Monday, November 7, 2011

Bad To The Bone

I was baaaaad today.  Went to Pizza Hut with hubby and ate too many calories.  Way too many. I did drink a big glass of water with my meal...but the dessert pizzas just couldn't be ignored. 

Now, I'll be counting calories the rest of the day and evening.  It's time to head to the kitchen for some supper prep.  I do believe I will be fixing everything low-carb, sounds like meat and veggies to me. Okey dokey, Sweetz just told me he didn't want supper, maybe I can just quit eating for the day and I'll be back on track. 

We stopped at Lowes today to check out a few things and to pick up a part for our lawn mower that we'd ordered.  While he did that, I cleaned the inside of our little RV and brought in all the food to overwinter in the house.  Tomorrow we will put the cover on it which will help protect it from the elements.  We had wanted to go out again for a week, but the rainy weather ruined those plans.  But now the weather is turning colder and all thoughts of heading out have been chilled by the thermometer.  I find it surprising that's it's already November, but maybe the winter will pass quickly and spring will be bursting out before we know it. 

Today was beautiful: lovely warm day with beautiful colors on the trees.  The leaves seem to be staying on the trees longer than usual allowing us a showcase of jewels to delight the eyes.  

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