Monday, November 21, 2011

A Tee Shirt Kind Of Day

What a gorgeous day we had here :)  Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous  The temps went into the 70s so I really enjoyed our gorgeous fall day! Sweetz and I mowed Mom's yard beginning late morning. Big Cheese rode the riding lawnmower while Weaker Vessel used the push mower in her back yard.  To be truthful, the back yard is much smaller but still a workout for this geezer.  But I made it and although I was tired, it was a good workout. The leaves were fairly thick so I had to make a second swing and in some areas I could have gone an additional circuit but decided I was just too tired.

After a short rest, I swept her screened porch and put everything back in its place.  Black bugs come onto the porch from under the wood edges at the floor on the outside edges, then die right there along the edge.  Yuck, lots of dead black bugs but away they went back into the flowerbeds.  No eulogy, no final words, no Scripture, no prayers, no flowers, no funeral...just scattered remains finding their final resting place among the plants where they probably began their lives.

This morning I helped Sweetz change the oil in the lawnmower and changed the spark plug plus something else that I don't know the name of.  Anyway, it worked like a charm and mom's yard is now mowed and the leaves have been mulched, neat as a pin. Although we worked hard, I still loved being outside in some unusually outstanding late November weather.  It began to cloud over late this afternoon with think, dark clouds.  A few scattered sprinkles hit the ground, but so far nothing more. Was thinking the rain would arrive on Wednesday but maybe I was daydreaming during the weather forecast...or planning a family Thanksgiving meal.

I started making a birthday card for my SIL this afternoon who has a birthday this week. Surely, I can have it ready by the 25th. Is that Thanksgiving Day?  Not sure - I will have to consult a calendar.  This retiree doesn't consult calendars very often, in fact sometimes I have trouble determining the correct day of the week.  And soon it will be 2012 and I'll have to struggle to remember to write that correctly. Sometimes I just want to say, "Stop the world, I want to get off" but that doesn't work.  We must walk this earth one step at a time and do our best each day.

I see the Congressional debt reduction supercommittee was not able to come up with an agreement. Not surprised. And the stock market sank on that prediction.  Tomorrow mom and I have been invited to a Christmas luncheon hosted by our financial advisor - wonder what she will say to do now?  Bet she'll say: "Let's keep things as they are and keep a close eye on them...things will eventually  improve".  Blah blah blah... Heard it Heard it Heard it...but not sure I believe that advice anymore.

Wal*Mart happily grabbed some of my grocery money this afternoon.  We will have a turkey for Thanksgiving - yep, I eventually settled on a traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey and the trimmings.  My healthy eating program will obviously suffer, but I will eat a bit of everything (well, not the macaroni and cheese) but hopefully smaller portions will prevail.  It would be a good idea to limit my food intake on Wednesday and Friday and throw in some additional exercise.  Sure.  Well, at least it sounds good!

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