Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lovingly Crafted

Linda, mom, and I went to Greensboro to the semi-annual Craftsmen Arts and Craft Show.  Not as many shoppers this year but that made it even nicer for me.  Not many people jabbing you in the ribs, walking over your feet, etc.  Actually, today nearly everyone was real nice and there were lots of smiles and occasional gentle nudges.  Quite a nice day. I saw several items I would have loved to have bought, but finally decided to keep my wallet closed.  I'm a crafty person so I know I could create it myself.  But the real truth is, I CAN but I usually don't.

There was a section of individually decorated trees.  I meant to go over to see them but then I got waylaid and they were forgotten but I snapped a picture. 

There was a huge Christmas tree made of balloons which made an excellent place for us to sit to pose for a picture.

I only bought two things. One was a beautiful button that I want to sew on a jacket.  The other one is a metal creation that will soon get "planted" in a flowerbed.  It is of a simple nativity scene which will eventually get stuck outside to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Wayne played the trumpet and cornet.  Seeing his mouthpiece around the house or warming in his mouth was a common scene.  I saw a vendor who made wind chimes, lamps, key chains, etc. from pieces of instruments and noticed immediately a trumpet mouthpiece made into a key chain.  Mom loved it as a way to remember Wayne so she bought it.  She showed it to Linda who went back to buy one for herself. I play the clarinet and there were valves and such from an old clarinet made into the same items, but for some reason I was not so honored with a key chain remembrance.  Maybe I have to die first!  Now I have PROOF that my brother was the "Golden Child" but no one believes me!  hehe Good thing I am confident in my own skin, otherwise I could be jealous. 

Both Mom and Linda are suffering from colds, so I stopped at Wal*Mart on the way home and bought some Zicam in case their germs decide to play at my house. 

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