Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Over The Hill

If our son turns 40 today, does that mean we're getting older too?  Naaaah.  I can vouch that since I started my healthier eating stage, I eat better and more.  Even though I'm slowly losing weight, I feel sooooo much better.  Unbelievably more energy.  I'm using the WebMD website and really doing well with their help.

We took our son out to eat for his birthday today.  He came from work and met us at a fabulous Italian restaurant north of Greensboro.  Great place.  Wonderful food.  Delightful server.

When we returned home, we changed clothes and headed to mom's to mow her lawn - you remember...the one on a HILLLL.  But we got 'er done.  Looks good.  Mom wasn't home but had gone with a group of people from her church to Wytheville to a dinner theatre.  I think she said they would be seeing "Smoke On The Mountain".  I'm tired but not as much as I was the previous time we mowed the yard.  Not sure why, but I just kept walking away until we had it finished. 

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