Monday, January 31, 2011

Raspberry Cake and White Woodwork

Following our supper tonight, Sweetz remembered a cake in the freezer.  How timely!!  Soooooo, we sliced a bit for dessert.  Yum.  It is a raspberry cake made by Sweet Surrender - and as their business card states: "Specializing in Handmade Pastry & Cupcakes".  Wow, really good.  I went to a craft bazaar before Christmas and bought a variety of these to keep in the freezer for future dinners.  Believe me, they taste as good as they look.  

I painted some trim in our upstairs hallway today.  Since I was getting tired, it was time to stop when two doors were complete. And this required about two hours.  I'm not a fast painter, but so far, hopefully a pretty decent one. There are two remaining doors.  Since Sweetz, in one of his "helpful moments" threw my paint cans away, I don't have that custom paint color.  Sooooo, I decided to paint the trim a dazzling glossy white.  It's pretty, but ever so boring.  When I was checking the remaining leftover paint cans today, I THINK I found a little paint for the hallway walls.  Yes, it's a custom color too.  But hopefully there is enough for touch up of a few places.  The next time touch up painting is required, it'll require repainting the walls.  Oh, yippee!  Can hardly wait! The good news is that there's a possibility of a stronger wall color to contrast with the glossy white trim.

The insurrection situation across the globe is quite troublesome.  So many countries with turmoil within their borders.  I was talking to Sweetz during supper and mentioned I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get to go on our trip west.  Might as well face the possibility that the price of gas coupled with our country's economic situation may hamper any extensive travel.  Maybe we should put that plan on hold.  That's not a reassuring thought for us right now, but might as well face the possibility from a realistic standpoint.  Then, if it works out, we can smile.  In the meantime, I can look at pictures. And eat cake.  

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pseudospring Day

It certainly was a pretty day, one that ALMOST could put me in a spring mood.  But I know better than to trust the January thaw days, only to be hit across the head with another arctic blast. 

Today, I remembered my friend, Jean, in NJ, snips early branches of forsythia to force to bloom indoors, so I traipsed outdoors through the wet slushy yard in my bedroom shoes to snip a few long branches.  It might be too early, but if so, then I'll snip a few more.  They will be so pretty when they release a hint of spring indoors. 

When I quit my job last May, the Nursing Team gave me money.  All this time, I couldn't think of anything to spend it on.  But today in a jewelry store....I saw a beautiful silver, gold, and diamond necklace.  It had my name written all over it ... so today it's mine.  Might wear it to church tomorrow.

Mom and I went to Sagebrush for lunch today before we ran errands.  I had terriyaki chicken which was fixed to perfection.  Yum.  

And Leslie was an excellent waitress who moved even further up the scale when she presented us with a coupon for some $$ off our next meal. Sure, we'll go back. 


Friday, January 28, 2011

Wishes For Peace

Wow, had a massive migraine headache yesterday.  At least since I stopped working, they arrive less frequently, but was hoping they would stop completely, but guess not...maybe one day.  Most of the day I spent in a dark bedroom with a pillow over my head.  I didn't take any meds for a long time, just trying to do it on my own, but that didn't work.  But I only took Advil Migraine medicine, and not my prescription pills.  One of those Rx ones would have knocked it out, but really hate to take one unless I can't do it on my own or with OTC pills. Hope it goes away completely today.  At least today I can focus my eyes. That "lightshow" is very disruptive since I can't focus on anything to read or even watch TV.  Then about an hour later, the lights cease and the pain begins. UGH. 

We had a sunny day yesterday but I couldn't stand the light, so all the curtains and drapes and miniblinds were tightly shut.  Today was predicted to be sunny too, but at the present time the sky is still overcast.  It's 37* and supposed to go up into the low 50s.  Sounds promising. 

Mom wants me to take her around a few places and grab lunch while we're out. I only have 75 pp left to read in the last book.  Would be nice if I could exchange my books at the library if I get out today. Hope I can do it in a couple of hours. 

This winter has really been a bummer, long and dreary.  I can't remember ever wanting to see spring more than I have this year.  Sweetz has been trying to convince me that taking the car to points west would be the best choice.  I'm softening. 

I didn't get out today so mom will have to run her errands alone or wait until tomorrow.  I also didn't read, but had fun in other ways around the house, especially a lot of emailing and online reading.  The temp went to 52* while I took a nap, and the skies actually opened up to be quite sunny.  My nap wasn't all that long, but it was refreshing behind my closed drapes and the headache appears to be gone.

We've watched the rolling cable news today of the unrest in Egypt.  I don't know the history of that country very well, but it is unsettling to see the protests and unrest in that area.  President Mubarak just spoke from his country and said he would step down and appoint another government.  I hope peace and stability will return to that area soon.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Flexibility

It was pretty falling, but there's no accumulation.  The air temp was above freezing, it started as rain, and then turned to snow, but the ground was too wet for it to stick.  Thank you, Lord.  I need nor want anymore snow. 

The thermometer is reading about 39*.  Too warm for the snow to stick.  

Hard to see the snow, but there's a bit between the camera and the oak tree trunk.

Sweetz and I talked a long time tonight about our planned western trip.  He eventually admitted he didn't want to take the RV b/c of several probabilities.  DRAT.  I'm not happy.  We looked at bus tours and even weighed the option of driving our car which allows more flexibility.  Drat drat drat  We have more to think and talk about. Right now, I'm down, I'm disappointed.  No smiles here.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Day Trip to Winston-Salem

Sweetz and I went to Winston-Salem for the day. It sprinkled for a few minutes just as we passed the downtown cityscape. 

He had to meet a couple of people so I went along for the ride.  We spent some of our together time talking about our western trip.  I noticed he's concerned how the rising gas prices might affect our plans.  We might have to shorten the time, the distance, or change the mode.  Things will work out but first I'll spend a bit more time comparing Plan A with B and C.

We had lunch at Little Richard's BBQ restaurant. 

It was rustic and everyone was so friendly.  They also served the best BBQ I think I've ever eaten.  I'd love to go back if we're ever in that area. 

As we were driving along a street, I captured a picture
of a walking Statue of Liberty. 

You never know what you'll see in a city.

Or maybe this is the norm - and we just need to get out more...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mops and Brooms and Dust Pans

It's a weekend - but did I notice?  hehe.  Not really.  One day generally fades into another, although I do prefer to stay home on Saturdays in order to allow the worker bees time to run their errands and get off the road.  They usually have only the weekend to get everything done, so I relax at home and let them own the roads.  Monday I can wander the roads once again. 

I see on the weather forecast that mid week we could have another wintry advisory.  Oh yeah, better get to the library and get another batch of reading material to hold me through any white accumulation.  And bad weather could merit some time stirring a soup pot. 

Today I did some housecleaning.  Since it's just Sweetz and myself living here, things stay fairly clean but today was the day to clean the the bathrooms, dust, and damp mop the hardwood floors.  Yippee, with those jobs done, it was time to play - the piano, that is.

I made a delicious supper - ham and provolone pininni.  I threw in some tomatoes, sliced olives, onion bits, tomato slices, and Dijon mustard.  In less time that it takes to type about it, they were done to their golden goodness - with the help of George F that is.  With a few chips on the side, it was a great way to end the eating frenzy for the day.  The kitchen is again clean and I'm on my own for a few hours.

Time to read.  I started another book today - my second novel by David Baldacci.  This one takes place in Wash DC and Northern VA.  Since I lived there a while back, reading about the government buildings and the structures in that city, it grabbed my attention real fast. After all, that's where the Mr. and I met, dated, and got married.  Yep, right there on the same streets that the action takes place in this novel.  Small world.  

One of our orchid plants is blooming in the kitchen window.  Sure does make that section of the house perky.  Just wish the outside was just as nice.  But spring will come, soon I hope.  In the meantime, I'll read and dream of green grass and graceful blooming branches of forsythia.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gramma's Skillet Wisdom

Today was sunny but cooooooold and windy.  Mom and I went to Sagebrush to eat lunch.  There was a neat Valentine display in the front counter. Even red hearts on the bottom shelf formed with two of their red cloth napkins.

The food and the service were exceptional.  We sat leisurely in a comfy booth and talked about this and that and the past and the present and the future. 

She talked alot about her future, but I told her I would be with her.  She spoke of families where the children put the elderly parent in a home, quickly sell the house and belongings and don't visit the parent.  Reassured her once again that that would NOT happen.  My brother and I will see to that.  He lives about 5 hours away, but I'm convinced he will do all he can.  Mom is healthy so far, just turned 89, but who knows what the future holds.  We can only take one day at a time and do our best.  She will have my best.

We went in some shops downtown (funny name for our 2-block "downtown") and browsed.  She found a chair and waited for me when she got tired.  Since I worked with my hot glue gun yesterday and didn't have a holder for it, the gun slipped on the floor twice, into my lap once, and burned numerous holes in the styrofoam take-out container I used on the table.  Well, decided I needed a heat-proof dish so I found one at an antique shop today - for a buck. Also found an 8" round Lodge cast iron skillet for a few bucks that just needed a good cleaning and seasoning. 

When I got home I cleaned up the dish I will use for the hot glue gun and went to see if it was a good fit.  Yep, it will be fine until I can buy a holder at a craft store (not one in our tiny town).  For a buck it will do fine in a pinch.  In fact, it may do so well, I may never get a holder for the glue gun.  Maybe I'll put that on my birthday wish list.  Along with a gizmo that is used in a car to charge up tech items - which will be useful when we travel in our RV.  Heard from a friend that they are sold at Radio Shack.  Now, we do have a RS in our little town.  

I cleaned the cast iron skillet the way Gramma M taught me (oil, sea salt, and paper towels) and it's seasoning in oil in the oven even as I write this. In fact, I'm reseasoning my square skillet at the same time.  Now, I'm on the lookout for a larger skillet. At these prices, I'll get a used one - you can't beat how they cook.  I can just see Gramma smiling through the clouds at me right now as I remember her warning: water is the enemy of a cast iron skillet.  Yes, Gramma, I remember but sometimes do it anyway.  But it doesn't pay. Hopefully, I've learned my lesson.  I'll use oil and salt from now on.  Wisdom comes with age and lots of roads traveled. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011


A few weeks ago, right after the Christmas holidays, I made a snowflake wreath for the front door.  Thought it would scare away all the snowflakes...but it didn't work.  We've had more than our usual amount of snow this winter - and it's only January 20. 

I decided to change my strategy. 
Today I made a fabric flower wreath to hang on the front door.
Saw this idea on a craft website a few days ago.
If the snowflake wreath invited snowflakes, surely this new wreath will invite flowers. 

Well, it's worth a try.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's My Turn Again

This morning Sweetz and I headed up the road to meet the Florida citrus truck.  Not much to interest us on the truck today plus we nearly flipped when we saw the prices.  Nope, don't care for fruit enough to pay those prices.  The fruit was only sold in 3/4 bushel boxes and we couldn't understand why they didn't sell some in a bag containing maybe a dozen. 

We drove around a bit and discussed different things that had happened here and there during our lives in this area. We ate lunch at a local diner, then ended the afternoon - where else? -Wal-Mart.  And no, we didn't buy any citrus fruit.  Actually, the fridge fruit drawer is stuffed to the gills as it is.

Today UPS delivered a new modem from our internet provider.  They wrote about a week ago that it was time for a new one, didn't seem like it has been that long that we replaced it, but I'll hook it up one day soon. 

Sweetz heated up the rest of the spaghetti he made the other day and we finished it off along with some toasted Italian bread slices.  Yum, made a delicious meal.  Guess it looks like I will have to be the chef du jour tomorrow.  He made veggie/beef soup then spaghetti, so now it's my turn.  There's a ham in the fridge so that will probably be my pivot point. 

I'm trying my hand at making a wreath from an idea I saw on a crafting blog the other day.  I bought a wreath and have covered it with torn strips of fabric.  Next, I'll see if I can make a few fabric flowers to hot glue in bunches on it. Then tuck in a bow. Wonder if mine will look as good at the one I saw online?

I've begun another book.  This one is the first one I've ever read by Dean Koontz, named The Husband.  Wow, a man's wife has been kidnapped and they are demanding a cool $2M in two days.  He doesn't have much money so where will he get that kind of cash!  Excuse me, but I need to get back to see if I can help Mitch figure out a strategy to save his wife. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Day Around Town

Whoopee, it was good to get out of the house today.  Friends warned me about black ice but it had melted by the time mom and I headed out about 11am.  Sweetz fixed another big breakfast early this morning.  Wow, I could get spoiled at this rate. 

Mom's getting over a cold and doing so much better so we decided it was a great day (although the weather wasn't great) to jump in the car and find something interesting to do.  The snow was just about gone in front of her house today.  


First stop: lunch at a Japanese restaurant.  I love their hibachi meals, but tend to enjoy their white sauce a bit too much.  I'm sure it's full of unhealthy ingredients. So, why can't I leave it alone?  I chose both the soup as my side and hot tea to keep me warm.  The other side choice is salad but I'll choose that when the weather is warmer.  

After a leisurely lunch, we made a couple of stops and I was able to cross a few things off my list.  We ended up at Dollar Tree and I got a few things that will put my life in the pink (Valentine pink, that is).

No day out is complete without driving around a bit and seeing how things are in other areas of the county.  The drive didn't provide me with anything interesting to take a picture of unfortunately.  Old buildings seemed to be the item of the day.  Nothing pretty there that grabbed my eye.  I did notice that many homeowners seemed to have messy yards with junk scattered around.  Surely that will be cleaned up when spring arrives. Let's hope.  I drove to an area where my husband used to work many moons ago - although I couldn't tell which building had housed the office.  The area has really changed.  

Both Sweetz and I are getting anxious for our extended trip.  The winter has drug along about as slowly as it possibly could.  Other areas of our country are calling our name.  Hitch itch has bitten.  Maps, websites, and RV blogs are what keep us focused as our pull-out date inches closer. 

We have made some lists of possible campgrounds, sites to see, and possible routes to get us west and back. We have a list of things to do in preparation both for an extended time away from the house and also in the RV.  I have a couple of boxes of things I always bring in the house for the winter and they ready to go back in the RV to their respective storage areas as soon as the weather breaks. Most of the remainder of the items on the lists can't be completed until the time is closer.  I bought a blank journal today to jot daily snippets of our thoughts, plans, and experiences during our travels.  Of course, I'll have a camera to capture scenes along our travels.  About all we need now is warm weather and reasonable gas price$.  In the meantime, I will see how many more library books I can read in order to keep my mind occupied for another month or so.  Time drags on...but I can click off each day by looking at my 2011 calendar printed with my very own pictures.  Hopefully, next year's calendar will include western US pictures.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Driving Some Country Back Roads

Today, Sweetz and I went to the church our friends attend. 

We hadn't told them so it was a nice surprise.  We enjoyed the music and the sermon was inspiring. 

For lunch we all headed down some country back roads to get to Greensboro and ate at K&W Cafeteria.

Yummmy, it was all delicious.  Since Sweetz doesn't favor lima beans nor sweet potato anything, it was my thrill that tiny baby limas were on the vegetable line today.  And what did my eyes lock on after I ordered that? ...yam souffle.  Wow, both in the same meal!  I ate every bite and they were both delicious.  I couldn't have made them any better if I tried all day.  

We sat around and talked till after 3pm - so we really made a day of it.  It's always nice to join friends whenever we can.  When a great meal is combined with some table chat, then it's memorable. 

I got on FB this evening and chatted with a friend for awhile.  Seems I've done my fair share of chatting today.  She was telling me about a truck that comes to our area and sells citrus fruit from Florida.  They will be in our town the 19th, so I put that on my calendar.  It will be great to have a bag of tangerines and oranges to munch on these
cold winter days.
Never heard of honey bells, but since she recommended them,
 I'll get some of those too.

My latest book is another Danielle Steel novel.  This one is good, so I think I'll close this and find my reading glasses and a comfy chair to see what Jeremiah is doing.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mostly White Things

I ate the last few pieces of popcorn that were in the metal can we got for Christmas.  My two favorite kinds (caramel and cheese) were gone.  All that was left was the plain - and that was only a few pieces scrounged from the bottom.  Think I'll spread out the rest of the broken tidbits on the porch for the little birdies tomorrow. 

I hung some snowflakes in front of a window to enjoy their lazy twisting.  January offers so little entertainment.

Out for a drive I noticed this mom with her newborn calf cradled in the fog

 And these two horses were grazing in a field while wrapped cozily in their winter coats.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoveling Job

Oh my, do I have some sore muscles!  I ache from head to toe.  No, it's not the flu, it's PTSS:  post traumatic shoveling syndrome.  I saw mom's driveway hadn't melted away like I had hoped.  She is sick with bad cold so she wasn't going out.  I did a bit of math and decided I could probably time her driveway to clear itself by the time she wanted/needed to venture out.  Nope, didn't work that way.  

Mom was invited out to lunch today and accepted!!  Really, you say?  Yep, she should have stayed in, but she away she went anyway. Not sure how many people have been blessed with her free germ giveaway.  

She was picked up - so while she was gone I spent 2 hours shoveling her drive.  At least the driveway was nice and clear when they returned.  And me?  I was huffing and puffing at home on my sofa, hoping I would live to see the sun set.  I'm in need of a couple of Advil or some such but since I try to leave the pill bottles alone, I will see if I can outlast the aches. 

But aren't I just the best daughter?  At least I should die with no regrets.  I nearly slipped 3 times, so it wasn't a perfect job like I prefer, but decided to quit before I broke a bone.  Oh, and I sprayed WD40 on my shovel blade so snow/ice slides right off the blade.  Guess I got my cardio workout today!    

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Readin', Ridin', and Refreshments

I finished the book I was reading, jumped in the shower, and off I went to the library while the sun was shining to check out a few more.  These should help carry me through some cold winter days.  The books were due today plus the beautiful sunny day pulled me out and about for awhile.  I intended to run a few errands. 

At the library I ran into an old friend I used to work with 15 plus years ago.  She was a nursing supervisor and always so nice.  We chatted awhile and caught up with what we were both doing now.  She's still working and I...well, I QUIT.  I'm sure she didn't miss the grin wrapped across my face. 

Then on to the second stop: a BBQ diner for a quick tray.  As I stepped inside to look for a booth where I could read, a couple I used to know flagged me down and invited me to sit with them.  The next two hours blew by in a flash.  It's great to see old friends and chat awhile.

About a mile away from our house, there's a family farm which always captivates me when I pass.  At one point after we moved here, the owners grew and sold corn and other vegetables to the public.  Then they tried strawberries.  Ahhh, it was so accessible living this close to some of the county's choice strawberries.  Big beautiful bounty of clean luscious strawberries.  But as I drove by one crisp fall day, a tractor was plowing the strawberry plants under.  I eventually located other area farms but I still fondly remember this one.  Especially today. 

I drove out of my way just to see the area before heading home.  The late afternoon lighting wasn't the best but the scene, as usual, caught my attention.  Going the opposite direction allows a more picturesque view of the farm including several barns and other buildings.  But this is the view that was most accessible to me from the driver's window.  It's on a curve and not an practical place to stop dead in the road to take a picture - but I did.  Because a picture HAD to be taken. Today was that day. And no car ran into me.  Whew! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Captivating Reading

What a nice day!  One of those when you know things are going ok and you're in your comfort zone.  And for me in this phase, that means it's pretty much whatever I want to do.  So, I cooked, I washed dishes (yes those can be comfortable as long as they are experienced in small snippets), a bit of this and some of that, a few phone calls, a few emails, a few chapters, and a bit of TV news. 

We ended up getting approximately 2 inches of snow, topped with a glazing of ice.  Not bad when compared to higher amounts in other areas, some which seldom even have amounts sufficient to measure.  Our roads are plowed and with the sun tomorrow, I'll be able to get out and head to the library to return my books.  The library was closed today, but guess they will be open tomorrow, their due date. 

I've read four of six library books (read a chapter in the fifth one that wasn't worth the effort of turning another page - which author should be fined and never allowed to hold another pencil) and am now in the sixth one which I saved till last.  Great book by David Baldacci.  It begins with a rendition of sex, power, and gruesome murder while the remainder of the book winds its way around The White House, powerful legal corporations, law enforcement, comfortable billionaires, and the search for truth.  This book reminds me of John Grisham's The Client. Non-stop suspense as I try to outwit the events.  The book is due back at the library tomorrow so I still have over a 100 pages to read tonight and in the morning.  That shouldn't be difficult since the book continually draws me.  The house is relatively quiet, the katz are snoozing, and MainMan is hunkered down in front of a computer hunting game. Time for me to continue on to chapter twenty-two.   

Monday, January 10, 2011


We are predicted to have snow today.  It's definitely cold enough.  And the sky is overcast in gray colors.  I understand there's snow south of us but we are snowless for now.  Mr. Weatherman warns us that it will start any minute.  Yep, got our snow shovel ready and hoping that will keep the snow away.  If it snows after all my hope-it-doesn'ts, maybe we will make a snowman tomorrow.  In the meantime, I have a great book and the house is warm. 

It started snowing this afternoon but I didn't pay much attention to it until about 4pm.  It was then that I noticed two sheriff's patrol cars, the fire marshall, and the EMS ambulance across the street. The officers and techs were in and out the house but no one seemed to be in crisis mode.  Many spent time talking to each other or on their cellphones on the front porch enunciating their side of the conversation with paperwork bouncing up and down in their hands.  About 6pm the EMS techs were noticed all around the ambulance which they had pulled up next to the house.  People were noticed moving around the rear of the ambulance so I'm assuming someone was put in the back.  Doors were slammed and within minutes they backed out of the driveway.  All this was happening after it was dark so I couldn't see much.  So much for the excitement on a snowy afternoon and evening.  We have maybe an inch of snow at this point.  And that's enough!!  Stop it now!!  Finis!  The End! No More!  OK, I feel better --- except it's still snowing... 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Continuing Education

Today I had lunch with a good friend that I used to work with.  She's still there...I'm free.  There's a big difference in our ages, but she's like the daughter I never had.  We talked, we laughed, we see things so similarly.  She went back to school as an adult and just graduated with her Bachelor's degree.  I'm proud of her and all her hard work.  She's a full time employee, a wife, a mother, and now has completed her degree.  I'm so proud of her! 

When I got home, Sweetz wanted to do a bit of shopping - sounds like his gift cards were beginning to burn a hole in his wallet.  We drove into VA and topped off my gas tank with some "cheaper" gas than NC and while there we roamed the aisles of Sams with a great big buggy.  I can remember when we used much smaller buggies and somehow their size was sufficient to meet almost all our needs.  No longer.  For some reason we must require the use of a HUGE buggy.  Surely the stores are using psychology to convince us that we need to fill all the empty space in a buggy each trip to their store. After all, that's more money for them. Nope, aint gonna work. I get what I need and at the checkout the buggy is usually fairly empty.  So much for trying to play with my brain.  After all, not much fools us geezers. 

We spent some time in the tech aisle.  Our phone contract has expired so we are checking out the attributes of new phones.  As a Verizon customer, we are leaning toward the Droid which has capability of internet which would be an asset when we travel.  Even Sweetz seemed to be in agreement.  Guess all those hours of each vacation and camping trip waiting at a public library while I emailed and surfed the net helped convince him that this is now needed.  After all, a happy wife is a requirement for happy camping.  I took an info guide describing plans and pricing to study a bit farther.  Since there was no one manning the kiosk, I'll have to do a bit of personal info digging.  Also, I plan to re-read what the Geeks on Tour have written about internet access/Droids/cell phones while traveling.  I've learned alot from them in the past and their blogs continue to be full of helpful information. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Possibly A New Blog

It remains really frustrating to learn that I've used all my photo Picasa space on this blog.  That's a definite bummer, so I've been thinking I'll do what some bloggers have done - and that's to have another blog.  A solution could be the same name with the addition of 2011.  Sounds like a feasible solution to an irritating situation.  Something to think about.  Yes, I'll jumble that over in my mind.

I called mom this morning and she was all stuffed up and coughing.  It was difficult to withstand the coughing into my ear but like the wonderful daughter I am, it was manageable with a little phonaerobics.  In/  And yes, I survived without a split ear drum or hearing loss.

Since I figured she would be cabinbound for a few days, I went to Wal-Mart and bought her soup, crackers, bananas, tangelos, candy bar, OJ, cough drops, tissues, and cold remedy. That should hold her down for a day or two.  I took them to her door but wouldn't go in. Being the intelligent practical woman that I am, my healthy self wasn't going into her house today!  I handed her the bags and then backed away.  I talked to another friend today and she has a bad cold too, so I'm going to keep my distance and hopefully my health.  Those nasty viruses, sinus infections, sore throats, coughing, sputtering miserable conditions are not calling my name.  I'm retired - not dumb. 

I got a call from another friend who wants to get together at a gun range to practice.  It's been awhile since I've practiced, so really need to be sure I can hit the center of my target or at least close to it.  It sounds like a better idea to be explaining to a deputy why someone is dead on my floor instead of the vicious details of an intruder experience.  If I can help it, it won't be me going horizontal.  Gun ownership is my constitutional right - and protection is the name of the game.

The price of gas today was $2.999/gal at WallyWorld which might put a pinch in our WesternHo plans if it continues to rise.  Yipes, I hope not.  Perhaps we could hitch our camper to a team of horses...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Beginnings

It's 2011:  new starts, new beginnings, new experiences.  The morning started with some fog which is a beautiful way to start a new year.

We were invited to a friend's house for breakfast.  So, we arrived along with about 20 other people as Carolyn opened her home with tables set around.  The food?  Well, everything was delicious. There were egg casseroles, potato casseroles, rolls, biscuits, coffeecakes, fruit cups, sausage balls, homemade breads, muffins, OJ, coffee, and everything inbetween.  There were even containers of candy, rice krispie treats, and salty treats.  We joined the food line and enjoyed chatting with the other people there.  Such a nice way to start the new year - with good food and special friends.

When we left, we noticed immediately that the fog had gotten even thicker.  It was a pretty ride home and Sweetz actually offered to stop twice so I could take a couple of pictures.  Now, that is fantastic from a guy who has one goal in mind while driving:  get there and get home.  Told him this morning he is beginning to be a pretty nice photographer's assistant.  If the new year starts this good, wonder what miracles are just around the corner!

I tried to include some photos which I took this morning, but Picasa reports I'm out of space.  And then they offer to sell me more space! I guess I'll go into my account and delete a bunch of pictures.  Guess this is my first new change of 2011...