Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An R and R Day

Today was Rest 'n Recoup Day.  I realized I had more energy today but still didn't want to do much.  Perhaps my body was telling me to rest after all the rustling I did yesterday.  Now, now, I didn't just sit in my rocking chair and snooze.  Nope, it was just one of those "normal" days where things get done on an even keel with lots of down time inbetween.  And still time for two of my favorite down time activities.

Our mattress needed flipping so off came the sheets and Sweetz and I twisted and turned Big Bertha to the upside down twist around position.  Now, we'll see if that doesn't make for a comfy night's snoozing.  Actually, it felt ok to me, but Main Guy was thinking it was again time for the switcheroo.  I still need a mattress cover but am still looking.  Not really so much looking as it should be...I mostly forget to look.  More things on my mind than a mattress cover so I forget to check out that section of the store as other things fill my brain and my eyes.  

The pot of beef veggie soup is nearly gone so tomorrow I need to fix something different.  I love soup and could very well enjoy a few days of bean and ham soup, then after that, slurp happily for an additional few days on chicken and rice soup.  My friend, Pat, loves taco soup, so might dig up her recipe and make a pot of that one day.  Can't be enough days in the month to satisfy my love of soup.  Bet Main Guy will be hankering for something to stick to his ribs, but that's the name of the game when one is the designated cook.  Yep, I say, if I'm the one in the apron, then I can fix what I want.  Which I usually do.  He's not hard to please, so meals are fairly easy.  

Today he brought in a big broccoli head plus some beans and tomatoes.  Not bad for a garden enduring temps coming within a fraction of an inch from freezing. 

He'd like a greenhouse and if I knew we would be staying here, we'd get one.  But I still want to move - over the river and through the woods to another place.  Or  take the RV to a warmer place for the winter.  WhoooHoooo, wouldn't that be AWESOME. It's little so we'd probably have the other one strung up on a pole somewhere, but it sounds like a magical time.  

We went to Lowes today and bought a blade for the riding lawnmower.  Sweetz put it on and it worked like a charm.  He even mowed some in the yard to make sure everything was ok.  Talked to my mom and she's doing fine even after yesterday's workday.  She still amazes me with her stamina.  I cannot even fathom being that active at age (a tad short of) 90.  Now, I think I'll grab my book and read for awhile - perhaps Mr. Sandman will come early tonight. 

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