Thursday, November 3, 2011

Online Assistance

I've begun to track my eating online.  I found two free websites that do the math and track the nutrients, cholesterol, fat, fiber, carbs, protein, weight, exercise, etc., all with a few clicks.  Beginning with entering present weight, sex, height, build, desired goal weight, medical conditions, level of exercise, etc., I felt that the questions were fair and produced a good analysis of my situation. 

Each day I'm to enter what I ate, how much, how many glasses of water, etc.  Both websites are fairly easy to navigate.  One of the websites is  The other website is I'll enter my info on both websites for a few days and see which one I like the best and then drop the other.  Surely, the WeightWatchers system is better/easier, especially the ease of keeping up with points rather than calories but at least both WebMD and CalorieCount do the math and they are free.  Free is good! I just click on the food eaten, choose the quantity, and hit add. I even get reminders via email to not forget to enter the info. 

Lunch was 1/2 grilled pork chop, fresh green beans, steamed fresh cabbage, and fresh steamed broccoli.  Per the websites, that amounted to a few hundred calories.   

After only two days of letting these two websites analyze my diet, I can already see I'm eating incorrectly.  Some areas are great.  But I'm supposed to eat 1242 calories a day and I'm not eating anywhere near that.  Would think I'd be skin and bones at that level!  Nope, looking at me I'm not skinny by any stretch of the imagination.  Used to be...not now. So, looks like a few snacks are going to jump into my days, although to be honest, I'm not hungry most of the time but I cook and eat mostly because of Sweetz.  At least this has been the pattern since my brother died.  The day he died my appetite seemed to have died too. 

Looks like some re-ed of my diet is needed.  Probably even some appetite invigoration is needed. How?  I don't know.  But in the meantime, I'm going to try weight loss online.  OK, I'm off for some snacks, then I need to plan supper...whether I'm hungry or not.  

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