Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out And About

I headed out this morning to travel over the river and through the woods to meet a friend in Martinsville for lunch.  It was nice to get out for a girls' lunch and to enjoy one of the last warm days this season.  Well, I hope we get more, but I take the idea of many more warm days with little hope.  The temperatures will drop and then will slide lower than I like.  Then I will be stuck inside with a sweatshirt on til spring peeps around the corner.  

While in Martinsville, I decided to take advantage of my freedom to check out some stores and do a bit of shopping.  We need a new mattress pad so found one at a decent price.  Then I wanted another set of sheets and I found them sitting on a shelf just waiting for me.  A few other incidentals nestled in my buggy including sewing machine needles and a piece of card stock.  Looked at a set of toddler's wooden blocks to spell out words...but didn't want to pay $12.88 for them.  That is ridiculou$ for a few wooden cubes in my estimation.  Might have to check out some yard sales or antique shops, if I can find any.  We used to have antique shops on one of our back streets in town, but they went the way of the dinosaur.  Was even thinking I might ask Sweetz to cut some cubes from some scrap wood and I'd paint/stencil the letters on. 

I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics but found I was overwhelmed with the prices of even small items.  I walked out with nothing. No use giving my money away for something I don't NEED.  Dollar Tree was a neat stop, lots of items in there if you don't mind returning occasionally to see the new arrivals.  I'm learning that when I find something, I better get it because it may be gone the next time I go.  They had some shiny Christmas ornaments which captured my attention so got 3 of them. 

My friend called to say she was 10 minutes from Applebees so rushed up front only to wait "patiently" in line for the sole cashier who kept informing us that she had to go to the bathroom and might have to keep us standing in line waiting for her if someone didn't come from the storage room to relieve her.  Well, I snickered but her expression showed she failed to see the humor.  

There was one last stop on my agenda - another friend's house who was having a Mary Kay Open House.  I didn't really need anything but I did make one purchase to help her.  Now, I'm thinking tomorrow will see me hanging out at home.  Might even strip the bed and put on the new mattress pad and sheets.  WoooHooo, the excitement is overpowering!   

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