Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Around and About

Today was an around and about day - around and about the town running some errands.  Exchanged my library books for new ones.  Nothing compares to my grumpy mood when I don't have a book to read. But that situation was settled and I've already gotten deep into several chapters of one of the new ones, a second in a series.  Hope it's as good as the first one. 

I scooted around on several other errands and was back home in short order.  Didn't see anything to take a picture of, it's rather dull and drab around here during the winter months.  That's another reason to look forward to spring.  Nothing much prettier on this planet than seeing a new bud springing to life in the spring.  Can hardly wait!  In the meantime, we look forward to Christmas and the joys of our faith.  The stereo is playing Christmas CDs and filling my heart with peace and contentment.  If only we could have these feelings all year long.  Somehow life gets in the way.  

Sweetz and I put the tree up today.  Yep, and he really helped this year, right there at my elbow as we worked side by side.  It's pretty and I'm enjoying looking at the lights and the ornaments collected over the years while the music plays on.  


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