Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will Winter Ever End?

Those are jonquils popping up through the oak leaves. I can hardly wait to see the yellow blooms. And tomorrow is MARCH. Ahhhh, surely there's hope for an earlier spring than the weatherman predicts. And the time change will occur in March too. Those bi-annual time swings always ruin my brain which has to be reset too. Takes several days even with planning and a nap.

I'm ever so tired of winter - such a bummer of a season. We have a few teensy piles of snow left in the yard, mostly where snow was piled when shoveling. There is more on the hills on the north side but surely that will melt. Surely. Pla-eaze. We are to have a few days of "warmer" weather, then Tue and Wed could bring more of the nasty stuff.

The weekend was nice, even squeezed in two naps this weekend. That's unusual but I was worn down from last week. Working past about age 50 begins to take a toll on the body and mind. It slips in on you like a fog moving through a mountain. You ignore it, hoping it's just your imagination. But then by 60, you know you're on borrowed time. Just don't want the boss to figure it out so you have pretend and work harder than the others just to attempt to cover it. I actually think I'm doing pretty well in the actress department. Notes and lists on the desk are perfectly acceptable. Helps to make me look efficient, but no one has to know that sometimes those lists rekindle the brain to stay on course. Just for 8 hours though. Then it's time to grab the coat and the keys and regain your personal life and what's really important.

Those people in Chile, they don't have a normal life right now. More than 700 have lost their lives in the earthquake. I can't even imagine how the survivors must feel - and there's no pretending there. And a list won't help. Their jobs, their markets, their homes, their places of worship are in desolation. Those 700 have families who are now ripped apart. Our country has its problems too, but we are alive and our difficulties pale in comparison to the wrenching needs of the people devastated in this one snippet of time. We should be thankful. And I am.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's a weekend again. That feeling is EVER so pleasing. Thinking about it makes me smile from head to toe. Of course one only lasts 48 hrs but I intend to squeeze out all the gusto I can. Even means a brownie tsunami complete with ice cream and a cherry. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. The scales won't be happy, but I was. Sometimes we just have to let go and do something for ourselves...on a weekend, of course.

I'm ever so thankful no one was hurt or damage done on the Hawaii islands, but the way the news people had the tsunami built it up, you would have thought half of Hawaii would be under water. But, it was good for a practice tsunami drill. Hope any future ones end up the same... with just a bit of muddy water.

That tsunami dessert just threw me into a sugar high, then sugar low and then...well, not much better than a weekend nap. Yep, right in the middle of the day. Yahoo

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Out With the Old - Literally

We're to have a visitor this week - the preacher. Eeeeke, guess that means I need to keep the kitchen clean, the dining area neat, and the living room inviting. With just Sweetz and myself, how difficult can that be? A breeze, you say? Well, I'll try to keep it ready for company every night. But he better come this week and not wait till next week. I'll be pooped by that time!

Sweetz gathered my pile of laundry last night - and another one today...and washed them. Oh, my gracious! Half of the items are shrunk to toddler sizes since he didn't "know" to wash them in cold water and NOT put them in the dryer. Oh, but I was good - never said a word. Just thanked him for his help and nearly lost it after he left the room. Have been thinking what I should do. Talk to him - that's out because he wouldn't understand there's a cold setting on the washer and hangers and a rack for the hang-ups. After 41 years of marital bliss, I think I've learned a few things. Best leave the comments in my head. Anyhoo, now I have an excuse to head out to the shops and buy a few new clothes. I really hate shopping but I'll do that much because I need a few threads while I'm still working.

Speaking of work, my employer is slowly laying off people, a few here and a few months later another couple. Morale is low, and I must admit I've had my moments too. But at least I have my plans in order and if I must leave earlier, then I will. Hopefully with a smile because they made my retirement a bit faster than I had planned. Less money, mind you, but freedom nevertheless. Employment can be fun and exciting and rewarding. Yep, I've had some of those positions over my working career. Other times it has required more of a stretch to keep a smile. Paychecks can only help maintain that smile if there is stress in the workplace. This economy isn't helping matters in our facility as well as throughout the country.

Longevity and loyalty just doesn't seem to be enough for the company to keep you. A new management style pervades companies in these lean times. Out with old methods to make room for new paradiems and systems. Meetings and teams and committees are formed to study issues and formulate solutions that parallel the latest techniques preached by the marketing gurus supposedly adaptable for all the generations who work together. Gadgets are beeping and buzzing and keeping one on time and informed. No overhead paging is required while one is connected to Big Brother for the entire 8 hours.

Retirement snug in a camper seems more and more inviting...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Is That Yellow I See?

I cut and brought in some forsythia branches a week ago and put them in a pottery pitcher. Guess what? They have begun to burst forth with yellow flowers! YESSSS, spring is just around the corner. Or that's what I'm trying to convince myself. This has been a long winter with long dark evenings. Oh, there's TV but that doesn't interest me much anymore. I want to be outdoors enjoying the fresh scents of the season. And fresh sprouts. And new shoots and blooms. Fluffy white clouds in a sea of blue sky.

Our son came to visit today while I was at work. Ummm, wonder what Sweetz and Son talk about all day while I'm slaving away? I ask him but he's evasive and responds in generalities. That doesn't give me much to go on. Oh well, maybe he'll feel more like sharing tomorrow. He did tell me that one of the katz hid in the heater today when our son came to the door. Last week when Larry the Cable Guy came to put in a new computer modem, Holly scooted downstairs when the doorbell rang. I didn't see a whisker of that kat until Larry TCG had to be miles away, although the other one remained curled on the sofa and barely twitched an ear. Not sure when Holly developed this huge fear of visitors. Neither one likes strangers but usually just cautiously watch from their napping spots.

It's supposed to be warmer this weekend and I'll be glad to see the snow melting and will even appreciate the resulting soggy soil. Just take this dirty snow away. Give me a promise of spring. Maybe tomorrow I can get away for some photography time. Maybe there will be something worth sharing in a future blog. If not, that will be ok too. A Nikon at the eye is worth a million bucks. A peaceful way to calm and refresh the spirit. It's been a long, hard, stressful week. A weekend of peace sounds like just what I need.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dust Bunnies

Surely you have those creatures too. They hide under things and silently glide across my hardwood floors avoiding my probing duster. Oh well, they will hide and then grow till there's no place left to hide. Surely I can find them the next time I grab my dust mop. Sweetz volunteered to take over the house cleaning a few years ago. hehe Little did he realize how involved that job is. Guess I did too good of a job all our married life. Surely to him it looked like a pie job. HAAA. So now I "assist", mostly when he's not around - which saves his pride. Definitely the "fluffing" is my job. Decorating is definitely not his forte. He would be comfortable in a barn - just mucking it out occasionally and throwing down some fresh straw when needed. But being married to me doesn't allow him that option. It's me or the barn. He's chosen me. Aren't I the lucky one!

I still haven't finished painting the master bath. Seems I just can't find the incentive nor energy to complete that project. So many other things to occupy my time and thoughts. This week it's the Olympics and reading. So many things interest me that it's difficult to get everything done. A to-do list helps me stay focused, but usually a burst of energy is all that's needed. But they are coming at a slower pace too. What's the rush? Life is to be lived and experienced and savored. Dust bunnies can stay in the corners until I get motivated - or company is expected.

DST with it's welcome spring forward an hour is most welcome this year. Days will be much more exciting as they stretch out with more light. Then spring will be around the corner and we can get outdoors to enjoy more freedom. Winters are the pits. Since I'm not a cold weather being, I tend to stay where it's warm. I'm really, really, really looking forward to spring. Plus then I won't notice the dust bunnies as often.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Patience Is A Virtue

Valentine's Day/weekend was nice. I had a baker friend make a NY style cheesecake for me which was ever so delicious. But it was my own recipe. The sour cream makes it ever so yummy. He loved it. He gave me cologne and candy. I told him no jammiegrams, no blooms, no hoodie footies. Thought it would be a book since he fooled me off with clues of authors and book store ramblings. He's so good at throwing me off. Cologne is good - he gets to enjoy it too.

It's still cold around here, sure am anticipating spring! This is not my favorite time of the year but hopefully warmer weather will arrive soon. Snow scenes are beautiful but ever so tiring after this seemingly long winter. And I like to be chipper and happy and enthusiastic but cold winters with shorter days make life more challenging. On a happier note, recent rain and a few degrees of warming has cleared some of the snow away. See, everything isn't all gloom - but I'm still ready for daffodils. And the branches of forsythia I brought it to force to bloom??? --- well, they are teasing me. But a hint of color is right on the tips, a cross between a spring green and yellow. Surely, it won't be long now before it rewards me with lovely yellow bursts. Soon. Yes, I will try to be patient...

Sweetz is getting energetic about looking for a larger RV. We've checked online and have found a few in our vicinity which seems to meet our financial and space requirements. He suggested we head out Sat to personally check out a few on his short list. Wow, now that sounds like my main guy is getting serious. I'll put the final decision in God's hands and let Him guide us - which and when...or not. We have a small RV now and each night we have to turn a sofa into a bed only to unmake it each morning so feel if we're going to spend any time at all traveling, more room and a separate bedroom would be more comfortable. That way Sweetz can have a place to go when he's in the doghouse!! LOL Would be alot easier if the Sweetzes had a bit more $avings to spend - or a rich uncle, but we'll see Saturday how much our collected pennies can buy. Also we'll determine how motivated sellers are in this depressed economy. Ahhhh, but we will be sitting in their seat sometime when we are trying to unload our little prized RV ourselves. Will we be motivated sellers? Of course! Unseen places still call my name and it sounds like Sweetz is hearing the same call. Hitch itch as some call it. I moved around alot during my childhood so seeing different places will be exciting. Roots are nice, but we can return "home" to see friends and family - on our schedule. Nice to think about that part - self-scheduling. Our own itinerary. Ummm, has a very alluring ring to it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

16 Legs

Here's a picture of the four deer standing in the snow one morning. They stood at attention and didn't move much except for their heads as they kept an eye on the neighborhood. Must admit they are beautiful but don't like them nibbling my beans down in the summer.

We keep our potted gardenia plant on the patio during most of the year but it gets pampered inside during the winter since it's one of those tropical type. It rewards us with blooms all winter and it's awesome seeing the progression of buds to blooms. And the smell! I'm convinced there will be gardenias in heaven.

Ahhh, it's FRIDAY!!! Another week in the pot. Snow is predicted again this weekend and just got an email from a friend who lives near the SC/NC border who wrote it had just started snowing there. Wow, this is the third weekend in a row. Good thing I ordered and picked up a NY cheesecake for Sweetz, one of his favorites. Stopped after work to pick up a bag of Valentine candy and thought I'd decorate the top with some. Might pipe some icing on it too, who knows what ideas will win out for the final look. I usually just go for it and see what happens and tweak things as I go. I seldom copy someone's ideas, just use stuff I have. Thought I'd try to do something different since the cherry pie filling over the top is just soooo ordinary now. And he deserves something special...if only for putting up with me all these years.

Just peeked outside and there's no snow floating down yet, but I'll keep looking. Don't really want any to be truthful. Enough already! Another friend from NJ emailed today and attached some pictures of a vase of forsythia stems she cut to force to bloom. I was jealous and tromped out to our forsythia plants and cut enough to stuff comfortably in a pottery pitcher. I'll let you know if it works. Yeah, I emailed back to confess that I was a copycat. She won't mind, but will be honored I liked her idea. They have a gorgeous yard - she and hubby spend most of their days outside so it is quite a showcase. But now they are housebound with several feet of snow but they keep the bird feeders filled and have hundreds of birds right near their windows each day. And they send pictures of cardinals and even bluebirds right near the windows. Oh, and hummingbirds at their feeders too. We have a nandina plant that is right under the roofline which sports a beautiful ice creation from the snow melting off the roof.

We received two darling Valentines from the grands today. They are propped on my kitchen shelf so we can enjoy their little creations for several days. Now, if I could just live up to the poem they included. Me? Special? Well, as long as they think so I will love every minute. Now, if this snow stuff would QUIT, we'd head down the road to their house to see them. Hope they enjoyed my Valentines too. I made them especially for two precious little boys who have won my heart.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We haven't had snow since last weekend for which I am thankful. Most everything is still white but there are patches of ground showing through now - nothing like the blizzards farther north. I hear even Texas had some snow - looks like God likes to share the white stuff. Now rain is predicted. Doesn't sound as bad at first glance but too much rain can cause lots of problems too. We have lots of downed trees in our area - looks like a war zone. Mostly pines.

Went to Verizon today after work and bought myself a little phone - nothing fancy. I dropped mine a month ago and now it doesn't close right. Decided I needed to replace it before I was completely without phone access. It has no bells, no whistles, no email, no GPS, no apps, no internet. You know --- a PHONE. Sure, I'd love one of those nicer ones with all the extras, but then I'd be on that thing all day and it wouldn't be for phone calls either. I use my computer at work on breaks for personal stuff so I stay connected as much as I really need. At home, I'm on too much.

Someone sent me an email today with a link to determine how long I would live. Yipes. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or drive without a seat belt, but still it's not good. And my lack of exercise is consistent with my cyber use. Maybe I could use a treadmill. I could prop my laptop on it and I could climb hills and run marathons while reading blogs and the news. Then I could live two extra years with wrinkled skin and a brain that has forgotten everything except long ago experiences. Doesn't sound like a good trade to me right now. I'm at the stage now that I don't need to hide anything because I couldn't find it myself. But I'm happier now than I've been in years. But maybe that's because I can't remember anything else. hehe Ahhh, might as well maintain a sense of humor and only buy ripe bananas...just in case...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring wishes

I've been without power at home for awhile. Now, we have power but no cable internet. Talk about having to figure out how to entertain myself during the evenings. Wow, I'm a sad case. What did I do before internet? But I've cooked a bit more and done some laundry and read a whole lot. Oh, and taken pictures of the snow and ice. Several deer were in the yard standing in the snow over the weekend so took some pictures of them. We were to have some wicked winter weather today but so far it's a no-show. Whew, I think we lucked out on this one. I'm write this on my laptop at work during lunch break just to stay connected. Ahhhh... Each night I anticipate internet service. Maybe tonight... Stay warm and enjoy your days.