Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old becomes new

It's that time again, seems the years roll faster downhill these days. That's ok in one respect - hopefully the time will seem shorter on the slide to retirement. Seems as my time gets shorter, I am deeper in thought about my favorite topic. Oh, I don't tell anyone at work. It's just my secret right now. But tonight is New Year's Eve. The end of the old and in with the new as the saying goes. What will this year bring? Surprises no doubt. And some of the usual. Guess the best way to deal with it is to plunge in and just do what needs to be done, one day at a time. Right now, it's winter. And it's colder than the past few years. Ummmm, is that global warming?

Tonight I've gone through our Christmas at the Beach photos and deleted a few. Now, I'm saving them to a CD. Time consuming but a necessary step to safeguarding the photos. Haven't counted them, but I would imagine it's close to 400. After this step, I need to order a set of prints of some of my favorites, would think 100 would do the trick. I even have a photo album ready - it's red. A gift from my DIL. Bless her heart - she knows I adore red. I've even been able to finish a book while running back and forth between computers saving the pictures - "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks. Pretty good. Mom gave me another book of his for Christmas - "The Last Song". Should I start it tonight? First, it's time to fix a bit of a snack for ushering in the new year. Won't Sweetz be pleased to see I haven't forgotten some for him. I can hear the neighbors shooting some fireworks. Before long the ball will drop in cold Times Square while I stay toasty by the fire. How do you bring in the new year?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sweetz made supper tonight, well, he usually does anyway since he's semiretired while I'm still working FT. Tonight we had spaghetti and since my mom loves his spaghetti, he invited her to join us. It was delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We sat around the table for a long time just chatting. She asked us how we felt about her getting another car...long story, short, we'll head out checking cars one weekend. She bought her last car on her own and I always felt she was "taken" to use a kind word.

We've put all the Christmas decorations away for another year. Well, I make it seem like it's quite a chore, but we really don't put out all of our decorations anyway. We've been going away for Destination Christmas for 3 years and it doesn't seem to make much sense to decorate too much here. So, anyway, that job is done and I have a few snowmen around to liven the place. We did decide to keep the quartet on the piano for a few more days.

I'm in the process of painting the master bath. The wallpaper is stripped, walls cleaned, spackled, sanded, and now awaiting the perfect paint color. Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should flip through some decorating mags to see if something strikes me as perfect. Not sure why it has to be so difficult for me. Then I need to buy a new mirror, a picture, curtains at the single window, etc. Should be exciting, but guess the winter isn't an exciting time to do re-do's. We are thinking of putting the house on the market in the spring so some things just have to be done. We had to buy a new microwave. Sweetz did it on his own today - bought a stainless one which fits in nicely. Maybe I'm not needed anymore. Well, someone has to fluff the pillows...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The thermometer is maintaining a low profile today. It's been cold enough that I'm ready for spring already. Snow, cold rain, shivers, fuzzy socks, flannel shirts, hot drinks. Yep, I'm voting for spring to return. Today was one of those days which slide by and you wonder why you didn't accomplish more. In essence, if one would study what I really did, alot was accomplished. No great hills climbed, or books written, but my all was given to my employer, The Sheriff, as I privately call the dear lady. Today, one of the employees got to talking about her upcoming retirement. That's a conversation that depresses my inner soul. So many people have come and gone, some by choice, others with a swift kick. They each leave an empty chair and a vacuum in my life. Some visit occasionally, some email to stay in contact, some even pick me up at the front door and share a chat over lunch. They look relaxed, they smile alot, they seem to take the time to smell the roses and share pictures of their grands. It's me that has to excuse myself to get back to the office. I'm on the clock - at least for now.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Mom is 88 today and gets around like a 50yo. Puts me to wondering if I have her genes or will I die much earlier. Whatever, I'm ready.

I had to return to work today after a idyllic week at the beach over Christmas and it was difficult to settle down mentally. Seven days, never enough time when away, but alas, back to work today I had to go. So many fond memories, reflections of both the sunrise on the water and of thoughts meandering through the brain. Sweetz and I were there with my mother, brother/wife. Five people in a beach house with 4 BRs. It was nice and we have so much to be thankful for. I must have taken over 300 pictures last week and I find myself looking at them on the photo frame or the computer over and over again. This is our 3rd year to bond during a destination Christmas...and yes everyone seemed to be in agreement that we wanted to repeat this tradition again next year. Maybe another beach. Why not? Home doesn't hold the grip it once did.

Last night I listened to Jaimie Bruzenak's Five Insider Secrets to FT RV'ing. Is that a possibility for us? Could Sweetz and I survive 24/7 togetherness in an RV? That and more questions clog the mind.

There are more months remaining in my working life than I care to count. Do they go faster as the end nears? Haven't told anyone my retirement date goal. Would hate to report it and then have to work after that date. No, I'll wait until I find the answer myself. I read many FT/PT travel blogs each night than I care to count which just fuels my longing for something beyond working. Wanderlust is scratching at the door. Should we? Can we? How much longer should I work? Is there enough money? In the meantime, I will continue to work and consider all the angles to this upcoming next phase in our lives.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The First Curve

Well, here I am blogging...imagine that! I've been reading blogs for over two years now and thought it was time to jump in the blog pool. I'll try to add to this as often as I can, perhaps even daily.

Sweetz and I along with mom and brother/wife went to the beach along the NC Crystal Coast for Christmas. What a life - would be easy to get used to. We've decided that when life hands you lemons, it's best to make lemonade and have a bit of fun along the way.