Thursday, November 17, 2011

Southern Christmas Show

Sweetz and I signed up to go on a day trip to Charlotte, NC, to the Southern Christmas Show with a group of people from our area.  So off we went to meet the van and the other nice people at 8am this morning.  Everyone was so nice and we had a great time.

After walking around a hundred or so vendors in the first (of three sections), we decided to sit and listen to a lady sing Christmas carols. 

She had a fabulous voice and at one point she came down from the stage and smiled at us and then asked Sweetz (all between verses of I'll be Home for Christmas) if he'd sing along with her in a duet.  He looked a bit helpless at first but went along with it and sang along with her on the last verse...and I must say he did real well!  I took a picture of his debut into his singing career!

And the two bags he's holding....I do believe those are my Christmas presents.  He's quite good at watching what I like and then going back to buy something I had admired.  Ummm, wonder what Santa picked out??? 

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