Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Step At A Time

As tough as the situation is, I'm making small baby steps.  Forward, always heading the nose forward.  Leg out, foot down, alternate.  I can make it, one step at a time.  The uncontrolled continual crying stage has ended, I'm now in what must be a lighter fog.  The sadness is huge, the vacuum enormous.  A cavern of emptiness stretches out in front of me.  One step at a time girl...

Wayne's wife and son are requesting pictures for a slideshow.  Now, aint that the hardest thing to do.  I'm trying to smile on the phone while sifting through albums of life's memories.  Weddings,  graduations, family gatherings, activities together through the years.  How do you choose?  Well, I've over-chosen and emailed them to the family.  I'll let them choose.  My favorites may not be their favorites. 

It's a sobering path that survivors must walk.  We all are promised death, we must face it, and move forward.  My brother is still smiling and I will regain my smiles one day. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Funeral Arrangements

It's still sad around here but we're taking one step at a time and managing.  My brother's funeral will be in Woodbridge, VA, with the burial at Quantico, VA, beginning July 5.  The three family floral arrangements have been ordered and things are beginning to fall into place.  Friends are calling and dropping by and there is plenty of food at just the right time.  We are blessed by the outpouring of caring thoughts and gestures from our friends and neighbors.       

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sad News

My brother has been here visiting from Virginia for a week.  We had the BEST time EVER together.  But he died some time during the night and we couldn't wake him this morning.  Ever so sad. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grunting 'n Groaning

Went to church this morning and it was a real blessing.  

Sweetz and I met my brother and mom at a seafood restaurant and ate our fill.  We all ordered the senior portions and still I couldn't eat all of mine.  Was good though.  Noooo, I didn't have fish.  I ordered chicken strips to have something different. With Ranch dressing as a dip.  Yumm.  The slaw and baked potato were delicious but still I couldn't eat it all.  The nice waitress gave me a take-out container to put my last two pieces of chicken in to enjoy at home another time.  There's enough in there to make a sandwich or to chop up for a serving of chicken salad, or to slice some over a tossed salad.  Nothing wrong with leftovers if done correctly.  They can add a surprise to another meal.  If I wait too long to eat it though, Sweetz will claim it.

Speaking of Sweetz, he's going to call for an appt to see Doc Look N. Poke.  He says he's having to go to the bathroom too many times for it to be normal and thinks a good checkover and some labs would be helpful to rule out some things. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lots of Blue Things

My brother is still visiting with us - well, actually sleeping at mom's but he spends time here alot too. 

The weather has been wonderful and we've sat on the porch, in the yard, in the living room, in the den, in the dining room, but always talking, talking, talking.  Seems like we haven't seen each other in ages and have to catch up on all the details.  I started to take a family picture or two, but it was getting dark, so we decided we'd take a few tomorrow.  When the sun decides to set, it moves so quickly, it seems to go from light to dark in 5 minutes.  Hopefully, I can snap a few tomorrow.  I did get one of his Duke sticker on his Explorer and he has one on his hitch cover, stuff inside too, floor mats, mugs...something everywhere.  Now, this man is a one more Duke Super Fan! 

Supper was delicious.  Both last night AND tonight. 

Surely, I don't have to cook another meal tomorrow........ 


Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Explorer in the Driveway

My brother is here visiting.  What fun, we are laughing and teasing and having a ball.  Why couldn't we have had this much fun when we were growing up? Obviously, childhood is wasted on the young.   

We ate at a Japanese restaurant for dinner - sure was good but I couldn't finish my plate, so the kind waitress put the remainder in a take out box for later.  Then Wayne wanted dessert!!  Not sure where he planned to put it but off we drove for an ice cream shoppe.  Nothing for me.  He ordered a LARGE chocolate fudge sundae with extra chocolate fudge!  And yes, he ate every bite.  He may be wolfing down anti-acid pills before morning but so far he's appears fine.  Sweetz ate a brownie delight while mom ate a single dip peach yogurt cone.  I sipped part of a drink and marveled over the fact they even had room for dessert!! 

I need to get on the treadmill and work off some flab.  Should I try getting on again tonight or wait till the blisters from the last workout heal?  At least I have a decent excuse tonight!  What can I use next week?  Is there a website with a list of believable excuses?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedded Bliss?

Well, not really, but it's been quite a ride!  Sweetz and I are going to a nice restaurant tonight to celebrate our 43 wedded years.   Some friends of ours are going with us as they are celebrating their anniversary this week also.  Sounds like fun.  We have reservations and that means we need to get there on time. 

My brother is on his way.  He just texted that he will be here in 4 minutes.  He left this morning about 11am from way up in northern VA, so he'll be tired and ready for a cool glass of Coke.  He and his wife celebrated their anniversary last week and he's teasing that he will go with us tonight to help us celebrate ours.  Right.  Not this time, Bro...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Harvests

This morning I harvested some of my herbs to dry for future meals.  Yummmmm - they will be deeeeelishious in meals.  What am I saying???  They took my lunch OVER THE TOP for superbness just today.  Hey, if I don't brag, who will?  Yeah, you're right - Sweetz ooooohhh'd, and ahhhh'd just about every bite today.  Now, how do I top that?  Still have some leftovers in the fridge so plan to switch around a few things and we'll have more goodies for dinner - or lupper or whatever we decide to call it.

I cut some of my flowers and came up with a nice arrangement for the dining table. This beauty rivals my own personal beauty. LOL  Might as well laugh -- life is too short to me to be grumpy and serious these days.  

The badminton net is still up in the front yard.  The MainMan is badgering me to go out there and flip a few shuttlecocks with him.  The temp is supposed to rise to 91* today - and he keeps telling me that it's going to be hotter the next few days and right now it's 87*.  I   also haven't tried out the treadmill in the den.  I must, I must - I must remove the dust...  

My brother is coming Wednesday and will be staying at mom's.  We tease each other all day long - which promises to be a real blast!  I plan to take pictures of some of our fun.  Ummm, maybe HE will play badminton with Sweetz.  Knowing Big Brother, he will be trying to talk his BIL into going golfing with him.  Whew, it will be HOT out there on the course.  I plan to stay home and sip tea - with a snippit of my fresh mint garnishing the top.  Makes me thirsty just thinking about it, think I'll go fix a glass of tea since I just finished making a new batch. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Our son and his family spent the day with us.  We bought some yard toys and the boys loved the water slide the best.  Seems they didn't want to stop to eat. 

Sweetz grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and shrimp on the grill along with some fresh yellow squash.  Yummm.  I rounded out the meal with slaw, marinated cukes, mac & cheese, and green beans.  Most of the veggies were from the garden.  Everything was delicious.  We had brownies and fresh fruit for dessert. 

Brian had a treadmill he wasn't using so brought it here today.  Surely he's not hinting too openly that I need to get back in shape!  Surely not!  It's now downstairs in the man cave.  But Mr. ManCave does not need to use it - it's his little .... well ... well rounded woman who needs to spend some quality time on it.  Guess that's me - and yes, I do need to get on it.  Not tonight.  Think I had my exercise for the day.  I may head on toward the toothbrush and then toward the bed to crawl between the sheets.  Tomorrow would be a good day to start walking.  Maybe I could design a neat progress sheet on the computer to record my progress and to motivate me into getting back in shape.   And I could reward myself with incentives and rewards as I lose weight and get back in shape.  Hey, anything is worth a try. has some neat things - maybe Kevin has a progress sheet already designed that I can use.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Can't you just feel my enthusiasm mounting?   

Friday, June 17, 2011

Want Fries With That Fish?


We are going out to eat with mom tonight.  She wants us to eat fish with her off we'll go in a bit.  Mom and Sweetz love fish.  Me?  Not so much, but I'll eat it occasionally.  They have other items on the menu but I might surprise myself - and them - by choosing fish tonight. 

Today has been beautiful.  I washed our comforter today and it's waving in the sun soaking up some fresh air.  Of course, we don't need a comforter on the bed in this heat, but it was begging to be washed.  And it will smell so good --- waaaaaaay down at the foot of the bed.

Did some cleaning in the house today in readiness for Son & Family's visit tomorrow.  Sweetz mowed the grass.  All we need is some rain.  It clouded over about an hour ago, but those clouds blew away and now we have sunny skies once again. 

9:35 pm
Home again, home again jiggity jig.  I ended up sharing a seafood combo platter with MainMan and it was delicious.  Mom ate catfish but she loves almost all seafood.  Sweetz gets the scallops, oysters, 1/2 the shrimp and the stuffed crab half of the plate.  I ate the remainder of the shrimp and the flounder.  There was plenty for both of us with such a large serving.  The place was crowded and we had to wait for both a parking spot and a table.  But we weren't complaining. 

Look what we saw in the parking lot?

The sleepies are taking over my eyes and my brain - might be time I headed to bed.  A bit of shut eye never fails to help the brain.  It's no longer effective as beauty sleep though.  Sigh. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grandson Visit Prep

The grandsons will be coming Saturday to celebrate Father's Day with us.  We're having a cookout - well that's the plan.  It will be a laid back day which is just like guys of all sizes prefer. If we didn't have to swat mosquitoes, it would probably be a perfect day. 

Sweetz and I went to the big city today to buy some yard toys for the little guys.  After several stops at different stores, we finally decided on KMart since they had the best prices plus we saved $7 on top of that with our "shopping card" or whatever it is called at KMart.  We bought a combination volleyball/badminton game set, a package of extra birdies (shuttlecocks), a water slide which attaches to the end of the hose, a frisbee, and an electronic dart board (with the rounded safer tips). Then we went to the grocery store not far from home and got some cookout food items.  The day should be fun.  The temp is predicted to be a high of 94*.  I'll be ready for a nap about the time they leave.  

I used my Hallmark cardmaker program and made two cards for friends this evening using my own pictures on the fronts.  It's always nice to be able to use my own pictures to make them more personal.  Of course, they probably won't suspect the pictures are mine, but I don't need pats on the back - just a smile from the recipient that they like the card.

My brother plans to come next Thursday for a few days.  He'll stay at mom's but that's real close since we're neighbors, so it will be nice to spend some time with him.  He loves to golf...ummm, NOOOO, I won't be going with him there!  Perhaps he will play badminton, darts, or a frisbee game with us though!  

My haircut turned out ok, nice cut, but was a bit shorter than I wanted.  I TOLD her not to cut much off.  Do they ever listen?  It will grow and I will smile in a few weeks.  After all, it's just a haircut!  A lady I know who shaved her hair off during her recent cancer treatments would love to have my head of hair.  So, I will smile NOW and not wait weeks for it to grow.   

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toy Department

Sometimes things go wrong in a house.  Today it was a plumbing issue.  So MainMan went to Lowes and bought a new gadget and then proceeded to install it.  Another day he fixed the roller on the upper drawer of the dishwasher. What a guy!  I'm blessed to have him. Yep, I told him and he got a smooch too. 

Today I received an email from a friend I haven't seen in a year.  Sure was nice to hear from her. Makes me think I could surprise her by popping in sometime to visit.  The past year has flown by, where did the months and days go?  I stay busy since I quit work, some of this and some of that keeps me occupied.  Can't say I've been bored more than maybe for 10 minutes a couple of times.  That's a good gauge of contentment, I'd say.  Of course, I like to do a variety of things so there are plenty of activities to choose from.  The winter was the hardest and longest months.  It's not fun being cooped up in the house.  But the warmer months allow me to get out and explore. 

Today I went shopping for Father's Day gifts for Sweetz.  I want him to have plenty to open to make up for the ineptness of some of the family members.  Our son is coming Sunday for a cookout and bringing the kids.  That will be a fun way to celebrate Father's Day. We used to have all sorts of toys and activities when the kids were growing up.  But now? Nope, got rid of all of that stuff years ago so Sweetz and I plan to go shopping tomorrow to see if we can remedy that.  A few boy toys should be around to make life interesting.  But they already have every toy imaginable, so what's left for them?  I would imagine they would like all the adults to be outside playing with them.  OK, does that mean a badminton or volleyball net will be set up in the front yard? I've aged out of that sport a long time ago but maybe I can keep score! 

My hair is getting a bit straggly - so tomorrow I'll show up for my snip snip appointment which had to be rescheduled due to mom's surgery last week.  Hope Ms. Scissorhands doesn't trim tooooo much off.  Yesterday my hair looked awesome.  Today was not a good hair day, but I went out anyway.   

Wouldn't you know it?  Today we got two phone calls inviting us to join them for lunch tomorrow!!!  Drat, why does everything have to be on the same day!  And we had to turn both of them down.  All for the sake of getting beautiful at my noon appt - well, that's wishful thinking. And then we'll head out to do some grandson toy shopping plus buy a couple of items to round out our Father Day's lunch. We have a full gas tank since yesterday I filled my car - at a wallet $ucking price.  At this rate, I may have to start pedaling the 9
miles to the nearest town!  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Splish Splash

Flowers are blooming around the yard, such pretties they are.  The butterfly bushes, daylilies, verbena, zinnias, bee balm, hydrangea, some of our prettiest roses, along with some other beauties.

We picked beans this morning and I took a bag down to mom's but she was gone!  Yes, Ms. postsurgical patient had flown the coop.  I walked around her yard and picked up sticks and limbs that had blown down during Saturday night's storm and was at the corner of her lot near the road when she came home.  Said she had gone to the post office.  OK, that means she must be feeling better. 

New commandment:  Thou shalt not worry about Ms Postsurgical Patient after witnessing independent driving. :)

She asked if I'd like to go out for lunch.  So, after I changed clothes and combed my hair, we headed out to a local diner (I drove) for some deeeeelisheoscrumptuous broasted chicken.  Ummmm.  No pictures - I was too busy attacking the chicken wings with much smacking and munching on the slaw and mashed potatoes to grab the camera. Yummmmm - good!

Talked to our son today as he drove home from work.  He and his family will be coming over Sunday to celebrate Father's Day at our house.  I'm thinking that grilling out as much of the dinner as possible would enable the big guys to compete in the Master of the Grill game. 

The little guys can play in the yard - now, wouldn't it be neat to have some summer yard toys?  I'm thinking that anything water related would keep them cool.  We don't have a pool.  But guess we could buy a small one at WallyMart so they can at least cool their little bodies occasionally. Time to begin planning...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mental Games

A storm decided to roll through here about 4pm - but it was a non-storm event in actuality.  A bit of thunder, a tad of misty rain, a mild wind.  Whew, we lucked out on this one.  Would have been the third night in a row if it materialized.  I must admit, I was glad to have a night off from the booming and shaking.  Anyway, it's a tight squeeze crawling under the bed! 

I checked with mom and she's doing great - changed her dressing herself and said it was fairly easy.  I left her my non-nurses nursing handbook in case she hit a snag. Talk about captivating reading --it's a winner for sure.  Yipes, I spelled that weiner and then that got me to thinking of our Congressman by that name who's trying to play under the radar.  I say get out, our Congress doesn't need this behavior.  Seems more and more of his peers feel the same way.  Are there any who honor their marriage vows anymore!?  I'd like to think so.

Our church service was good this morning. Our preacher loves alliteration. Pastor Tom preaches from a printed passage from the podium with a plethora of presentation points for us to ponder to prevent us from plunging into the Pit.  Why do preachers love alliterationOf course, I enjoy alliteration so I'm not criticizing, but it just makes me think - ahhh, but pondering could be dangerous.  Sometimes when he begins his message and he reads the passage, then starts his outline with one phrase using a certain letter, I sit in my pew and work down the verses trying to figure out what words he will use next to tie his points together.  I might get one or two right, but he's obviously smarter than me.  Well, after all he does have a week to prepare this sermon to find those perfect words and I have to do it spontaneously.

I used to work with a smart lady who loved to play mental games.  She got me to thinking about things in a different way - to think outside the box - to flip things upside down and reshuffle them.  Every day she'd email me or visit my office and she'd have a new mental project for that day.  Never met anyone like that before and it was exhilarating to complete the project by her deadline.  Then she'd have me meet her somewhere at a predetermined time and we'd compare them.  I know it might sound dumb, but actually it was fun!  And I felt like those exercises kept my brain humming.  She left though - on to a better job.  Although I think about her occasionally and sometimes I run across ideas that probably would have given her joy. But I hope there's someone in her new location who is enjoying her mental games as much as I did. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dressings Aren't Always For Turkeys

I tried to find my nurses' cap today, but it must have been at the cleaners.  So, I just flipped open my Non-Nurses Guide To Home Nursing Procedures by I. Ken Nerse II. 

Right there in chapter 2 were the steps and diagrams explaining how to remove a bandage and clean a wound with cotton swab and peroxide. It got a bit complicated when step 3 described the  technique for applying antibiotic cream.  Something about a Q-tip and squeezing the tube - that part nearly left me in a tizzy.  Never could figure out how I was to squeeze the tube with a Q-tip.  Way too complicated for a layman to comprehend.  Gracious, by step 4 I was out of my element trying to rip open a bandaid and stick it correctly on the wound before the bandaid stuck to my hand, wrapped half around my hand, and then had no sticky section to adhere to mom's foot. Whew, maybe if I do this a couple of times, I can keep the bandaid from curling back on itself and successfully get it attached to her foot before I use all the bandaids in the box. Yes, and it might be a good idea if I stop at Rite Aid after church tomorrow to buy a industrial sized box of bandaids. 

While changing mom's bandage today, a storm decided to sail through. Wind, rain, dark skies, thunder.  I had walked to her house so I knew I had to wait for the storm to blow through or I could find myself in Kansas.  Didn't take too long and thankfully there were no trees or big limbs down in our area this time.  I took a picture of the road toward our house and a wet leaf as I walked up the hill. 

Sorry, there are no pictures of the bandage change although Medical News Digest wants to feature me in their July issue. 

Looks like my brother will be coming to stay with us a few days soon.  Surely that doesn't mean I have to clean house!!!  And was wondering if having company would eat into my sudoku and reading time? You know, a girl must have her quiet time! Surely it isn't necessary to have delicious homecooked meals on the table 3 times a day!  He loves to golf - ahhhhh, I'll buy a bag of colorful tees and send him off for a day of fun. If he gives me any lip, I can always offer to make reservations at Comfort Inn.  They even promised to keep the light on...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Training Wings

Well, I've about concluded our front porch bat is a youngster.  We sat outside till dark and MommaB pushed herself out of her usual shutter hideaway and flew off.  She's larger than LittleB.  I sat outside for an hour to catch the shot of the week!  Didn't happen.  She wasn't cooperating.  I could detect she got to the edge of the shutter but in the time of a twinkling eye, she swooped away.  Thought she'd move out behind the shutter and stretch her wings and get acquainted with the night, yawn a few times which would give me time for a few awesome shots.  She gave me absolutely no warning - was there one second and then she swooped to the yard and up to start her night's feeding before I could get the camera turned toward her.  She was as silent as the night. 

Little One continued to sleep and never left while I stayed outside.  But this morning, he was not in his spot.  But this afternoon I noticed he was propped up above a lower shutter amidst some spider webs. 

Actually only 3 inches from it is a nice juicy spider but guess Little One is still full.  I did some research and found they swoop and catch insects in their wings and then sit on a limb or perch and eat them.  They also swoop down over a water source and scoop water in their wings which act like cups and then it will sit somewhere to drink the water.  How wonderful God is to allow us to have them eating the insects around us while we sleep.  I do hope Little One finds a safer spot than hanging out defenseless only 3 feet above ground.  After all, there are numerous cats in the neighborhood. 

I've talked to mom twice today and she's doing well, although she said her foot is sore.  She took some Tylenol and removed her boot which she said was actually more uncomfortable than not wearing it because her foot swelled.  She promised me she had propped it up most of the day.  Each day will be better and she'll be fine soon.  Tomorrow she is permitted a bath and then she is to remove the bandage, clean the area, put Neosporin on the incision and then keep a bandaid on it.  She is to perform the  clean/Neosporin/bandaid routine twice a day beginning Sun. 

Sweetz picked beans and squash today and I took some down to mom.  I even washed and snapped the beans for her.  I cooked a pot of beans and steamed the squash with some herbs to go with our supper which was delicious.  We'll be having squash and beans about every day for weeks now. Yummy garden produce.  I cut big handfuls of thyme today.  It's washed and on a tray for drying.  Tomorrow I plan to harvest the sage, rosemary, and oregano and let them dry for winter use.  Tomorrow I will take leeks, potatoes and a garlic to mom. I'd say we'll all be eating grand. 

The skies are about dark, both from the time of day but also from an approaching storm.  Hope we get some rain out of this front! I read that bats don't fly in the rain.  Oh well, I guess they get to snooze during the rain too.  Might not be a good idea for humans too. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mom is Pinless

Mom made it through the surgery with flying colors. 

They gave me a "beeper" so they could beep me whenever they needed me.  I found a Pepsi machine so I was caffeined up the hilt and in happy happy land.  She was pumped with Versed, what they called "happy juice", and she was in happy happy land too.   

She said just a few minutes ago that she doesn't have any pain. She walks around a bit with a boot they "gave" her which gives her foot alot of support.  Another exciting day has come and about gone.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bat Wings

It's a bat.  It's hanging on the bricks on the front porch.  Interesting little fellow/gal.  They eat something like 75% of their weight in insects each night while I sleep.  No problem with me, enjoy your smorgasbord, little one.  I'd never seen one in person other than in a cage at a zoo and certainly had never been this close to one.  He usually sleeps during the day behind one of our house shutters, but this afternoon for some reason he wanted me to see him.  Or maybe he wanted to be the star of my blog today. 

Even though the temp topped out at 96* today, the humidity was 46% - which is quite comfortable for that temperature. 

I found a four leaf clover as I walked to the house after picking the beans and squash.  That will guarantee they keep them producing, right?  I've been poking them in my lucky book, not sure what I will do with them but at least it's been fun to see how many I can find without really looking.

Poor Weiner, well since he's not my favorite politician, it would make my day if he would have to pack up his office and head home.  Since Huma is out of the country with Hillary, he would have plenty of time to sit in his empty house and ponder his stupidity.  Now, we hear that she is pregnant which presents another aspect into their marriage woes. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Searching For Pain Relief

Mom is scheduled for her foot ripping surgery on Thursday.  Just kidding, although the good doc did say he would start with a small incision but might have to keep making it bigger and bigger and bigger until he finds the pin.  He said it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Wouldn't that be more appropriately stated like searching for a PIN in a haystack?  Well, he was trying to be funny. I still think a good magnet would come in handy. 

She had her pre-op visit today.  All went well.  Thousands of questions answered.  Blood pressure fine.  EKG was exceptional.  Labs done and hopefully all results will be within normal limits.  She's not nervous - actually, I think she's enjoying all the attention.  Not me!  I'd avoid the OR unless it was vital to my next breath.

I read alot today - an Amish novel.  Quite good and it was nice to sit and relax inbetween my other exciting adventures.  What kind, you ask?  Well, mopping the kitchen for one.  Doesn't that just drip with excitement?  Laundry is also one of today's activities that got the excitometer pumping. Cooking and dishes rank right up near the top of the happy range too, but they have to be done. But since I really don't mind those chores, I can say with all honesty that it really was a great day.  

I had to reschedule my hair cut appointment with Ms. Scissorhands since it was originally scheduled for Thurs during mom's surgery time.  She's having trouble with her back - said she has a bulging disk and hurts alot.  She has an appt with a doc for an injection on Tuesday.  Hopefully she will be out of pain soon.  Do I need to start looking for a new scissorlady?  Actually, she uses a razor to cut my hair.  Hey, maybe she needs a new name.  Ms. Gillette maybe?       

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bone Man Makes a Judgment Call

The good news: the orthopaedic surgeon would work mom into his busy office schedule today so we headed to his office while I sat and entertained myself doing a bit of peoplewatching in the waiting room.  Mom was kept busy filling out the monstrous STACK of documents on a clipboard.  I finally asked her if in all those thousands of questions she was asked for her panty size.  We had a little chuckle. I doubted any minute detail was omitted.  

She is a bit hard of hearing so sometimes our conversations were not as private as I'd prefer.  Oh well, live and chuckle about it later, I say.  There was a laborer who had a problem and they worked him in also.  There was a lady accompanied by her young daughter who obviously had just hurt her left knee who looked to be in severe pain.  Then a lady came in for a followup visit.  And lastly a man who was a Workers Compensation patient being seen by another doctor wanted another opinion.  At one point a drug salesman came in to see the doc but was turned down - he was too busy seeing patients - but if she wanted to wait...So she patiently waited and waited and waited.  

After what felt like eons, the nice doc actually came into the waiting room himself and called my mom to follow him to the examining room.  How's that for special treatment!!  And she didn't even have her papers completed! She handed me the clipboard and pen and asked me to finish them in the examining room as she hobbled through the waiting room following the nice doc. 

So, I completed the last 3 pages, which generally amounted to describing all the surgeries, illnesses, family history, etc. in her 89 years of life.  Right.  Oh yeah, all on one line under each question.  At least I wrote fast.  It had been taking mom forever - plus she was asking me how to spell alot of the medical words, which she couldn't hear, and had to ask me over and over and over.  So, all the patients in the waiting room knew her ENTIRE life's medical history by the time she went into the inner recesses of the office. So much for patient confidentiality.

But I'm pleased he was so nice and worked her into today's schedule.  Bottom line: she will have the residual pin piece removed in the operating room on Thursday.  Yes, the whole nine yards and of course, a suitable bill for each of the nine yards.  

Someone recently crashed into our town's historical monument at the "circle" and thus we are only left with the stand it was on.  Some residents liked the monument, others found it controversial. I predict the city council will discuss this situation for months on end and some lame excuse for a decorative piece will be erected - maybe a dog or a tree.  But whatever is chosen, it will never be considered controversial but will conform to the political correctness of our times. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's a Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

Tis just a tad on the warm side, but not uncomfortably so since the humidity is low.  We do need rain, but that will come.  Actually WeatherGuy thinks we will get some tonight.  ....BUT it's to come with strong winds and thunderstorms.  Well, I decided to take a quick look at the weather again and guess what?  Looks like it's fizzled for our area.  Bummer, and we needed rain.  OK, it'll day.  And we'll smile that day.

After church we ate with some friends.  One couple has an anniversary this month too - the day before ours.  We've celebrated together before so we thought it would be neat to go out to eat at a nice restaurant again this year too. 

I bought a skirt on Friday - just saw it hanging on the rack and it was "all me" from waist to border.  I love red, so this deep red one was yelling my name.  Then I spent the rest of my browsing time looking for a blouse.  Got one, but it wasn't just right but "would do" in a pinch.  But several hours after I got home, I remembered I had a few things in my summer clothes boxes that might go well with it.  And I found two shells and two jackets that were perfect with it, so I can make at least two outfits out of it - and probably more if I searched a bit more. 

The blouse is actually pale yellow and the jacket is purple - although in this blog it looks like I'm wearing red, white, and blue.   Sweetz decided to wear his yellow shirt and lavender tie so we'd do the matchy matchy Sweetzy thing. 

Mom is doing better after she accidentally stepped on a broken straight pin.  Yesterday, the ER doc saw the pin on the x-ray but decided it was too deep for him to get it easily.  She's to call the orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow to see him about getting it out.  She's walking some by holding her heel up but mostly she's behaving by sitting in her recliner. 

We have some pretty flowers in the yard now which offers a much nicer view outside this time of year with pretties instead of brown grass; or worse - see white stuff on the ground! 

This is astilbe which has beautiful airy white flowers.  After the picture was taken, the red and pink plants bloomed.  Our butterfly bushes are blooming now and soon the butterflies will flutter around and be happy. 

Our hydrangea bushes are now complemented with orange day lilies.  Ahhhh, a bit of eye candy wherever I look.  And we have a new red rose bush - and it has a bud.  Can't wait to see it open and smell the most delightful fragrance in the world.  Well, only second to gardenia maybe. 


Friday, June 3, 2011

Girls Lunch Bunch

Today was cooler with low humidity - a wonderful summer day.  I had lunch with 3 good friends I used to work with.  We met at a Chinese restaurant and had a great time chatting over our lunch.

Our garden has been sharing her goodies with us for several weeks.  Today we got 3 cabbages and a leek. 

The beans and squash are coming - might need a few more days before they are a pickable size.  Sweetz mentioned today that he'd like to go camping next week if the weather cooperates - great!  That determines the day we pick veggies - but we can do that just fine if it guarantees we get away a few days. 

Mom and friends are heading to the lake tomorrow.  One of them has a lakeside place and they have already picked two different times this month to go.  Mom hasn't felt very well for the past couple of weeks so it will be nice for her to get away and enjoy being with her friends while enjoying a view of the lake. 

My thoughts dwell on a former coworker who lost her good friend today after a battle with cancer.  I know she will miss the joy of his smile.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Have A Plan

It was hot, hot, hot today!  Our thermometer registered a high of 96* today.  June 1, can you believe these temperatures!!  I prefer the milder spring temps down in the 70-80s, but God didn't ask me to determine the temperature today.  Needless to say, I mostly remained indoors but did sit on the front porch for awhile in the shade.  I worked outside a bit, but it didn't seem as bad if I just sat.   

The sudoku book is getting manhandled again.  Sometimes I nearly get stumped, then try a different approach and most time all I need is one more number to resume the process.  Ahhh, gotta love mind games. 

Tomorrow I plan to work on a sewing project. Might also get a bit done on my mending pile.  It's good to have a plan - at least it sounds good to have a plan.  Ouch, I can still remember my recent experience.  My plan should definitely not involve sewing my finger this time.