Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some Things Fall

Dr. Tooth saw me this morning to insert my new crown.  Wow, no problem at all.  Zip zip and it was done and fits like it was made just for me...well, it was!  And the co$t, well, I won't go there.  You know, the cost is understandable because it was a perfect fit and custom made just for me. I'm still shuddering under the sticker shock. Now that I don't have dental insurance, the payment is all mine too, custom made just for me.  Sigh.

While I was in the big chair, Sweetz was in another chair getting a haircut.  He arrived back at the office just I was finished so we decided to grab some lunch.  We both chose chicken tenders, not exactly on my diet plan, but hopefully the rest of my day's meals made up for it.  Really need to get back to eating healthy at all meals.  That's my goal.  But I know I will sometimes fall off the GoodFoods wagon and won't beat myself up.  I'll just try better tomorrow. 

My friend from NJ sent me some photos today of her fall decorations.  My, what talent of putting a few things together and making it look fabulous.  Her pictures got my decorating juices flowing so gathered a few things, moved and shifted and propped and stood back and looked...well, I tried.  Should I send her a picture of my creation and see what my grade is?  Well, that would take guts!

The fall foliage color changes each day and today's was duller with more oranges turning to browns with an occasional tree brilliant in her reds.  More leaves fell today but after all, that's the gig of this season coming to an end. Could be sad, but I'll try to keep optimistic knowing this too shall pass.

These pictures were taken as the sun was setting so not as bright as earlier today, but I still thought the colors were beautiful. 

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