Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nana Time

Our two grandsons visited today.  It was wonderful to see them again and share in their lives. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Should Spring Soon

I decided to go next door and visit my neighbor today.  She's a bit older than me, widowed for two years, and we've shared a friendship for nearly 30 years. Since I no longer work, I decided she would be my pet project to visit and help.  Of course, I didn't tell her, but today begins that project.  I walked over with a plate of my cupcakes.  We chatted over a cup of tea and solved all the problems of the world.  I suggested we go outside and I'd pick up the branches and limbs from her trees that had blown down during the high winds we experienced the other day. Again, she was delighted but I could tell she hated for me to do it at the same time.  As it turned out, I picked up the fallen branches while she shadowed with a huge garden bag.  It got filled up and we dumped it in her scrap pile at the back of her lot and then proceeded to fill the bag up again.  We carried/drug the largest limbs to the pile and got most of the yard looking tidy.  She was thrilled.

We had four jigsaw puzzles which I thought she'd enjoy completing but she said it hurt her back to lean over the table for hours at a time.  I can understand that.  So, I started home with them when my cell jingled.  It was my son who asked if he and the boys could meet us at our church tomorrow and then come back here to spend the rest of the day.  So, I decided to cart the puzzle boxes back inside and offer them to the grandsons tomorrow.  One of the boys particularly loves to complete puzzles, so I think I found a home for them.  If they don't want them all, I'll donate the rest to Good Will or Salvation Army next week.

I have the second set of forsythia branches now blooming.  This is a great way to see some early blooms and put a nudge on spring.  I understand that tomorrow and Monday are predicted to be great spring days around here.  The world is about to see Mrs. Sweetz jump up and down with glee...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Soup's On

Wheeeee, it's breezy here, or maybe I should say the winds are whippppppping.  But we had RAIN last night which was such a comforting sound!!  Our area has been short on moisture so it was welcome to hear the pitter patter on the windows and roof.  Now, it's warm and breezy, but mostly it's sunny.  What a life.  I'm loving all this springy weather.

I'm making soup.  Got the knife sharpened and there are delicious smells coming from the kitchen.  Onions, garlic, celery, herbs, potatoes, beans, ham, carrots, and other scrumptuous things.  Not sure if I can stay out of it til it's ready.  You know, someone has to taste it just to make sure it's edible.  And that would be ME. 

Yesterday I made cupcakes.  Decorated the little yellow darlings with green icing and a few sprinkles.  Just getting a head start on St. Patrick's Day.  

During my final working years, I had some St. Patrick's Day decor items in my office.  Wonder if I left them there?  Should I just trot in one day and ask to have them back?  Nah, that would be tacky.  Just think, I could go to the $ store and get some new ones. 

Sweetz and I are back to planning a trip west.  Yep, it's not on the chopping block yet!  Yipee, YaaaaHooo.  We promised each other we'll be thrifty with our fund$ - not sure that's possible since we've been already been squeezing each $ tighter than stretch pants on a fat lady.  

Sweetz is in the garden sprinkling seeds.  I teased him a bit ago that he doesn't have to sprinkle them since with this wind he just has to open his hand and the little darlings are scattered in 0.007 seconds.  Not sure he's sprinkling seeds anyway.  Actually, I think he's planting broccoli, peas, potatoes, and lettuce.  That man LOVEs his garden.  Maybe more than he loves me.  At least he shares his veggies with me.

My chives, parsley, rosemary, mint, thyme, etc. are coming up/out.  Sounds like spring is on its way.  I couldn't be happier.  Talked to a fellow worker today where I used to work.  She's still there - I'm free.  I find that I have to hold down my retirement enthusiasm.  Don't want to disturb the troops who are still working. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

We've experienced some cooler weather this week.  It's dry here, sure could use some rain. 

Sweetz and I searched the internet to figure out how to install the new tiller belts.  Would you believe the engine had to be removed?  Well, that was done and the belt drive removed.  We got the two blades on, then reversed the steps.  Sweetz was happy when the tiller started so he proceeded to till some raised beds in the garden.  He wanted to get this done before the predicted rain begins the end of this week. 

He also tilled an area in the middle of the back yard.  I wasn't going to have a flowerbed there, but have one, I do.  My unspoken plan was to place some large planters in that area between a small Japanese maple and a hydrangea.  I put some empty planters in that area the middle of last week along with a small bird bath to see how it would look.  I was happy.   And it has been interesting watching the birds enjoying the bird bath for drinking and
splashes.  Guess the mind of my fella misconstrued that I wanted a full-fledged flowerbed.  Or maybe he just wanted to till something else while he had the tiller running.  My unspoken plan now is to cover the area with lots of mulch.  Or maybe I could just let it go and let the grass grow back...  

We keep reminding each other that we are moving.  That statement is getting plenty of use lately.  But with our present economy, it appears we will be stuck here.  Our long-range plans have been slammed up against a brick wall.  So much for the wishes of the republic.  But for now, we will take one baby step at a time.  

In the meantime, there are books to read, neighbors to visit, daffodils poking up from their winter homes, butterfly bushes sprouting, friends, and family reminding us of the importance of what we are doing, right here where God put us.  We don't need to know His divine plan, only to walk where he directs one step at a time.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Butchering a Simple Trip Tik

I  ordered the trip tik from AAA for our proposed RV trip to FL.  The website asked for origination point, stops along the way, whether to avoid interstates, whether we'd be in RV with propane tank, whether to avoid tolls, whether to avoid ferries, etc.  Checked it three times before I sent it.  OK. 

Well, we got the material in the mail on Sat and lo and behold - it's totally wrong.  Everything that I wanted is not there, what I wanted to avoid is there plus the trip crisscrosses FL, it has ridiculous backtracking routes, routing us through major cities with all their snarling traffic, across a ferry, toll roads, through road construction.  Oh and to top it all off, their marked route is not even the path we wanted to take, plus returns us on the same path back home.  Good grief.  They've never messed up a trip so thoroughly before.  OK, so we'll toss it and go back to our own paper atlas/map route.  Must have been someone with either limited knowledge of the English language, who couldn't keep stops 1-10 in sequential order, or enjoyed the thought of bewildering a couple of geezers on a trip to FL.  HA.  Don't mess with a senior.  Just wait till AAA gets my email, their eyes will be burning and I'll surely get a sweet apology in a return email.  Haaaahaaa  Right.  It will be deleted before it's half read.  Into the junk file so the boss can't see someone really messed this one up. Scoop up our membership money and give us awful directions.  But I won't be silent. 

A fresh load of library books are waiting for me and my reading glasses.  Although "The Twelfth Imam" might not be read, I should though, since it's relevant to present days.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lessons in Stupidity

Today was slow in several ways, but speedy in others.  I woke early after only 4 hrs of sleep and could NOT go back to sleep.  So, rising was the only answer.  I piddled and ate and piddled and read and piddled some more.  After Sweetz got up, we I talked alot this morning about the possibility of relocating to a warmer climate.  All of this conversation is fun and exciting, but reality hits when you see the area stagnant real estate sales.  So, talk and plan is about all we can do for the time being. 

Even though I was extremely sleepy, I managed to stay awake until a bit after noon, when I determined I HAD to return my library books which were due today.  Stupidly, I headed out and nearly hit a car, found myself swerving into the other lane, and nearly going through a red light.  Oh my, these were all because of lack of sleep.  I should have stayed home and taken a nap first and then gone to the library.  Even taking them back Monday and paying a measly fine would have been more sensible. Sometimes, stupidity reigns the brain.  Well, I got home safely and nearly immediately flaked into bed and within a minute I was out like a light into Sleepy Hollow. 

I feel better now.  Amazing what lack of sleep can do. And I certainly didn't need to be driving. Surely I have learned my lesson never to make that mistake again.  Surely.  But what about the other life lessons I need to learn?

Our dinner and evening shared with friends was wonderful.  They seemed to enjoy themselves and gobbled my food like it was delicious.  Makes a hostess proud.  They stayed until 1:30am and we talked and laughed and talked on and on.  The time didn't matter.  And it would have been fine if I had been able to sleep late this morning. 

Mary brought us a strawberry trifle and I had some for breakfast. Yum. We haven't entertained in quite a while so now I'm ready to invite them and others again.  Plus it's a great way to keep the house clean.  Might have to break out a game next time.  But it was the kind of fun I'd like to repeat.       

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friends for Dinner

House is clean, pillows are fluffed, kitchen is mopped.  I'm looking forward to entertaining some friends tonight.  Haven't done that in awhile but now I'm relaxed in my "QUIT"ment phase.  Inviting friends over for dinner has an added bonus...some extra cleaning gets done.  It's always needed, so I'm fine with that.  The mop is propped in the closet, the Comet is in the cabinet, the Swiffer is stored. Think I'll catch some Swing Time.  No napping though, not sleepy, just to sit awhile.

They have a dog  - we're cat people.  Bet our two katz will be hiding - they know when they're not loved.

We received our Passport America campground catalog in the mail today.  Sweetz is looking at the Florida ones and grumbling about the restrictions: one night, must stay 3 nights, not valid until May, extra fee for wifi, no waterfront spots, etc. Oh my, is this membership going to be beneficial?

OK, Swing Time, then it will be time to warm up the spaghetti sauce.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Fever

The weather has been so pretty this week.  So much warmer from those frigid winter temps we experienced.  There's no sun yet this morning, but I'm hopeful it will come.  We have some blue skies but guess a bit of cloud cover has to dissipate first. 

Sweetz started tilling our garden yesterday, but had a problem with the tiller after a few minutes so he stopped to check it out.  Seems we need a new belt(s), so he grabbed the manual and off he went to get another one.  He went to two places before he was able to get some help.  They didn't have this particular belt in stock, but would order it.  OK, so it'll come in a few days and he'll be anxious to get outdoors to complete his spring tilling job before the rain comes.  Right now the soil is dry, perfect for tilling.  But he'll have to exercise some patience to wait for the belt to arrive.  Yep, he's being quite patient, and finding other things to do while he waits.

He fixed another HUGE breakfast this morning.  He has gotten so he loves a big breakfast.  Me?  Well, give me a few animal crackers and a glass of tea and I'm fine.  Well, I ate most of my serving and it was delicious.  But I'm not sure I will need anything else to eat the rest of the day. 

Ahhhh, the sun is trying to come out.  I feel blessed.  Spring is my favorite season - a new beginning, freshness explodes, life returns, buds pop out.  My neighbor is sweeping her driveway - it's good to see her outside, one of her favorite places to be. 

I am extremely overwhelmed with the troubles in the mid-east nations.There is so much unrest in these countries and the discontent is spreading to other countries.  Seems interesting that other countries apparently are feeding off the unrest.  And in our own country - specifically Madison, Wisconsin - right now is experiencing their own unrest.  The union members are protesting since they don't think it's fair that they contribute a portion into their own retirement plan like the rest of Americans do.  The honey wagon is about to get parked and no one wants to do their part to keep it going for all involved.  I hope cool heads return to all nations, but I'm afraid it's the sign of things to come. 

On a calmer note, my piano is tuned beautifully and playing it is a pleasure.  Mr. Tune N. Fork did a superb job and I will definitely get him the next time a tuning is needed.  Spring weather, a tuned piano, a full tummy. I'll try to dwell on the better parts of this day.  A friend, John, is having surgery today for colon cancer.  My prayers and thoughts are with him today and in the days to come.    


Monday, February 14, 2011

Ping ping

Nope, not ping pong.  It's the piano tuner.  Octave to octave, note to note, sound to sound.  Comparisons, adjustments, ping ping again.  Could get aggravating after a certain length of time, but each time it improves.  And hopefully my playing will sound better long after he's gone.  I shouldn't wait so long between tunings.  When will I ever learn?

Can't believe the lovely weather we are having today. WOW! Thermometer is reading 68* and it's sunny and a bit breezy!!  Not a good idea to have a fire in the fire pit tonight.  I could get used to this kind of weather!  Maybe I'll order this same weather for tomorrow.  You think God will grant my wish?  He said He'd give us the desires of our heart...

We've had some bad news for the past few days.  Deaths, sicknesses, disappointments, losses.  Lauren lost her battle against leukemia on Sunday morning.  That has to be such a terrible loss for the family.  Our prayers continue for the family to help them through this terrible time.  A cousin just got out of surgery, praying he receives positive results.  A friend will have surgery for colon cancer the end of the week.  Several others we know have had recent illnesses, surgeries, losses.  A sad time for many. 

I had a large package of ground chuck so decided this morning was a good day to cook it up.  I made two meatloaves and a huge pot of spaghetti sauce.  The kitchen smells great and my tummy is beginning to crave one of them to eat.  I put the two meatloaves in the freezer.  We'll eat the spaghetti for supper, I guess - although Sweetz has suggested we eat out.  That would really have to be extra delicious to be as good or better than my spaghetti.  But I wouldn't have to clean up the kitchen afterwards.  I'll think about it.  In the meantime, I'll listen to ping ping...pong ping...Pong Ping.

It's Valentine's Day.  We exchanged a few things.  I got jewelry and candy, a car wash/wax, and dinner out. He got 3 books. Luv ya, Sweetz.    

Friday, February 11, 2011

Two Saturdays?

It seemed like Saturday all day today, but today is a Friday.  Strange how that happens sometimes. So, tomorrow is Saturday but will that make two Saturdays this week? 

I called mom to chat a bit this morning.  She was in a good mood and we talked awhile and then decided to head out for a couple of errands.  I took her here and there then ended up at her house to see some pictures my brother sent of their Christmas in FL trip. It looks like they had a great time.

She loaned me two books to read.  Wow, now I'm flooded with books.  My library books are due in a week.  How will I ever get all these read?  Think I can read the library books first and then take them back then start the two she gave me? I would read some tonight but I'm not sure I can keep my eyes open since all they want to do is close.  Might be time to squeeze in a short snooze. 

I wanted to walk today but didn't exactly get that in since mom mostly wanted to sit.  She's having a bit of a soreness in her left leg and prefers to sit than limp.  Hope she gets that back under control soon as I know it bothers her to not be able to walk.  But Sweetz said he'd walk with me.  Tomorrow is predicted to be a warmer day so hopefully I can get out and about either around the neighborhood or on a local trail.  Yep, with my camera.  I took it with me today but didn't see anything worthy of taking the time to remove the lens cap.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day for snapping pictures.  No rain, plenty of sun, warmer temps.  

Another day of watching Egyptian maneuvers.  Mubarak is out, military is filling in.  What will happen now? Will the people finally have democracy with a new leader or be under the rule of a radical group?  Time will tell.  That entire region will continue to be
scrutinized and analyzed by the rest of the world.  Events seem to be rushing headlong into a dizzying speed of change. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Quest of the Perfect Valentine's Gift

Today I bought three books for a Valentine Day gift to my Sweetz at Barnes and Noble Bookstore.  I didn't buy any wrapping paper, but do have a nice red bag from last year which will can be recycled.  And it should be fine for another year if we take care of it.

While I was out and about, I got some errands done, bought some valentines. I added a note and addressed it while I was sitting in the parking lot then walked in the PO and mailed it to my brother and SIL. Tried to make one last night but the old desk top computer the Hallmark card program is loaded on just didn't want to cooperate.  It's way past time to replace the computer since about its only worth is holding the wireless modem.  If I buy another laptop, maybe Sweetz would be interested in using it.  HAHA 

Sweetz fixed a nice breakfast for me again this morning.  Ummm, maybe these will be my Valentine gift this year.  Can't complain when they are this good!

We had a dusting of snow this morning, but it was gone by noon!  That's the kind of snowfall I like best.  It was pretty warm today for a Feb so maybe spring is teasing me.  Those books will be just the thing to study for some future trips.  Then before we know it, spring will be here, we can remove the RV cover, and head out down the road.  OK, that's the plan...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let Me Get Organized

The forsythia twigs that I cut a week or so ago to force is in full bloom.

Well, I actually have two containers of them so I can enjoy them in two different areas of the house.  Yippppee.  I have PROOF: spring is coming!!!  The weatherman is predicting we will get some snow tonight.  I'm just not going to believe it.  Just looked outside.  NO SN*W.  It's cold enough though.  Hope we get lucky and it moves around us.  I really shouldn't mind, but I'm just tired of snow.  Actually, to be truthful, I'm tired of WINTER.  I lived in New Jersey for 7 years.  Worst years of my life - snow, snow, freezing weather, snow, ice, snow, cold, snow, sleet, cold.  I could go on, but you get the gist.

Our son called tonight.  Sure do enjoy chatting with him.  I think we did a GREAT job raising a son.  Sure am proud of him!  He's the organized accountant type so I enjoyed telling him I created a spreadsheet organized in color for our tax man and another one for camping trip expenses.  Yep, he was smiling, I could hear it right through the phone. 

My SIL sent two pictures of her and my brother with one of my first cousins and hubby that they visited on their travels to FL over Christmas vacation.  Linda also included aValentine she made.  She's so talented - and organized.  Oooops, that reminds me: I need to get a card ready to mail to them tomorrow.  Well, I made the two grandsons' cards which were mailed today, tucked a bit of money inside so they can feel RICH.

Since the plumbers flubbed the under-the-sink leak yesterday, they came back today and completed the job.  Hope it works this time.   

My piano is in desperate need of a tuning or as the tech calls it: a tone raising. I postponed the job too many years and now I have to schedule him for a double whammy job which, of course, will include a double whammy of a charge. He's coming Monday so I get to hear ping/PING ping/PING for over an hour.  Maybe I can read quietly during all that pinging but I know he won't appreciate me watching TV or listening to the radio. I usually schedule him in the fall and I generally go outside on the porch so I won't bother him. But don't think I can wait till warm weather.  Maybe I can get organized with that chore, like putting a reminder on my calendar so I won't put it off next time. 

Sweetz went to the tax man today to get our taxes filed.  Lots of paperwork but it's done for another year.  We've learned how much easier this job is when we keep our records organized throughout the year. 

I finally figured out a gift to give Sweetz for Valentine's Day.  He loves that program about the survivor man.  Well, saw on TV this morning that Les has written a book.  Bet Sweetz would like to read it.  Also, B&N has some RV'ing books too.  Now, the question is whether our nearest store has these books in stock.  Don't have time to order them since I waited so late to determine a suitable gift for him.  I have an appt to get my hair cut tomorrow, but the shop is the opposite direction.  Well, guess I could swing back around and go - well, do I have a choice???  Not unless I figure out something else to buy.  Oh, yeah, I checked with Walmart and found our local store doesn't carry that book.  Now, wouldn't it be awesome if it was there...but oh, to be more organized... 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hard Hat Areas

We woke to a wet cabinet under the kitchen sink.  While Sweetz dried up the water, I called our favorite plumber.  They came in a bit and "fixed" the leak...supposedly. I walked in the kitchen about 7pm only to quickly notice cold wet socks and took a sneak peek under the cabinet again.  Goodness, water is dripping from the plumber's new connection!  We dried up the water and now have a plastic container under the connection to catch the drips.  Sweetz suggested he turn the water off under the cabinet.  Ummm, might be a good idea.  Needless to say, the plumbers will get another call in the morning.  We have an appt with the tax man in the morning, so we'll have to schedule the plumber guys around the original appt or else one of us will remain home. 

This evening, I noticed a black and white woodpecker sitting on the mat outside our kitchen door.  As I got close, I noticed he was holding his wings out from his body and blinking his eyes a lot but barely moving. 

He didn't seem frightened that I was that close to him.  I talked to him a bit and then decided a picture was needed.  I snapped a few pictures and then called Sweetz to see our little visitor.  Before he came upstairs, a neighbor's tom cat decided to check out the bird but I shooed the cat away and the bird didn't budge an inch.  All remained fine until one of our cats arrived on the porch to check out the bird.  This time the cat didn't obey my shooing motions so the bird, within an inch of his life, finally flew off the porch to a nearby tree trunk.  Whew, safe - just in the nic of time! He stayed there for about 15 min. after which I didn't see again, so hopefully he regained his eyesight and is once again flying safely.

Birds are forever banging into our house or the windows after leaving the bird feeders.  I'm thinking of printing a sign --

Caution: House Is Closer Than It Appears

Or maybe

 Danger: Hard Hat Area

In yesterday's blog, I wrote that one of my friends was given an early Valentine gift from her husband, a red Miata.  I got a quick shot of her driving away from Lone Star although it was way after dark and this isn't a great picture.  Won't she be stylin' driving that shiny red car to work!

I saw my exercise ball the other night flattened up and stored on a shelf and decided to pump it up.  There's a little foot pump that came with it so while I tried to reply to emails, I pumped. Was kinda like rubbing your tummy and patting your nose at the same time.

I've been trying to balance on it and do a few simple exercises that I remember from a couple of years ago.  There's a little booklet that details lots of exercises...but that would mean I'd have to go get it...and USE it.  For now...I'll try to balance my geezer body on it longer than six seconds.  Gee Haw!
 I might need my own hard hat though.

Monday, February 7, 2011


There's a little girl who lives around here who is really sick.  She has had some good days, but right now is in critical condition and many prayers are being said for her.  I've known her Nana for 15 years when we met at work.  A wonderful lady who I respect highly.  She's a nurse and I know she must be having a hard time knowing she can do so little. 

I remember when she came in my office with pictures of Lauren after she was born.  How proud she was of her grandchild! Then a few weeks later, she brought little Lauren in to visit me in person.  What a darling baby all wrapped in pink blankets.  Then over the years I watched her grow into a cute little girl as Nana brought her as well as her two sisters in to visit.  We don't know why things like this happen, but I can only trust God for His care of little Lauren.  And pray for healing.

11pm:  Got back home a bit ago after having dinner with two of my friends.  It was great to sit and chat leisurely over a delicious dinner at Lone Star.  One of them had a surprise this afternoon:  A little red sports car was parked in the garage as a gift from her husband.  Now, I'd say that was a nice Valentine gift! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dreary Saturday

We woke to dreary skies and misting weather.  The cold air went deep to the bones it seemed.  Yeah yeah - I'm harping on winter again.  But I'm not a winter person so hopefully spring will come soon and I'll be happy again.

Sweetz and I were both sitting on the bored side of the fence today so we looked outside checking out the weather.  AND what did we see?  Well, there were two does and a fawn in our backyard behind our garden fencing.  I grabbed my camera and caught them together a few times.  I've cropped the picture to get a little better view.  

After they left our yard, they wandered over to mom's property so I called her to let her know and she watched them from her bedroom window.  She was heading out to have lunch with a friend.  See, even my mom is having more fun that me.  Something had to be planned - and fast! So Sweetz and I decided to run out for awhile to see what we could find interesting. 

We ended up at Pizza Hut for a late lunch and then picked up a few things at a couple of stores.  

Afterwards, he even drove around a bit to keep me happy.  Life is sometimes wrapped in small pleasures.  

We discussed a possible alternate spring camping trip - maybe to Florida.  That sounds better than hanging at home until the economy recovers or speculating about future gas prices.  We found a bus tour to the west in the late summer/early fall that sounds like a possibility, so we're thinking of doing that too.  Sweetz is checking out the atlas so think I'll go see if it's in the southern direction.  And I just saw my exercise ball - I think I'll pump it up and see if I can remember any of the exercises I used to do.  Yep, still bored.  How long is it til spring???? 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend at her cousin's new diner.  We were sitting there chatting over our sandwiches and potato soup when a lady walked in and asked us where a certain business was.  She chatted a bit and then went to the counter to order her lunch. She returned to ask if she could join us.  Of course, we agreed.  The three of us had a wonderful time chatting.  My friend had to leave for a previous engagement and I stayed with "Flo" while we talked for over an hour more.  I hope at some time our paths cross again.

On my drive home this was one of the scenes of a dreary February day.  Hopefully, this will green up soon and show signs of life once again.

Tuesday, my brother had cataract surgery.  Yesterday, the doc took his patch off.  He said he couldn't believe the fabulous eyesight he now had in that eye.  I'm sure he's getting anxious to get back on the golf course. 

Egypt and the Middle East are still in turmoil and it's growing each day.  It's sad to see citizens turn against their fellow citizens. 
Mom wants to go to Sam's today to stock up on a few staples.  We'll get some lunch somewhere while we're out. Guess I need to get ready before she rolls her eyes when she sees me still hunkered in front of the laptop.  Would be nice to have warm weather for our day of shopping, but at least we have no snow on the ground or in the air. 

9:35pm:  Mom and I went to Danville today, had lunch at Lone Star and shopped for a few staples at Sams.  We had a nice day although it was cold and windy.  I took my camera but forgot to put the memory card back in.  Duh.

My brother emailed to tell me thanks for the "feet" cookies which arrived at his house today.  He was really surprised and impressed. I was glad I chose them instead of flowers or a plant.  I'm just thankful his cataract surgery was sucessful.  

I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies tonight.  Talk about delicious!  Every cookie was about the same size and color. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Eye Equals Several Feet

My brother was scheduled for cataract surgery this morning.  I just checked in with him and everything went well.  He has a patch over his eye and is comfortable.  He's an avid golfer so he's anxious to again hit the little white ball.  He will get his patch off tomorrow morning and I'm sure the first question he will ask the eye doc will be regarding the timing of his next game.  I ordered him something from  No, not flowers, but they have other stuff too. My get well gift will be cookies in the shape of a foot with happy faces and one cookie that says something like "hope you're soon back on your feet".  I thought they were adorable, and hope he appreciates my thought. Of course, the total is about double the price listed after they add the shipping, care & handling, tax, etc.  But we only have two eyes and maybe the ol' guy will smile. 

It seems colder than the thermometer registers today.  I keep wanting to turn up the heat to get warm.  Unbelievable how chilly it is today - a real raw cold.  But I'll take what we have as compared to the northern states who are to get slammed once again with a winter snow storm.  Everyone will be laughing even more about "global warming" as they shovel their driveways once again.  Even Dallas received snow and DFW airport is closed!  

From the news, it doesn't seem that the turmoil in Egypt is any better. Actually, today (or yesterday as I believe their day is over now) was the million man demonstration.  From the aerial views, Liberty Square seemed packed with people.  I hope the country will return to stability soon for all concerned.

I finished the painting of the door frames and trim today in the hallway.  The glossy white turned out clean and crisp.  BUT, it shows up the wall in need of repainting.  But the hallway continues around the corner to the dining area and the living room and the stairs, so once I start that, it will be an enormous winding job all the way downstairs.  I don't think spending a year or so trying to determine a perfect color would be rushing that job...