Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Storm

We had a bad storm last night and we're having another now.  Been working on some organizing and saving photos to CDs.  I would type more but this electrical storm sounds pretty wicked outside.  But I just know you were worried about me so I knew I needed to check in and add a couple of lines... 

Will add more another day to fill in the gaps - need to unplug the computer now.  Hang in there, the morning will arrive again.  And smile while you're waiting for the birds to wake up and sing their morning chorus to greet you.     

Friday, June 29, 2012

You Get Five Minutes

Sweetz had his consult with the gastrointestinal doc this morning at 8:30, so we were up and rambling early this morning.  Upon our arrival, the nurse took him back for his admission workup and gave me 197 pages of medical history forms to complete.  Nope, it wasn't all that bad but there was a form for every little thing.  There goes another tree.  Seems they should have just given me the access to their computer new patient history screens and I could have just typed all the answers in that way.  
Then they took him back to the examination room and I was asked to join him there, with forms and pen in hand...and there I sat at a little desk and finished the forms while first the PA and then the doc make their brief appearances.  I think we spent equal time with the receptionist, the nurse, the PA, and the doc.  AMAZING. Guess that's the new spin on healthcare that we are faced.  Like in the future, what's to stop the healthcare gods making us go to a big clinic, register, complete forms, and take a number to see the next available doc for the allowable five minutes.  But I must say the doc and his staff were nice, no complaints in that area. 

There was a new patient in the waiting room who was cussing and grumbling about the forms she had to complete.  Ended up the nurse took her back to an empty room and proceeded to just ask her the questions.  But the patient still wasn't happy and I could still hear her mouthy exchange going strong even as we were heading out the door.  Whew, somebody needed her mouth washed.  

We grabbed brunch at a nice little cafe and the food was delicious.  Then we backtracked all my stops the day I lost my camera lens cap but apparently no one had found it.  Oh well, looks like I will be buying one at Ritz Camera or online at a site like B&H Photo.  Could be worse - it's just a lens cap.      

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Decision of Magnitude

Today was monumental in the passing of ObamaCare here in our country.  Now, it's a tax levied on the citizens to cover all of us and unbelievably the Supreme Court thought it was constitutional.  I'm at a loss for words.  Get out the box of nails. 

A big limb fell from the poplar tree which shades our little greenhouse and landed maybe three feet away.  Ohhh, that was CLOSE.  That limb knocked lots of branches off in and around the area but at least the greenhouse survived unscathed. I harvested some onions today.  Ummm, they sure smell good.  I gave mom some garden veggies today - enough for a couple of meals. 

Speaking of mom, she just called.  Said she had the veggies for supper along with a bit of chicken she had leftover from an earlier supper.  She said it was food fit for a queen!  Glad she's enjoying them.    

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heart Aches

My SIL and nephew have put my brother's Mustang he lovingly restored up for $ale.  My heart is bleeding. 

Mom and I spent the day together - went to Burlington, NC.  It was a beautiful day, kinda hot, but the humidity was reasonable and the clouds were big, white, and fluffy.  We treated ourselves to lunch at a tea room called Tea For Two, an ultra feminine place where we felt pampered which was just what the doctor ordered.  

There is a gift shop next door so we decided to browse for awhile and mom bought herself a couple of things.  I didn't see anything that sparked my buying gene.  Close, but no cigar. 

Since Alamance Crossing was nearby, we headed there to browse a few shops - most of our time was spent in Hobby Lobby.  Walking in is the easy part. Walking out without buying a buggyful of goodies is the challenge.  Bought a few little things I needed to complete a few projects.  And I completed three projects when I got home!!!  Love it when projects are completed.  

We weren't hungry but still weren't ready to head home so we ordered a light dinner at Mimi's Cafe.  Nice place to eat and the wait staff were very nice.  

Well, I survived this giant day of memories.  I can now put this day to rest as well as my head on a pillow soon.  I think next year's anniversary of Wayne's death will be easier.  He wouldn't want me to mope around but would prefer I found something fun to do.  So, that's what I plan.  But thanks, Wayne, for being my big brother for 64 years.  You will be remembered fondly.  Save me a seat! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Year Ago

Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of Wayne's death.  I thought I was going to be okay, but then I received a sweet email from one of his good friends and I burst out crying.  But I think I will be okay.  It's just one of those things you have to experience and the loss will get easier as time passes. 

Mom and I will spend the day together tomorrow.  No plans, but it will work out to be a great day, I'm sure.  Might need to take a box of tissues to be on the safe side.   

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Learning Curves

The clock just keeps ticking away and I sometimes don't get on my blog to add my daily doings.  Ahhh, better than being bored with nothing to do, I'd say.  Seems the days go faster each and every day.  I'm back to reading again.  Yep, the poorly-written books along with the good.  It's my opinion that library patrons should be able to grade books so that future grabbers might save some of their precious hours and bypass those books.  Maybe we could paste on letter grades printed on stickers, flashing warning lights, or the book might even disappear from view down a shaft to the basement.  Whatever, there are some that just don't need to occupy precious space on library shelves. 

Sweetz went to the doc Friday and the lab results were laid bare and explained to us.  Not as bad as we had envisioned.  Guess it's better to go in with the lowest expectations than to be blindsided.  So, MainGuy is on meds for now, and hopefully when he has another round of labs the results will have improved.  His cholesterol is 163.  Can you believe that number!!  And he now weighs less than me.  Told him I wasn't his "Little Woman" anymore.  Yep, it was an embarrassing moment.  And yep, again, I got on the treadmill last night while he sat in his recliner, munched on treats, and watched a ballgame.  Life isn't fair.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know - can't blame anyone but myself.  Just think, this could be the first day of the new and slimmer me!  Keep dreaming, you readers out there in Bloggoville.  I could make it yet though, with just some determination and motivation. Maybe there's a store shelf somewhere that has a bottle of motivation for sale.  It's all in the brain, you say?  Well, maybe there's a skinny healthy brain on that same shelf... 

We celebrated our 44th anniversary Friday night by eating out at a nice restaurant.  It definitely cost more than our number of years married - but worth every buck.  Pat and Wil joined us who were also celebrating their anniversary, howbeit ten more years than us.  We waited till we were twentysomethings to get married and they married while she was still in high school.  I wouldn't recommend getting married so young, but in their case it has worked out beautifully and they have a strong and secure marriage.  Wil even loves to mention that she was so young he had to sign her report cards!  

We went to a friend's surprise birthday party this afternoon.  They have a lovely home and her family and friends were just delightful.  We were served a delicious BBQ meal with all the trimmings which ended with a big slice of birthday cake with scoops of peach ice cream.  Yummy. 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Can Be Beautiful But Cruel

I told myself I would walk on the treadmill today.  Well, it's 8pm and I haven't done it yet.  But the day's not over. There is still hope...  We had another scorcher today. We weren't home during the heat of the day so I just looked at the weather meter and it shows we had a high of 100 today!  My, my, my - that's a hot one.  Somehow I know this summer will be a rough one, both on our bodies and on our electric bill!  It's DOWN to 89* now and already feels much cooler.  I just watered my patio pots and they are so dry, the water runs right through the cracked soil and out on the concrete.  I've found the best way is to water a little bit at a time, making several rounds so the water is retained better.   

Today, the Sweetz and I decided to head out to enjoy some views of other roads and by-ways.  We started at the bank so we'd have a few bills to use for eating and hunting/gathering of necessaries.  We only opened the wallet one time and that was for lunch.  I got the kiddie meal which has just enough for me.  Sweetz had the regular size and barely finished it.  I can remember when we ate the biggie combo, but those days are over.  My metabolism obviously is set at senior speed because I can't handle that much food anymore.  Ahhh, another change in the progressive walk toward old age. My mom is 90+ and going strong most days, but I sure don't want to walk this earth that long.  Plus, I have no daughter to dote on me during my old age.  Boys are quite nice for unscrewing a tight lid but are lax in the caretaker role.  

We drove out and about, heading to our local city lake but there were lots of cars everywhere so we decided fairly quickly to return another day when it hopefully is quieter.  We saw sunflower fields, fields of shriveling corn stalks, an apple/peach orchard along with old barns, abandoned homes, and homes with gorgeous flowerbeds obviously tended by long water hoses.  Life can be cruel in the heat of a southern summer. 

These apple trees have definitely been irrigated

Corn is very dry in this heat with insufficient rainfall

A bee came visiting in this huge sunflower field

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swelter Summer

Today turned out to be HOT, as in steamy - making me extremely thankful for my A/C.  The south has some advantages, but when the heat gets over 80/dripping with humidity, I am not happy.  Today the temp went up to 99* but I couldn't get my camera out in time, so had to settle for a picture showing a lower temperature.  Bet I get another chance - and today is ONLY June 20 - heard today is the first day of summer. 

Today I called to make reservations for our joint anniversary dinner Friday night with Pat and Wil.  We received an anniversary card and newsy letter from my SIL today which she closed with: "PLEASE stay in touch".  Wish she would get online so she could keep up with us and our doings, complete with the news and pictures right here on my blog.  Emails are great too.  But I must admit a computer is not in her comfort zone. And she HAS one too.  Wayne used to do all that.  Sure do miss my brother too.  The dry humor, the teasing, the joking.  One funny man. The 27th will mark one year since he died.  Seems like just a few months, but it went fast.  Linda mentioned she went to Quantico National Cemetery on Memorial Day where he is buried and it was beautiful with flags on the roads and at the grave sites. Bet that was an awesome sight, and would make some gorgeous photos.

I hung out another load of laundry on the clothesline today!  They are dry, folded up, and put away.  And I fixed a scrumptious bacon, egg, biscuit, and grits breakfast.  Ever so good.  Maybe I will win the Domestic Diva award today! 

Today was also the day to repair some earrings.  I keep them in a container until it seems worthwhile to get out the jewelry supplies.  With a bit of snip, twist, and curl, those are fixed and ready to wear again.  It was more difficult than that, but it gave me something to do.  I need to stay out of trouble, you know!

The orange/black ones were some I made a couple of years ago to wear at Halloween. Made one new set today - the blue/black ones on the right side of the glass to wear with jeans.  I have a couple of necklaces without coordinating earrings, so I need to get them out to see what I can come up with.  Another day, dearie - another day!    

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bad And The Good

Today was a crazy day, beginning with a call that a friend had died of an aneurysm this morning, then Sweetz received a call from his doctor about his lab results.  It ended up that Pam is still alive  and healthy but it was her daughter (mother of three) who died.  I'm thrilled that my friend is still alive but it must be heartbreaking to have your child die leaving three grandchildren motherless.   

When the doc called hubby, he stated there was an elevated PSA reading on his latest blood results.  Everything else was within normal limits.  I asked a good friend who's a nurse what all this meant and she filled me in with some facts and possible scenarios.  Her dad had an even higher result and he's still kicking and having a great time, we also have another friend who had about the same findings and was treated with some medication and a biopsy and is also still doing great.  I'm trying to keep an optimistic attitude, knowing all along that God is in control of this and all things on this earth and I will leave this in His loving hands. 

Our anniversary is this weekend and we share joint anniversaries with good friends.  We've been co-celebrating with Pat and Wil for several years.  This year we've decided to make dinner reservations for Friday night.  Pat's having a medical procedure tomorrow afternoon but she's confident she will be okay by Friday night.  Can't have her falling asleep through dinner!  Sweetz has a doc appointment Friday morning to discuss his labs so somehow I can imagine the dinner table conversation will include medical issues as well as hopefully some happier topics. 

On my drive to the library this morning, a doe leaped out of the bushes and ran right in front of my car less than a mile from our house.  Whew, that was a close encounter!  I was praying she was the only one and I did make it past that area without another one springing out of the bushes.  A driver behind me was aggravated  that I didn't keep up a break-neck speed, but cruised along just a bit over the 45 mph speed limit in that area. Boy, was he mad! When I came to an intersection to turn right, he zoomed past me making his presence known.  Probably received a one-fingered salute too, but I chose not to look. 

The library was filled with kiddies who were involved in some sort of reading program.  I'm thrilled that the families are encouraging reading as I'm convinced that will be a wonderful asset all of their lives. There are several signs posted in and around the library warning us to turn off our cell phones.  But I didn't notice one single sign that said to keep our voices down when we are talking to someone.  So, after listening to two extensive LOUD conversations between moms and children, youngsters crying at the tops of their lungs, plus a few whiny folks, it was time for me to check out and head to the nearest Burger King.  I went inside to nibble on my value meal burger and shared the dining area with one other man.  The drive-through was busy though. As I was watching the man head to his truck, he reached down and picked up a coin, then another, and another, and another.  PAY DAY!!  He checked each one and then put them all in his pocket.  Hope he found some rare coins...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Some Fixes

Whew, we had a busy day today.  It was pretty but awfully hot and humid.  But this is the south - the norm on many summer days.  Doesn't make me LIKE it though.  We've had some mighty dry days lately and I must admit, I was getting spoiled.

After some inside clean-up duties and a load of wash hanging on the clothesline, I helped Sweetz put together his greenhouse. 

Doesn't he look fabulous in his sweaty and dirty clothes?  Yep, they're already in the hamper.  He moved some of the wood pile and leveled off the ground then we put together the structure frame and proceeded to attach the cover and ties. 

The little greenhouse is now situated in the garden so will be protected from the harshest winds and rains.  Probably should have waited until the fall to put it up, but he was anxious.  It has two doors and four windows with screens.  Hopefully, lots of veggie plants will be started in this greenhouse and I can even envision plants producing happily on into the fall.   We must have hope -  miles and miles and miles of hope.  Oh, and I'd like a change too. 

Mom's heading back to the lake for a few days with a friend.  My books are due tomorrow so I'm off for the library and might drive out farther into the country to find the venue for a wedding I'm to photograph in July. You don't reckon the wedding day will be all hot and humid now do you you? Whew, sounds like I'll be snapping lots of indoor shots!  Mom had a plumbing leak over the weekend and some plumbers did a temp fix yesterday then returned this morning for the permanent fix.  Seems there is always something to do or fix with a house. 

Look at this porch tomato plant!  Unbelievable number of cherry tomatoes on just one plant.  See the little red tomato near the got picked today.  Keep 'em coming!     

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day


Not sure where the time goes, but it flies.  Up, up and away...  I need to capture it in a bottle so I can enjoy a bit more of it. 

I'm enjoying the use of my new phone pouch, and no...I haven't increased my photo allowance for this blog so you can see it.  That's another thing that proves life is going faster than I do.

It's Father's Day and mom and I will take Sweetz to Red Lobster for a great seafood meal after church.  Then we'll return home so he can open his gifts.  He'll love them I'm sure and all the attention.  OK, it's my turn for the shower, gotta run or it'll be my fault we are late for church. 

Our lunch was just superb at Red Lobster, must say it was excellent.  There was quite a wait for a table but everyone was hanging around happily and no one seemed irritated about that. I was glad to have a great meal and not have to cook it. We had the nicest little waitress who took great care of us. Even though she was hustling around, she never looked stressed and held a smile the entire time.   I even bragged on her to the manager. 

Two of the boys called their dad tonight.  Nice touch. 


Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Not Time Yet

Nope, it's not time get up.  But here I am - awake.  Tossed and turned awhile but never could get back to sleep.  I started thinking about this and that plus a couple of other things and the brain wouldn't shut down.  Not that I'm smart or anything!  Maybe what someone else can think during a normal day might take me longer!  Anywhooo, I'm awake and up and drinking Mountain Dew like a crazy woman.  Don't I have any more sense than to drink this high caffeine drink???!!  Oh well, it's delicious going down, refreshing all the cells, and giving a zing to my brain.  Maybe I need to drink this all during the day!  Nope, then the brain wouldn't want to sleep at night.  Well, whatever, here I sit with all the world asleep around me.

Last night I saw a cute phone pouch online and decided I'd try to make myself one.  I have a smartphone and am constantly on alert to not scratch the screen (even though I have a protector screen on it, it still is on my mind).  The phone pouch had an adorable owl on the front, but I decided I'd do something different so I sketched this and that and the other and finally decided...on a tea pot.  I LOVE TEA so thought it was a perfect fit.  I grabbed a few pieces of felt and cut out the front and back of the pouch plus a few tea pot pieces for the front.  I think I'll do a bit of embroidery - or maybe paint some steam coming out of the spout and maybe even a tea bag - haven't finalized those details yet. 

Since I got extremely sleepy last evening, I headed to bed early.  Well, early for me - at least lately.  But at 4am I woke with my brain working on ideas to finish the phone pouch.  Brains are nice during the day, but I want mine to shut down during the night.  Hey, at least I have one that still works!!  I should be thankful.  And I am.

I cut some hydrangea blooms yesterday from one of our bushes that produces deep royal blue blooms.  So pretty.  And they are so perky sitting beside me right now.  Some people have pink blooms.  Think I need to figure out what I can do to get those colors.  Since I can't add any pictures to my blog right'll just have to imagine what these look like while I enjoy the beauty. 

The birds are waking outside.  From the sound of it, I would figure they had a good night's sleep...unlike some of us...  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Mister had his labs drawn this morning - piece of cake, he said.  The phlebotomist told him his veins were the kind that were needed to teach new students.  Not mine.  They are small, hidden, and bouncy.  His are wonderful - big, obvious, and cooperative.  Many, many years ago when I was taking hematology class, we had to stick our fellow students to learn how to do it.  I didn't find it very difficult as I remember.  We started practicing on oranges, then progressed to willing (??) peers.  I got my partner's vein the first time and she returned the favor.  Maybe younger veins are easier - like the saying goes: "youth is wasted on the young".  hehe   I have a retired friend who was a phlebotomist who was one of the best at sticking people at our local hospital.  Plus she had a wonderful personality to match, always making patients relax with her reassuring manner.  

Sweetz and I ate an early lunch after his lab tests, bought a few groceries, picked up some medicine for one of our katz, and swung by WallyWorld for a curling iron.  One item on my list was CDs to use to burn photos; but my conclusion after looking at that shelf was that CDs were obviously becoming outdated only to be replaced with DVDs.  Figuring those would go too, I opted for a 16 GB thumb drive.  That should hold quite a few photos!  Seeing that I have a few hundred photos on each of two memory cards, I need to get on that task soon.  They do have a way of getting out of control fairly quickly. 

Today I was asked to do a typing project for the local hospital.  Nine typed pages later, it was proofed and emailed to the director.  A bit later I received a thank-you email from her.  She wrote that she has another project:  monthly mailings to members of a committee.  Doesn't sound too bad, but she thinks it would be better if I went into the hospital to do that since I can use their resources: color laser printer, postcard sheets, address labels, postage meter, etc.  I'm still pondering ways to do this from home.  After all...I'm retired and love to piddle in my jammies and scuffs.  Somehow I think the hospital would frown on my dress code preferences... Can a volunteer be fired?   

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sticky Stickers

Mom and I got her tires aligned yesterday, then went to the little  office with the long lines and got her registration renewed for another year. There's a little sticker that goes somewhere, used to be on the license plate, not sure where the powers that be want us to stick it this year.  Is it there or maybe the front windshield, possibly the side window?  Whatever, it goes somewhere.  If all else fails, we'll read the instruction sheet.

We ate supper at a little Japanese restaurant yesterday.  Good food AND they let us get the child's plate.  Neither one of us want the regular-sized plate, the small one is just enough.  And the white sauce???  Great stuff.  

Now that I'm thinking about food I have a question:  Why do some cities (Philadelphia, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York City) not allow/restrict feeding of the homeless?  Why would they do that?  Why doesn't the mainstream media cover this?  Doesn't make sense to me. 

We had some rain last night.  Not sure how much...the rain gauge was moved from there to further out there to here to next to that...and at one time flipped over.  Great!  So, I don't know how much rain we got - at least 1/3 inch since that's what's left in the gauge.  But trying to obtain an accurate reading is difficult since we have so many trees blocking the rain.  There's always the option of putting the gauge out in the middle of the road.  Naaah, guess that isn't a good idea either. 

Seems I've run out of available photo space on this blog.  BUMMER!  Now, do I start a new blog?  Do I delete the pictures for the first couple of years and just show recent ones?  DRAT!! 

4pm:  SweetziePoo is scheduled to have labs drawn tomorrow.  He has to be NPO after midnight and he's ALREADY talking about eating a big supper to prepare.  HAHA  He is allowed to drink coffee in the morning - but he doesn't like coffee.  Think that goes for allowing unsweetened tea?  He'll probably just have some water.  Then Thursday he'll have a physical and find out the lab results.  We're praying for good results.   How long can I hold my breath?  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Home Again

Mom and I left Saturday morning to head east to her old stomping grounds to attend the funeral of a cousin.  It was a difficult weekend and even though it was trying in some respects, life continues on for those left behind.  We just have to pick up the pieces and continue to do our best. 

It was hot in the sandhills but thankfully there was air conditioning in the car, the houses, and the funeral home.  Now, the cemetery... it's hot as blazes there.

Mom and I drove around today to see the house where she was born, the home of several family members, and several cemeteries where many of other family members are buried.  I took lots of pictures and now I want to get them printed and organized so I can document where each of her six siblings are buried - in four different cemeteries.  Her old high school has been replaced with a new brick school, her old church burned and has been rebuilt on the property, many of the old barns and outbuildings of relatives have felt the passing of time.  It was a time of reflection plus a review of a lifetime.  I can only marvel at what she has experienced in her 90 years of life.  And she's still going strong.  Yep, I just have to marvel...   

Friday, June 8, 2012

What's Black, Round, and Revolves?

Mom's Tires!!  We got the four today and had them mounted.  For some reason, the guy who aligns them was booked, so we'll have to go back on Monday.  Unbelievable!  THREE TRIPS just to get tires.  Previously, I have bought tires and before the receipt was printed, the tires were mounted, balanced, aligned, and the guy is handing me my keys.  Not this time.  Is this the way things will go now?  Whatever.  We got them and they are on.

We're going to my cousin's funeral tomorrow - out of town.  The lady behind the tire counter said it would be ok to drive that far and back but she stressed I must come back as soon as possible to get them aligned. OK, OK, OK, I'll be there.  An appointment was made in the big appointment book sitting on the counter - one like was used in a doctor's office where I once worked.  All official like!  She even asked me if I wanted a little card with the appointment time on it.  Nope: I put it in my smartphone calendar which will even buzz me an hour before the time as a reminder.  Gotta love technology.  While I sat in the waiting area, I even used that little gadget to read and answer emails...even read some online newspapers.  Yep, luv me some technology. 

Mom was starving by this time, so we found a seafood restaurant down the road and got there in time to beat the Friday night fish lovers.  She ordered a shrimp plate and my little 90-year-old mom ate every last one of them!  And there was enough there to share with me...did she offer?  NOOOO, she just kept stuffing them in her mouth.  No, I really didn't want any, since I had eaten before we left home so wasn't very hungry so I ordered a side salad and baked potato.  Even with that, I was stuffed.....but....maybe a few shrimp would have tasted good with my salad.  I'll never know.  :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A New Gate

We were home minding our own business this morning when a man appeared in the backyard and I recognized him as the man who was making a new gate for our patio.  Nicest man you ever met!  He carried the gate in one hand and some serious-looking equipment in the other.  Like Hulk but dressed in blue and brought a helper with him.  In a flash (literally there were flashes during his stay), the gate was hung and straightened and welded.  I was at his shop just a few days ago and designed the gate I wanted - and it looks just like the sketch I made.  

I know his brother is a talented potter so asked him if there is another brother.  Yes, there's a middle brother - an engineer.  I'd say he was talented too.  My dad was an engineer and he was talented and artistic.  Obviously, I only got some of dad's genes since I am only a tad artistic.  He always amazed me with his drawings - usually perfectly to scale without the use of a ruler.  And he could draw ANYTHING as fast as lightning. 

Anywhoooo, getting off the topic...  Gate is hung and plumb, and definitely adds a touch of dignity to the old place.  Told him if we moved, I'd saw it off so I could take it with us.  He smiled.  I was serious!

Mom and I went tire shopping today.  She wants four so off we went.  None her size in stock, so we ordered four which we'll have  mounted and balanced tomorrow afternoon.  While we were out, we had some broasted chicken from a little hole-in-the-wall diner that doesn't look from the outside like they could make a decent hot dog!  But looks are deceiving - they cook like pros.  The chicken wing plate came with two veggies so we both chose mashed potatoes and blackeyed peas.  Came with a side of hushpuppies.  Ever so good. Yep,  I'll go back if the Lord gives me another day. 

Sweetz wants to run a few errands in the morning, so asked if I'd like to go with him and we'll catch lunch while we're out.  Oh, oh, oh, another lunch out!  Mom and I will then head out to her doc appointment and get the new tires.  Sound like it will be a full day. 

My cousin's wife died yesterday about noon so mom and I will be heading east Saturday to attend the funeral.  Poor Charles, he'll be devastated.  They were extremely close. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love This Low Humidity

It's been a beautiful Tuesday here today.  I spent some time working a bit in the yard.  Seems as the moderate temps and low humidity dominate, I just can't stay inside very long at a time. 

I practiced some manual settings on my camera today and feel better about at least one thing.  Now, there are zillions of others. Sweetz was my model today although he was a bit embarrassed since he was dirty and sloppy (after doing a bit of weeding in the garden).  After convincing him I would delete the pictures, he was very cooperative during my practice session.  Choosing the front porch and yard, I snapped and changed settings and snapped some more.  Seems to make a bit more sense and soon I just MIGHT try serious pictures using manual settings.  Since I've accepted another wedding day shoot, it's not a time to mess up the couple's special day. Oh, I could use all "auto" settings, but that's no fun when you want to improve your photos to get the results that look just like you see them in your head.  

Tonight I made a peach cobbler - just came out of the oven and it looks awesome!  Oh, and I just HAD to take a picture...

And it tastes better than it looks. 

Tomorrow is Wednesday and half a week will be gone again!  Where, oh where, do the days go??? 


Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Side of Perfection

Another day and another end of a weekend/beginning of another week!! 

Yesterday mom and I went to a pottery festival in Eden, NC, and the only item I bought was a pottery butter dish for the RV.  The vendors had some beautiful creations and it was time for some oooooohing and ahhhhhhing as I made my rounds of the booths. 

Here is my butter dish sitting next to a pottery pitcher which I bought several years ago.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It's navy with some light blue and green glazing streaks.  There's a finger loop holder on one end and slightly raised sides (I guess so the stick of butter doesn't slide out).  hehe There was a nice seasoned lady there who liked to make her items with clay she finds in Guilford County.  She told me it takes three kinds of clay and had samples of each.  She hand molds each of her items, preferring to not use a pottery wheel.  There was another potter there who had a pottery wheel set up and kids were having some hands on time with it. Interestingly, there were several people there that I knew and was able to chat a bit with some of them.  I spent some time chatting with several of the potters who are definitely committed to their craft and who enjoy sharing their love of pottery.    

We began our day today with a light breakfast and a bit of quiet calm then we moved toward getting ready for our church service.  I do believe some of the congregation must have known the pastor wouldn't be there today because the pews were a bit on the slack side of normal.  One of the members filled in the pulpit and did a great job.  And, we even got out on the stroke of noon.  Imagine that!

We met some friends at our usual Sunday lunch table and had our usual blast reconnecting.  We are close enough to tease and poke fun at one another with no hard feelings.  Since both couples share June anniversaries, we usually get together for a great meal somewhere on either one or the other's actual anniversary date which are consecutive dates but years apart.  We came up with one conflict which we can work around easily - the rest should be easy. They brought two newspaper clippings for us.  For Sweetz it was about a 75-pound cabbage plant!  That has us beat for sure!  The article for me was about a large camera.  Yep, I was drooling!

One of the local bus tour companies is offering a great trip west this summer so we chatted and considered that trip.  They've been out west several times but we haven't but say they would love to go again.  Definitely something to ponder...  

We had such a beautiful day today, temps were nearly perfect after we returned home, I enjoyed a bit of reading time on the front porch and then rewarded myself with a lovely nap.  I think we actually had a high near 80 today which was nearly perfect because of the low humidity.  Our present temp of 74 is awesome and it's nice to still have some light this time of year. 

I fixed some beef in our crockpot this afternoon and the aroma is driving me wild.  Think we can stay out of it until tomorrow?  With a few garden veggies, we should be all set for a great meal or two. 

Yesterday I saw an online photography course that I'm seriously  considering signing up for.  Wouldn't cost me any more to take a photography course at the local community college.  But cost isn't everything.  It would be thrilling to be a better photographer. What to do, what to do?  Ummmm, something else to ponder...