Friday, November 11, 2011

Dust Bunnies

Another day dies in the west.  Well, the sun's not down yet but it's on its merry way to the horizon.  Of course, the actual horizon is hidden from my view with trees.  But as the day dies, the trees burst into their last hurrah of golden hour golds and reds which makes this time of day such a treat. 

The weatherman predicts some cold temps tonight and then a nice weekend which might stretch into the first of the workweek. Now, that makes me wonder about something...if the work week is Monday through Friday, then what is it called for the retired?  I'll ponder that awhile.  Of course, I work, just not for a formal boss.  After the one I barely survived, this no-boss working is definitely preferred by whatever name the week holds.  

Linda, my SIL, called this afternoon and we chatted about this, that, and the other.  She will be arriving Wednesday of Thanksgiving week and will be staying several days.  She told mom and me to not plan any fancy meals, stating that sandwiches would be just fine with her.  Also, she didn't want us to go to any trouble doing any extra cleaning.  Does that mean I can now put my cleaning supplies away?  

I was doing a bit of maintenance cleaning since our son and family will be arriving in the morning to spend the day with us.  Surely didn't want them tripping over the dust bunnies that live here.  Anyway, if no one ever came to visit, then I would never clean the house! Sweetz went to the grocery store for a couple of items while I stayed home and finished the rest of the cleaning. Nice to not him underfoot for a few minutes.

There's a BBQ dinner at church tomorrow night and we signed up to attend.  Sounds like a perfect ending to a memorable day.  

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