Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthday Girl

My SIL, Linda, is still visiting us.  We have leftover turkey and  sides so after a nice shopping trip to Danville, we came home to a turkey spread which was easy peasy.  We put everything out on the kitchen counter and filled our plates with what looked good and then nuked them in the microwave.  I baked the rest of the dressing in patties and they were ready by the time the 4 plates were heated.  Talk about GOOD.  Yummy good food.  Easy too.  That's the best part.  Delicious food with no prep time, just heat and serve.  We still have enough for another meal or two for the four of us.  Might cave in and change the menu for variety.  Then in a few weeks, I will make a big pot of turkey soup.  Probably sounds yucky, but it is fabulous - and nearly free too.  Throw in some veggies, some rice or noodles and simmer for hours that produces some good eating. 

Today is Linda's birthday so we had a bit of a mini-party here complete with a cake and candles. 

We three ladies went to Gingerbread House to shop.  It's a specialty gift shop with some of the most beautiful things.  The place is decorated with gorgeous items that is presented to make your mouth water and your wallet swoon to be swiped. I got two things for Sweetz, can't tell you or take pictures...would be my luck he'd see that particular blog entry.  Gotta be a surprise. There are signs everywhere that no photography or sketching is allowed.  Bummer, my camera was suffering from major depression and rejection syndrome.  I even considered snapping a picture of the store once when I was behind a column and didn't think anyone would see me.  You know...just a picture of the inside of the store, not to snap a design to copy.  Just one for the blog.  But I just couldn't do it.  God said, "NOOOOO" so I put the camera back in my bag.  But, I'm telling you, that store is awesome.  

We stopped in Subway for a snack and then headed for another marathon look/see at Hobby Lobby.  That was fun, except the quality of the items are lower than Gingerbread House, so many items looked cheesy in comparison.  I did find a plastic storage bin with drawers to put some of my craft items in.  I'm excited.  It was half price for some reason, real dusty, but after a good cleaning it will be fine.  Ahhhh, so you want to see it? Sure, I'll go take a picture of it.  It has several drawers and there is a sectional top where crafting items can be stored while working on a project.  Also there are 4 wheels which haven't been put on yet.  In fact, I haven't washed the unit yet either.  I'll probably do that in a bit, or in the morning.

We are heading out in the morning for Greensboro for the Craftsmen Christmas Classic Arts and Crafts Festival at the coliseum.  All handmade items so I understand from all over the country. Wonder if photography is allowed on a "general scale"?  Beautiful weather today - loving this warmer November.  Winter will arrive soon enough so it's nice to get out while we can. 

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