Friday, August 31, 2012

Beauties From The Garden

Through the wet dewy grass and out to the garden I tromped this morning and harvested basil.  The rich emerald color was profound.  The aroma was heavenly.  The sprigs have now been washed and are draining then will be allowed to dry for a hour or so.  After that, the fun begins.  The food processor will come out of the cabinet and my kitchen will again be filled with the scent of basil.  Oh, oh, oh!!!

We also pulled a few carrots, several tomatoes, a bunch of onions, and a trio of lemon squash (which resembles lemons but tastes like the best squash you ever ate).   Sounds like we will be enjoying a great lunch...or lupper.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Tickets

Sweetz, Mom, and I went to dinner tonight and then saw a movie.  We ate at Red Lobster and my dinner was WONDERFUL.  Everything was cooked and served to perfection.  Our efficient little waitress was great but I had to look past the huge holes in her ear lobes.  Not sure why some people think that's fashionable.  But she did her work and I tried my best to only look in her eyes. 

We had a bit of time before the movie started, so we browsed some aisles at Hobby Lobby.  Knowing that I have some candles that have burned down only in the middle leaving a shell, I decided I will melt them down and make a new candle.  Only problem:  I need candle wicking.  So, tonight at Hobby Lobby I bought a little package containing ten wicks with one day soon I'll remake some candles.  But I might end up with a candle of many colors (which is fine as long as it doesn't get me thrown into a lion's den).  Well, even that would be ok, if I have a match!    

The movie we saw tonight was really more of a documentary - 2016 Obama's America.  Sure gives a clear insight into Obama's past and how it influences his presidency.  It is one that I'd recommend watching as it is very educational regardless of your political leanings.  

Mitt Romney will speak at the RNC in just a few minutes.  Wonder what he wants to say to the world?  And how is he feeling right now?  Probably fine since he has held many tough jobs in his lifetime and many without accepting a salary for years!         

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waiting For Completion

I watched the Republican National Convention on TV last night.  There were lots of speeches by a diversity of people. I liked what they had to say - we need a change from the change that we got  four years ago.  Gotta do it before we get driven off the financial cliff.  I don't believe our country nor its citizens can afford the decisions (or lack thereof) from our present leaders. 

The second load of wash is hanging on the clothesline - that's something I enjoy doing especially when I can smell the freshness in the sheets that get put back on our bed.  I might have to jump into bed early tonight just to enjoy the scent. 

Last summer we planted three different types of gourd.  The large crooked neck ones were the most successful through the drying stage.  Today I decided it was time to scrub the mold that had grown on the outside which formed during the year as it dried from the outside in. How long will it take the lingering scent of bleach off my hands? My intention is to use them as fall decor - but I might decide to use one or two for something else.  Looks like that could be an interesting online search.  I've seen birdhouses made from them but since I already have one, I doubt I do that.  Anyone have any ideas on a gourd project?  

I'm running short of time to complete some mailings for my volunteer job.  I thought I would get to them the last two nights, but that didn't happen.  Maybe tonight.  Marcia has changed several items so I need to be mindful to get the template edited - at least for the September meeting.     

Mom and I went to lunch yesterday and then did some browsing in a few downtown quaint shops.  I found a unique necklace which I eventually bought. 

Saw another necklace which had settled into second place.  I decided I could make one like it myself.  It's a simple design...and I actually have all the findings - I think!  Now, when am I going to make it? 
Doubt there's any hurry...
I'm retired...
I can make my own schedule! 

And that fly that was bothering me for the last hour??? 
Well, he's now room temperature!
But now there's a quishy spot on the window...  


Monday, August 27, 2012

Creepy Crawly Things

Something for me to consider as we plan a trip into some western  states.  Obviously all is not beautiful scenery and open vistas as I see in ourrvadventures blog. 

Tarantula 2A big black tarantula!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fueling The Senses

We're having a great day, lovely late summer day.  Oops, the katz are begging for food, so I'll do that and return...they have been patient long enough.  Ok, that's done and they are both having a delightful time sharing a bowl.  Not really, they never share the dish.  One eats, and then the other - and usually following the pecking order. 

We have some tomatoes which I need to do something with.  Cooking them down to a sauce is one solution.  And I could use the rest in a spaghetti sauce, sandwiches, salads. 

Sweetz picked these flowers and presented them to me this afternoon.  Aren't they pretty?  And do you know what the bunches of little white flowers are? No?  Well, they are chive blooms!  

Church was great this morning, so inspiring.  We had lunch with our friends and enjoyed our together time.  Tomorrow is Pat's birthday so we asked the wait staff to serenade her with Happy Birthday as they presented her a piece of lemon pie.  She was a good sport and enjoyed her moment in the limelight.

I lived in Pascagoula, Mississippi, for seven years and I always hated the hurricanes which barreled through.  We lived two blocks from the coast line and believe me it was scary during each experience.  From the tracking models, Isaac seems on track to hit that coastline again this time.  I will pray for the safety of each and every person. 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Price Tags

Mom wanted to go shopping for some clothes today.  So, off we went to find a clothing store that a friend told her about recently.  She looks for quality and classic style. When mom came out of the dressing room with a snoozingly boring blue suit on, I thought I would die right there near the racks. With a bit of chatting with the sales clerk while mom was out of hearing range, I got her to help me change mom's mind and get something a bit more in line with today's fashion.  We started by handing her a jacket to try on with lots of color but in a classic fit.  Nice.  She loved it.  Then we got a tee shirt to go under it...and a chunky necklace just made to go with it which gives mom some bulk at the neck.  Mom was delighted.

Then we got her to try on several other things and she even picked out a few jackets but I vetoed them quickly (and nicely).  Back to plain and ho-hum boring.  At the perfect moment, I handed her a jacket she had ignored at the beginning which ended up being totally darling on her.  Since I wasn't thinking of pictures, I really missed some neat shots.  

In the end, she bought both the colorful and the black jackets.  She also got the necklace and coordinating top I put together for a smashing outfit.  She was grinning big time at this point and spent some time on the ride home wondering which one she would wear to church tomorrow.  Either one will make her a total smash.  I know she will get lots of compliments whichever she chooses.  I'll try to snap some pictures of the jackets. 

We had lunch at a charming tea room and we both chose their mandarin orange chicken salad plate special which came with fresh fruit and raisin bread.  Ever so tasty and beautifully presented - complete with doilies. 
View IMAG0098.jpg in slide show

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poodle Skirts and Jean Jackets

This morning I decided I'd work hard and fast to clean the house so that job would be behind me.  Thought it was a good idea to keep it clean and neat.  Wonder how long that goal will last?  Well, at least I made it one day! 

Late this morning I saw a picture online of a pasta salad, and my heart started turning cartwheels immediately since that's one of my favorite foods.  And of course, I had to make one.  While the pasta cooked, I chopped onions, peppers, tomatoes, chives, olives, ham, etc.  Tossed with a smidgen of mayo and other great things, I had one terrific dish.  To round out the meal there were green beans, squash, and beets.  Ever so yummy.  There is just a tad left so I'm looking forward to another serving for lunch tomorrow.

One of my neighbors wants me to start walking with her several mornings a week.  That would be good for me.  Hope she doesn't go too fast for me...she's about 10 years younger and something happened to the spring in my joints about 10 years ago.  Then there are the hills around this neighborhood!  I'll be panting by the time I get to the top.  But would be good for me to get out walking.  Losing weight would be a plus.  Yep, I need to do it.  Maybe tomorrow I can head out - even if it's by myself. 

We had a great time tonight - went to a dinner with a bunch of people from church, some we knew and some new ones.  The people are so friendly at this church which I love.  Many came up to us and chatted and seemed genuinely interested in meeting us.  The theme was "The 50's" and many of them came in poodle skirts, rolled up jeans, little scarves around the neck, white tee shirts, jean jackets, etc.  One of the ladies took lots of pictures of couples, singles, and many of the entire group. She's going to put them up on a bulletin board at church.  Can't wait to see them.

We went to Wal-Mart this evening and picked up several things - one of which was bread.  We have some ripe tomatoes and I'm thinking a tomato sandwich would just hit the spot! One thing I MUST do in the morning is to head over our insurance company  since our policy lapses tomorrow at noon on our vehicles so I need to get that paid for another six months. Sure am thankful I noticed the bill peeking out from under a few papers today.  The check is written but I need to go in person to pay it since I've waited too late to do it online.  I'm usually good at keeping things like this up to date.  Surely, this forgetfulness isn't a sign of old age!!  Gracious - I just retired and now the body and mind is going fast!  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grand Day II

We had a good time today - Day II of grandsitting.  They actually don't need much watching, just keeping them busy and happy, which comes rather naturally with these two.  They are pleasant and fun to be around.

The first stop was Adventure Land in Winston-Salem today.  We played several games of miniature golf and then the little guys spent the rest of the time in the bumper boats.  It was a hot day with lots of hot concrete.  Whew.  Had to cool down with HUGE glasses of drinks to keep from dehydrating. There were quite a few grandparents with grandkids at the park.  Guess they were trying to  get a day of fun in before school starts Monday.   

Then we finished our outing with a meal at Chick Fil-A.  They have great chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. Nolan fell asleep in the car on the way home then took a nice long nap when we got back to the house.  Nathan...well, that boy just doesn't seem to need much sleep, even at night. 

I washed two loads of laundry - mostly sheets - and then put a clean set on each bed.  Also fixed a supper of spaghetti, rolls, and salad.  We had pound cake smothered in strawberries and bananas with a dollop of whipped topping for dessert.  Everything was good.  Wendy and Brian seemed so appreciative of the meal since it is difficult to get everything done with full-time jobs.  I remember how difficult it is to simultaneously juggle home and job.  

We're back home now and the suitcases are unpacked and  everything put away.  We're left with a few photos and lots of  memories.    

Monday, August 20, 2012

Well Stacked

11:45am:  The grands are having fun - spent lots of time stacking cups this morning - which seems to be a sport gaining in popularity.  They went to Houston in July for the national competition and won one bronze, one silver, and one gold between them.  I've actually learned how to do a few stacks myself with their able teaching.  Of course, they beat me at 1/5 of my speed, but hey, I've improved since I started, actually shaving off a second and a few hundredths of a percent! Not bad for day one.  No pictures of me.  But here are two of the boys practicing.  They spend at least one hour a day practicing.  Heard that some of the winners at the national cup stacking Olympics practice up to 3 hours a day. 

The stacking in the pictures goes from 3 stack sets of 12 cups through designated steps to finish in the original order of stacks.  Truly goes quickly - all in less than 10 seconds.  Their hands whiz back and forth and I'm impressed.  They have timers set in their practice boards.      

The cable guy has come and gone.  Brian set up a time for them to come to connect cable upstairs into the newly finished media room so they can get internet.  Right now the boys are watching cup stacking videos on the internet. Then they run back to theirs and try to beat their previous times.  Whew, I have to sit down to rest just watching them!

They are really fun to be around, quite mature for their ages with sweet dispositions, and very helpful. We took the dog out this morning and I was trying to put his collar on when Nolan looked up at me and said, "You're not used to dogs, are you?"  It's hard to fool a dog and a kid.  But I got the collar on!  Who knows, maybe they were timing me!!

Sweetz had them outside in their garden this morning picking the beans, tomatoes, and peppers.  I washed the veggies and they are now stacked on the counter to impress their parents!  Sweetz has found lots of small walnut trees all over the back and side yards which he has knew needed to be dug up as they are way too close to the house and if let alone to grow, will be a huge problem in the future. 

Nolan just beat his fastest cup stacking score.  It's now 9.47 seconds.  Truly amazing speed!! Mine?  Well, mine is more in the Nana range. 

I have definitely caught the stacking cup fever.  I'm down to 36 seconds.  Pretty good for the Nana age group.  And this is day ONE.  Surely I can improve that score if I can ever get to the cups.  The younger guys have really been on them to day.  It is addictive.  Maybe I should just order myself a set...and a mat...and a timer...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Shorter Guys

Sweetz and I are at our son's house preparing to stay with the shorter guys for two days.  Seems the daycare is closed for these two days so we're filling in some to help out so mom and dad can work and not take any more vacation days. School doesn't start in this county for another week.  We've got nice rooms up on the second floor and chilling with the TV and computer until bedtime.  Everyone else is fast asleep - bet I need to head to bed myself since morning will come early around here with these early risers.  And Sweetz and I are rather out of practice of getting up early.    

The boys are sweet and quite well mannered so we'll have a good time these two days.  I plan to post a few pictures in the next couple of entries.  Stay safe.   

Friday, August 17, 2012

Rewarding Day

Ahhhh, it's Friday.  Can't prove it by me, but that's what the calendar reads.  Same home tasks every day, hard to keep up with the day of the week.  Hubby worked in the garden today, dug the remainder of the potatoes and planted some more seeds - thinking he said lettuce and spinach.  We never had spinach before, but I enjoy a few leaves in a salad occasionally.  Anyway, there is room in the garden for a few fall things. While he was toiling in the garden, I made a coffee cake.  Sure was good.  It's a recipe I've used hundreds of times as my boys grew up.  Had to cook constantly to keep those empty silos filled.  But today, there is still plenty left - no hungry guys pulling up chairs to the table with forks ready.  Nope, and I actually got to sit down and enjoy a piece on a little plate with music playing in the background.  Ahhh, rewards finally come to busy moms once the little Sweetz ones grow up and move on to start families of their own.  I don't care for coffee, so my coffee cake should actually be called tea cake!      

Knowing I had only a short time frame to get the basil saved, today became the day to process up a bit of basil paste.  Just named it myself.  No recipe, so made one up to be able to save it to use during the off season.  Basil leaves are extremely fragile, so care must be the first frost will kill the plants.  Another reason to keep picking and saving what I can harvest as it grows.  Basil makes a great addition to so many dishes, especially those with tomato.  The word "yum" comes to mind as I let my brain soar to tasty foods that I love.  It's now in a baggie frozen solid.  One more thing crossed off my to-do list. 

There was a logo on a white blanket that had constantly irritated me.  I have vowed to do something about that for two years.  Today became the solution to that situation: I painted over it!!

Last night I doodled a few drawings and this little bird was the one that won.  It's whimsical, and I like whimsical sometimes.  The end result:  a white blanket with a darling blue bird painted over the irritating logo. 

And I do not know why the pictures are doing their own thing tonight.  Popping out wherever they wish and the type is blue and underlined when I did not request that. Nor did I request a centered text in the section before the blue one.  All my type changes to those portions don't last, so underlined small blue font or centered font will remain.  It doesn't amount to a hill of beans anyway's there and after all, it might be the best thing to do in those sections anyway.  Things could be worse and I'm tired and not caring one way or the other.  After all, the bird isn't real and we might as well smile and enjoy some amusement.  :-) 

Finished my book, it wasn't all that great - rather frivolous and shallow.  I'm hoping the other library books in my stash will be deeper and more satisfying.     

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughtful Dude

Driving around today we saw this accident. 

I was thrilled to see all the people standing around so apparently no one was hurt.  The lady looked pregnant and was....gag... smoking!  Hasn't anyone told her that this is NOT good! Sweetz stopped so I could grab a picture. 

It's always a blessing to have plenty of storage in  your home. We saw this on a drive recently and I casually mentioned to Sweetz that I'd like to snatch a picture of it and he pulled in so I could snap a few pictures.  Nice guy, think he's a keeper!  This was HUGE, sitting out front of a large 19-floor furniture showroom. One would have to walk under that big armoire to get in the front door! 

One day I casually mentioned that I wanted some more letter blocks so I could spell out words - like Boo at Halloween; Thankful at Thanksgiving; Celebrate on a birthday; Love on Valentine's Day.  Well, a few hours later, he brought me a box of blocks he had made. And he made them the same size as the original.    

Maybe I should spell out the word Thoughtful in his honor!

And now I need to paint letters on each one.  I have lots of ideas for projects so I really need to settle down and get a few of them done.

Brian asked us to "babysit" the grands for a couple days next week. So, we'll be at their house and I intend to take my camera.  There are lots of photo ideas flying through my brain for Christmas gifts so I intend to take lots of pictures of the boys.   

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No Parlsey Today

We had a bit more rain this afternoon.  I didn't look at the rain gauge because the rain didn't last long.  The skies have looked like rain most of the day until late this afternoon when the sun peeked through for a mere few minutes.  Didn't last - the clouds returned and thundering began in the distant.  But rain, it did. 

I harvested large quantities of herbs this morning.  They were washed and inspected, bad leaves and old stems removed, etc.  Now, piles of fresh herbs (basil, sage rosemary, and thyme,) are drying on towels on the kitchen counter.  And the aroma...well, it's divine.  I fixed grilled cheese pininis for lunch which were divine as well.  And no herbs were added.  Actually, didn't need any...the aroma was in the air.  Just normal breathing brings them into the respiratory system and we are left with - well, what could be described as...satisfactory sniffing sensations. And no, I wasn't singing the song: Parsley, Sage, Rosemany, and Thyme.  And yes, I do have parsley, but it wasn't ready to snip today. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Prefer Smiles

It was a silly day, a restful day, and a SOMEwhat productive day.  So, I can't complain.  Had a visit from a dear lady and had to work hard to get her in a better mood.  Some folks just seem to need a bit of help to find their smiles.  Visited with mom today and gave her the piece of jewelry that I repaired.  She's going to a wedding Saturday and wanted to wear it but unfortunately it had lost a rhinestone right in the middle.  So, I fixed it and it looked like new.  Then she dropped it in the driveway!!! I checked it out and it survived.  Whew, for a few seconds I was thinking I might be needed for another jiffy jewelry repair...

We had a bit of a rain today.  Mr Weatherman said we had a chance for an evening shower and indeed he was right.  It came down right hard and afterward I checked the rain gauge and there's nearly an inch of water.  Glad to have it, but do wish we had had some of it in July when it was so dry.  But we survived and most of the garden did too. 

Sweetz told me again today that the garden was hit hard by the drought.  I think he lost half of the strawberry patch.  They will come back with their numerous runners so we'll have a few strawberries this coming spring.  The garden is on its way out anyway this time of the summer and we are getting less produce every day.  But we have enough beans anytime we want plus a few limas, and tomatoes.  There's nothing like fresh garden produce. Thankfully, Sweetz loves to garden so we'll have a garden as long as he is physically able.  And able he is - even at his ripe age of 68.  Wow, where do the years go?  Now I have a question... when I get 68 will I be ripe?  

I spent a bundle of time today going through old records, bills, and all sorts of documentation.  That stuff adds up so quickly, but I always know when it's time to prune - that's when there's no room to add more.  Today was shred day.  And our shredder got a workout too, even shut down twice because it got overheated, and twice with clogs.  Me?  Stuffing too much in at a time?!?  Actually, the directions clearly states that it can handle up to six pages at a time.  I only did that once and it didn't like it.  So, I usually only sent 2, maybe 3, sheets in at a time.  But it's not a happy shredder.  And I want a happy shredder.  So, we compromised - I shredded some and then let it rest.  Tomorrow should be a good day to finish that job.  And some laundry too.  Always something to do.  But that's ok, I don't really want to read ALL DAY anyway...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It Was An AWESOME Experience

We traveled to High Point today to meet candidates Romney and Ryan.  It's been years since I've been inclined to go to a rally for a candidate.  But with the experience our country is living through for the past nearly four years, I felt compelled to go. 

The drive, the long lines, the long wait (we were EARLY), the screening, the masses, the heat. Well, none bothered me. I only saw one other person I knew but I talked to many others who were from varied towns across Piedmont North Carolina. Everyone was ready for a change for our country.
Two super nice Romney aid-ettes posed with me

Once inside there were several area and state candidates who spoke for just a few minutes each.  We recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag and sang the National Athem. A tribute was made to the vets in the audience which was touching. 

Then both the Ryan and Romney families entered.  Ryan gave a great speech right from the heart.  Romney finished the event with a rousing speech ending with his five points for improving America.  It was a great experience and one I won't forget for a long time.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Entertaining Day

A girlfriend and I met today at a Japanese restaurant for some share time.  Our chef was entertaining as he lifted twirling raw eggs with a spatula.  There was even things flying through the air and landing in his hat.  At one point he created a fire erupting from an onion volcano.  I had filet mignon which was so tender I could almost gum it down. 

I thought this was interesting as I moved up and down roads today.  Wasn't sure what I was observing until it turned into a driveway in front of me and I realized it was a homemade camper built on the back of a pickup. 

Entertaining day but this was nowhere near the jaw-dropping expressions at some the People of Wal-Mart photos that a friend forwarded to me today.  What's with the trend of "men" wearing heels, pink tights, pantyhose, jewelry, thongs, etc!! Ghastly.  I prefer my men to be manly men. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

By A Hair's Breadth

I had a haircut scheduled this morning.  Yep, an appointment which led me to the big city...ok, ok, up the road to a wider place in the road.  Ms. Scissorlady had her scissors sharpened and was waiting with the customer wrapper in hand.  But first it was to the back for a shampoo.  Felt wonderful.  Do believe I irritated her though when I got to the front chair.  But after all, it's my head she's snipping on and it has to be front and center for 6 weeks til the next appointment.  We don't agree on some of the finer points of snipping, but most of the time I let her take the scissors in her direction...with just a bit of counsel from me. 

Today, must not have been a good day in her book.  No give at all.  So, after a few comments I shut up.  Sometimes you just KNOW when it's time to talk and when it's not. I gave her a few clues to my happiness and after that I clammed up tighter than a clam.  I do like the haircut though.  I told her too.  Not sure she believed me.  But she's probably still fuming with some choice thoughts like, "Well, I TOLD you so!"  Whatever.  Maybe in 6 wks she will be in a better mood.  But it really gets my goat when people say that something CAN'T be done when you KNOW it can.  Point the scissors and snip!  We compromised.  Guess I'll go back for my next appointment...  

And my poor car's gas tank was getting really cozy with the E end.   Really, really low.  The first of the week our NC gas prices were $3.45.  Today, it was $3.55.  Come on now!  A10-cent gas price increase in less than a week!!!  OK, so I decided I'd roll on to VA and enjoy a little drive and save some buck$.  Their prices right over the line was $3.37.  And to my way of thinking, that was worth the drive for a car nearly driving on fumes.  

Saw a lady today that I knew years ago, haven't seen each other in a decade or so.  We struck up a conversation, got caught up with each other's lives, and then parted to our own lives once again.  It's always fun to run into old acquaintances and talk the blank years through.  

Tomorrow I will be meeting a friend for lunch and some girl talk.  That should be fun.  Not sure where we're going, but the location doesn't matter, because it's all about the reconnection.  Wonder if she will notice my haircut...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just a Tad Here and There

And what excitement did you have today?  Not every day has to be one of those with a whopping score of 10.  I'd say a tad of a 3 can allow relaxing calm to the point that renewal makes it to the last nerve.  Ahhh, deep breaths.

The Mister had a few errands today and one was to a new friend's house to help him with a project.  During the visit he also got our rain barrel repaired.  And a tour of Don and Betsy's 5th wheel with 3 slides.  Now, that's roughing it!  Our Lil' that's a tad smaller. 

Last evening we had a sprinkle.  There was a tad in the bottom already - one of those unusual amounts where it's hard to hang a hat on. Together the amount measured a "tad" over 1/2 inch.  It's a keeper.

I worked on my little volunteer project and got it finished and emailed to the chaplain last night. Not a huge task but hopefully one which will make the mailing a tad easier.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wishing Wells

Had a little rain last evening - about 1/4" maybe.  Glad it wasn't a gully washer.  Big Guy pulled down two large tree limbs that were caught high in the tree.  These had broken during the storm we had Friday night.  It's good that these are now removed so they won't fall on unsuspecting heads during a walk around the yard.  The butterfly bushes that I pruned are now in bloom again and the butterflies are having a feast at the buffet.  I haven't seen a monarch so far this season but I think they come through in the fall on their way to Mexico or South America or wherever they live during the winter. 

The skies have clouded over completely now and it looks like we could receive a big drenching.  Or this front could move through to another area.  Our Friday evening 5 inches was plenty and we will gladly share this rain with other towns.  The garden is having a hard time surviving all that water.  Our soil is red clay which soaks up rain and holds it which at this point is not a good thing.  But things will be what they will be.  Told Farmer Sweetz that we had a good garden and everything was delicious this year.  If we get nothing else from the garden, it will be fine.  I cooked down a pot of tomatoes this morning which are cooling so I can put them in the freezer - or I might use them in a dish of some sort.  What I'm really really really wanting is homemade cookies.  Umm, wonder if they will be real or just remain a figment of my imagination?  Maybe tonight if the temps don't rise too much, I will bake a batch.  It's 84* right now and that isn't bad this time of year.
But first Sweetzman and I are headed to the doc's office in a bit for an appointment to see if the man in the white jacket can determine the reason for my guy's elevated PSA lab result.  Lord willing, this will be a minor situation.  We plan to grab some grub afterward to finish our day.  Big Guy suggested a buffet restaurant. Seems a waste of money to me since I don't eat enough to justify the price.  

We have been reviewing and revising the western ho fall trip.  Hope it works out that we can actually go.  I understand it is still quite hot down there - so we will wait.          

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Little Bit of Family Time

It was nice seeing some of our family today.  Wayne's 68th birthday would have been yesterday so it was nice spending some time with Linda (his wife) and Glenn (his son). I set the camera on a tripod and with the timer clicking, I ran to bring some beauty to the back row.  

Glenn treated us to a nice lunch at a steakhouse in town and we enjoyed sitting around the table afterward sharing some quality family time.

I took a few pictures in the backyard and we squeezed in all the time we could before they had to head back to the Raleigh area. 

Linda had a surprise for me which she pulled out of the back of the car right before they left - it was an old tape that I had sent Wayne when he was in Vietnam during his years in the Navy aboard the USS Okinawa.  She even brought a reel-to-reel player so I could listen to it.  We listened to a few minutes of it - and it was strange to hear my voice discussing some of my college life: classes, roommate, life away from home.   

Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Been Exciting

Our day was rather normal until I received a emergency flood watch alarm on my cell phone.  And then the action began soon after.  What started as a few scattered raindrops ended with a storm that would rival a tropical hurricane.  Lightning, thunder, rain, and winds.  Not your average in any of these categories - would be better described as the upper end.  But we survived after the electricity got knocked out, even lost my cellphone coverage for awhile.  It was fascinating even though a bit scary, even found myself hanging out at the doors and windows.  Probably not the best thing but better than the minutes I actually stood outside under the front porch.  But I didn't want to miss anything!  We received more than five inches of rain in that 30 minutes - that is some downpour. 

Then after it was over, I've enjoyed watching the excitement of the Olympics taking place in London.  The USA has had some outstanding athletes and it's been a real joy watching the swimming and gymnastics this year.  Oh, there are other competitions and they have all been wonderful.  But winning those gold medals and even breaking records - quite a time of pride for our country for all the athletes' hard work.  

Thursday, August 2, 2012


My nephew and sister-in-law will be coming Saturday for a visit.  It will be good to see them again.  Linda lives outside of Washington, DC, and Glenn lives in Raleigh suburbs.  Glenn's wife has been traveling for work this week so since she returns Friday night, he doubts she will be coming here.  I'm sure she would love to have some downtime with the kids - don't blame her at all.  Bet she sleeps late too.  Sleeping late is always such a treat anytime you can accomplish it!  I've invited our son and family to come also but haven't heard from them.  It would be understandable that they might be tied up with activities of their own.    

We've continued to enjoy some garden produce - enough for some veggies every day - even while sharing them with friends and mom.  Mom has two tomato plants and they are producing some large tomatoes so she doesn't need ours anymore.  That's ok, I've been cooking them down to make tomato sauce and freezing them in baggies.  Cooked ripe tomatoes are simply beautiful.  I've canned a few jars but mostly have been freezing the cooked sauce in the baggies.  Might regret that decision if the electricity fails us this winter. 

Sweetz has an appointment with a urologist next week to check out his pipes to see why his PSA results are still a bit higher than norm.  He has been so healthy for so many years, it seems odd for him to have physician appointments. It's not fun to see the little appointment cards clipped to the front of the fridge. Maybe this doc visit will be the last one for awhile. 

The Olympics coverage has been fun to watch this year.  The USA has the edge on the total gold metals at this point and I enjoyed cheering our lady rowers and mens volleyball teams to victory.  My favorite sports so far has been the swimming and gymnastics.  Amazing what endurance and speed they all have.  I was never good at either one when I was in school - and I'm sure the coaches were thrilled when I graduated.