Sunday, November 27, 2011


Another weekend is just about to hit the hay...oh yeah, I'm not working so that's not important anymore!! YAY!!!  Love that I'm retired and don't have to dread Monday and the work which would  always be piled sky high in my inbox - not to mention The Beast growling in my face.  Must say some things are meant to be forgotten. I'm thankful.

We went to church this morning and then met Linda and Mom at a steakhouse for a delicious lunch.  And nooooo, I didn't order turkey anything. It was wonderful to taste something different. Felt I was beginning to grow feathers and talk Gobble.  Our lunch was good and so was the fellowship around the table.  All good things for which to be thankful.  

Mom and Linda wanted to go home for a nap, so Sweetz and I headed home for a quiet afternoon.  He and I headed out a bit before 6 to our church for the evening service where we were blessed with singing by Kim Hopper of The Hoppers, a gospel group.  That woman has a terrific voice, singing from a whisper to loud and I was so impressed with how long she could hold her notes with seemingly no effort.  Just beautiful.  Afterward, I stopped in the lobby and bought one of her CDs - it's playing now.  Very pretty.

After church we headed to mom's and spent the evening visiting with her and Linda, just returned home a bit ago.  We all had a slice of birthday cake with ice cream to stretch out Linda's birthday for yet another day, then sat around the table and talked about everything from here to there.  I saved a picture she wanted to a CD and also to her camera so now she can print it out whenever she gets ready.  I tried to print it, but my cartridge ran out of ink in the middle of the job. 

I ordered new ink cartridges online at the HP website today so they will come in a few days.  I seldom print anything, so waiting a few days shouldn't be too difficult.  I could go to  W*M but HP offered me free next business day shipping so it will be easier to just stroll to my mailbox than stroll the big box store's aisles.  Anyway, I'm sure I would buy something else besides the cartridges if I went to W*M, so this will be better for hanging onto my last pennies until my check comes.  Gotta pay our property taxes in a couple of weeks - yeah, and right here at Christmas time. Terrible timing.

Speaking of Christmas, on our drive to church this evening, we saw lots of homes decorated with outdoor lights, trees lit in windows, and wreaths on front doors.  But I'm still in Thanksgiving mode!  A doe ran in front of our car tonight, she was so graceful, but I was thankful she avoided our car.  A smashed windshield is not something I'd be thankful for...

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