Friday, November 18, 2011


I obviously needed some downtime today so I took it easy and allowed myself to rest.  This morning I felt like I was coming down with a cold: sneezing, running nose, achy, etc. So felt taking things slower and resting was the order of the day.  At one point this afternoon, I laid down on the bed and took a short nap, not long, but hopefully enough to give my cold a chance to disappear and not return -- ever.  That's a big wish, but wouldn't it be nice if we could wish good things for ourselves each day! 

Sudoku, library books plus TV, piano, and computer have been close by today.  No excuses, no laziness - just some needed rest.  And now I can report I'm feeling much better, nose isn't running, and the sneezes have stopped.  I did snip the branches off a geranium and put them in water hoping they will root this winter and I can enjoy new plants next spring to help spread the joy.  Then I repotted the pruned mother plant in a smaller container to overwinter indoors.  I have one more geranium to snip, but don't have a pot handy - maybe tomorrow I'll get that one done. 

We had a frost this morning - temp was 31* at first light so nothing will survive outdoors much longer.  I brought in my fern today from the front porch and have it hanging in a kitchen window.  I'll get tired of its fronds jiggling in my hair and move it to another window but for now it's green and keeps the memory of warm days fresh in my mind.  Winters are so tiresome, so seemingly unending and depressing.  Makes me ponder how the early pioneer women survived the cold winters in their log cabins, lean-to's, and sod huts.  I am blessed and have so many more options than those hearty folk who worked diligently for even the smallest things. Yes, we are blessed and I am thankful.

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