Friday, November 4, 2011

Success is Less

I have a success story!!!  Eating more was the secret for yesterday, for I lost 0.5lb.  That means a loss of 6 pounds in the first week.  Actually, that's too much, but maybe not for the first week, as I know loss will slow to a trickle later on. And surely, the plateaus will be depressing, but I'm going to try to stay upbeat and look at the healthy side of life.

I have a list of things to do this morning.  Was going to have lunch with a friend but she called to let me know she has an upset stomach this morning so we rescheduled our lunch date for next week.  So, I'm off to play in the rain as I run a few errands. 

The errands are done: hair cut, groceries purchased, 
scrapbook project delivered, spaghetti supper picked up at Elizabeth's Pizza, day trip to Charlotte with the Senior Center registered and paid - we're going to the Southern Christmas Show mid month.  Don't ask me what it is...I have no idea.  But Sweetz and I will be heading on their van for a mystery trip.  We have to be at the Sr. Ctr at 8am.  Now, that will be a push since that's about the time I like to roll out of bed.  Guess I need to do a bit of research to see what we're going to!  The van will stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, the rest of the day will be a surprise.  Woooo Hoooo.  

Now, after downing almost all of my spaghetti/salad/breadstick supper, I  need to spend some time on the treadmill.  That's the most I've eaten in 4 months and I'm miserable!! It's going to be real cold tonight so Sweetz just passed through to inform me he's on his way out to the garden to cover the plants.  Yep, sounds like we could really use a greenhouse.   

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