize.  I actually feel a bit sorry for him at this point, knowing that he knows he won't get much of a tip from this hibachi table. 

He proceeded to cook a delicious meal but is definitely holding back on his theatrics.  There were a couple of fire demonstrations which didn't make me feel very safe since I was trying to decide how I could trust him with alcohol, oil, and a match when he had demonstrated difficulty with a raw egg and a spatula. 

We were able to exit the building an hour later without further incident but I did notice he had huge burns on his hands - yipes, he might need further training before being let loose on unsuspecting diners. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Pleasures

I woke to a wet yard, dripping trees, damp grass, and overcast skies.  But even rainy weather is still beautiful which only intensifies the colors of the tree bark, leaf mulch, and rocks in the yard.  Things aren't all drab in the winter as expected but vibrant in shades of browns, grays, and goldens.  There are even some sprinklings of greens in the grass and evergreens.  Guess I need to focus on the beauty all around me such as the tall oaks holding their graceful necks to the skies.  Yes, there's beauty all around.  But for now, there's a late breakfast in my life.  Then maybe I'll grab my camera and find an inspiring scene to photograph. 

3:45pm:  And now there's added eye candy.  Same view from this position as this morning now gives me a fantastic foggy scene. The background fades away leaving the emphasis on the foreground.  And that would be the birds enjoying their smorgasbord danging from a tree limb.  Some of the birds patiently wait their turn, while others head nudge all intruders away.  After all, it's THEIR dining table and no one else's.  The katz are enjoying some yard time and eyeing the birds.  There's no danger, they are much too slow to catch a bird. Just wondering...can the birds and katz can see through the fog better than we humans?

Foggy Afternoon

I see on the news that there's a bit of snow falling in Washington, DC.  I'll take the fog - but admit snow is beautiful while it's falling.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

O Henry Hotel

Mom and I headed to the big city of Greensboro, NC today.  We thought we'd been good long enough and it was time for a special day out on the town.   We decided to go to Green Valley Grill for lunch.  That's a lowly name for a fabulous eatery located in the O Henry Hotel.  We both chose:

     *All Natural Pork Loin
     stuffed with caramelized onions and goat cheese, wrapped in bacon and served with sage-apple cider reduction, mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetable (broccoli)

And was it awesome!!!  Can't wait to go again - umm, I'm available most any day...

After lunch, we did a bit of shopping.  The only thing I bought were some perky flowers from Kirkland's to put on dad's grave.  We stopped by the cemetery and removed the Christmas arrangement to save it to use next year.  Since it was getting a bit dark, we'll go back another day to arrange the new flowers snugly in the floral vase. Dad told us not to waste our money on flowers, but he'll smile that I love him enough to do it anyway. 

I received a commemorative certificate today in the mail thanking me for Wayne's military service.  Nice gesture.  It's not something I'll frame for the wall, but I'll keep it with the other memorabilia I have collected in his memory. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Forget To Smile!

What a blessed day!  It was warm - even went up to 64* today!  Wooohoooo, what a treat it was!  I ran some errands today and enjoyed the sights and sounds of day as I tooled along the roads.  Might as well have a song in your heart and a smile on your lips than be grumpy.  Some folks are grumpy from morning to night - enough to wipe the smile off a clown's face.  I'm thankful to be alive and well.  Things aren't perfect but no one's life is, I just decide to be in a good mood most days.  I prefer to let the grumps take their grumpies on down the road. Thankfully, my Sweetzie Poo is usually in a good mood, but if one of us isn't feeling up to par, the other one won't miss a beat letting the other know it's time to straighten up.  That usually does the trick.  

I finished all my books except for the last one, started it, but just didn't get all of it read.  So, while at the library today, the librarian asked me if I'd like to renew that book.  It was home but I was  thrilled that with just a flick of the wrist and few key strokes, she renewed it to the same due date as the others in my book bag.  Gotta love technology.  I asked her if we could renew the books online like some libraries do...nope, but if I just call, they will gladly renew them.  Well, that's not the latest technology, but will work in a pinch.  I'm sorta envisioning a snowfall or icy roads might keep me home - and a quick call to the library would be fantastic.  

Today is January 6 and I did something unusual today...I sat on the front porch and enjoyed the sun!  YES! January 6!  At this rate, maybe winter will be short and little green shoots will be popping out before I know it.  Yeah, yeah, I know, pushing my life down the road.  But it's just for the winter.  The rest of the year can move slower. 

Sweetz bought a box of Belgium waffle mix today.  Guess he liked those last ones I cooked up.  Of course, making them from scratch is time consuming and messes up several sets of bowls and spoons, and whisks, and the mixer.  But oh my, are they good.  My mom used to make homemade syrup for our family, so I always make a batch of hot syrup as a treat when I make homemade waffles.  Oh, oh, oh, is it ever good!  Such simple pleasures which bring a smile to the face that rivals that of a clown.  Anyway, mine's genuine!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


It's been a grand day around here.  Things have worked out for so many things and it's been gratifying to accomplish some extra tasks.  All I need is a big chalkboard so I can write down items and be able to scratch them off as they are completed.  With the temps hovering near 50, it was also wonderful to have warm feet.  I even went outside a bit and thought too late of hanging my sheets outside on the line.  That's such a great bonus and makes crawling between the covers such a treat!  That's ok, there will be another day for that. 

I also worked on some items in my mending pile.  You know, the one that keeps growing when you turn your back.  I didn't finish, but it was nice to see things mended and now usable once again. It does seem that the new items are the ones that rip and tear though.  Definitely is obvious that the workmanship of imported items are substandard and is just a matter of time before a repair job is needed on each.  I miss the days of a quality product but I'm sure they are over.  That's one of the reasons I enjoy making some of my own things - to get a better quality product which will last more than one use.

This is the basket that my mom made for me when I was engaged to yonder Mr. Sweetz - it's definitely seen a lot of action between a pair of scissors and a sharp needle. 

Sweetz started the first winter puzzle yesterday - about the only pieces left are fairly solid black.  Who comes up with these puzzles anyway??!!  Well, guess I picked it out, so obviously I can only blame myself.

Tomorrow I have to make the library run.  Since I have a few other stops, it will be awesome to walk in the library and notice the old book smell.  Who knows what treasures the next books will spill?? 
Ahhh, the anticipation of a good book!  I've waited my entire life for the chance to read another book. 

And this old basket is still tight as a drum - yep, I made it myself.  It was my first basket  and was made from a kit. Not sure kits are available anymore.  But not wanting to invest in extra supplies, I decided a kit was nice because there were sufficient supplies to make one basket, right down to the reeds and the handle. And my friend, Tena, told me it was AWESOME, which literally made my head swell. She asked me the other day if I still had it - I may have to tote it around one day so she can see it. She's going to show me how to make hammered jewelry this month.  I know the process has a grand name but can't remember it right now.  At least the process may help me relieve some stress - and hopefully I don't get my thumb caught under the hammer head.  Ouch 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Head in a Vice

Wow, migraines are the PITS.  If I knew where to put one, I'd get rid of it in a heartbeat.  Oh well, must be my lot in life - at least they do eventually leave with no lasting reminders.  They usually last 3 days but Sweetz was determined I take a pill - so I did.  It didn't help that much, so he gave me another one after waiting the required 2 hours.  Eventually, the excruciating pain was gone when I woke up this morning but left an ache and a feeling similar to being squeezed.  I usually walk around slowly and carefully thinking some jolt might spark a renewal of the symptoms.  But, it feels about the same right down to the sensitivity all the way to the back of the eye.  But if I stayed in bed, there's no guarantee the symptoms would disappear, so I decided to be brave and (carefully) knock out some light chores around the house. 

Finding myself unsettled today, I spent most of the day exchanging my Christmas dishes for the regular set, organizing some cabinets, doing a load of laundry, etc.  Nothing exceptional, except they were done with a tight touch hoping to not spark a recurrence of the pain.  I did notice I was walking all around the house though, up and down the stairs, getting things done, so the exercise was beneficial although I probably would have been better lying in bed with a pillow over my head.  And groaning for attention might have gotten me lunch in bed...

Sweetz started a new puzzle today so he could keep an eye on me.

And we had a bowl of homemade soup for lunch.  Yum.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My closest buddies today were a couple of migraines.  Maybe tomorrow I will feel normal again.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


So, this is the day all good folks are to gather their thoughts and dreams to compose a list of resolutions for the new year.  This is done every January 1 and most items fall by the wayside in just a few days.  Will it be to lose weight this year, to get healthier, to exercise more?  Wonder how many people have one of those - maybe all on their resolution list? 

For me, I'll just sit back and read other people's resolutions.  It won't do me any good to make a list of my Resolves.  Or maybe I'll just resolve to not resolve.  Oh, I'll try to do better, be better, act better, eat better, but all of those start first in the brain.  One must think it first before the body reacts...and keep thinking it on a daily basis.  Yes, I can think.  I can even write them down.  Will you or I accomplish any of our goals?  Only time will tell.  But I sincerely wish everyone success in reaching his/her aspirations.  Success is not easy but comes one step at a time. Let's do our best to break free of any bad habit and make 2012 a great year both for ourselves and others.