Sunday, January 31, 2010

The snow is still pretty. Sweetz and I got out this morning and cleaned off the patio, steps, sidewalk, van, and driveway. Wow! Then the snowplow came by on several passes and moved the snow to the edge of the driveway. So we waited until he finished to do it the final time. Yes, I waved at him - not his fault that we have to shovel it at the end yet again. None of the neighbors have moved from their houses except our immediate ones on either side who got out while we were shoveling and drove their cars out and around the block then came back and parked and went back inside. Easy man's shoveling method - probably works as well as ours. But we got some exercise. Kept telling Sweetz we should make a snowman but we were too tired when we finished.

The snow has a crust of about 2 inches and then it's soft as cotton under that. Sweetz mentioned snow cream a couple of times so I rested a bit when we finished and then made some. It was delicious! He kept saying how good it was and wished we had some fresh strawberries to put in it. It really must have been good! Your eyes aren't deceiving you - yes, it's pink!

It's 40* here now and the sun has shone all day. I was exhausted after shoveling and took a short nap. One of the katz woke me asking for supper. They both ate and now are outside romping (ha...probably walking around finding an appropriate place for a deposit) but will be back at the door soon I'm sure.

My right wrist/shoulder/neck is sore where I threw snow over that side of my body. Ouch, feels like I'm out of shape. I warmed up the rest of the beef/veggie soup and fixed grilled 3-cheese sandwiches for lunch. I love the combo of 3 cheeses so much better than just using a single kind. Our little titmouse keeps trying to get to the suet cakes on the tree branch but a bigger gray bird keeps chasing him away. Seems to be a pecking order in the bird realm too. The little one is persistent though and will eventually get his belly full. Snow is pretty but I'll be glad if we don't get another one this year. Snow, snow, go away. Come again some other year.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lots of white frozen stuff

Well, my luck ran out - even my denial didn't work. Since I lived seven years in New Jersey which received lots of snow, I've definitely filled my lifetime desire for snow. Moving further south helped but with the trends in climate warming/cooling, this area's minimal amount of snow and ice was warmly appreciated. We've had warmer winters for several years here so now we've experiencing a swing to colder winters. (I'm a total disbeliever in global warming - duh, at my age I have seen the variations of warming and cooling to know it swings back and forth)...anyhoo, where was I? Well, it snowed last night but I can't determine how much we've received. Somewhere in the 7" area with drifts up to a foot around trees and fences. It is pretty at this stage and I've enjoyed looking out the windows as it changes back and forth from snow and sleet. Sure am glad it's a weekend and I can stay home and not have to plow through back roads to work. Mr. Weather Channel says we'll get up to another 6 inches before it quits. That's ok, I'm home and warm. There's a pot of soup on the back burner and life has slowed down to Comfortable and Relaxed.

Our son called and they are doing ok too. They have two little boys who are itching to get outside and play. Do you think they'll think to email Nana and Papa a picture? Wonder if Sweetz will get outside with me and make a snowman? Maybe we'll make snow cream - haven't done that in years since it's impossible to gather enough clean snow in a dusting). But we have deep clean snow today - no excuse this time. Yep, got milk.

Sweetz has started another puzzle. The birds are enjoying the bird feeders. And I have a free weekend with a camera. How many snow pictures can one person take?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally started

I've been wanting (that should read...NEEDing) to paint one of our bathrooms for awhile now. But I've gotten lazier. Yep, it was easier to just rush in and rush back out and not concentrate too long on the looks of the walls. Then a few weeks ago I finally ripped the wallpaper off but kept putting off painting. Oh, to give myself a little pat on the back, I did spackle and sand. That's when the doing nothing else started in earnest and the rush in and rush out became the norm. So, tonight I actually got out the paintbrush and the Kilz and painted one of the walls. A little applause here would be appreciated. Yaaaay The can only had a little left from a previous project, so was only able to paint the one wall before the can was empty. Yep, I have another can, so I should have the impetus now to tackle another wall or two in the next few nights. Surely, that's not too much to ask of myself. The question remains though - what color should I paint the walls? A friend at work suggests brown. At that moment I was thinking she meant dark chocolate. Well, you know there are lots of shades between Hershey brown and beige. There's a perfect color waiting for me on the color wheel so I should be able to find a spot of fun in the process.

Sweetz is on jury duty this week so we've been eating out. Tonight was pizza night, one of my favorites. I need to eat healthier but there wasn't anything exciting in the "light" choices. Yuck, just how many salads can one person eat? One day soon I need to get serious about losing a few pounds but it doesn't seem to be today.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Using all five senses

Wow, last night was wicked with the wind and rain so a good night's sleep was nearly impossible. Hopefully tonight I can get my beauty sleep. Sweetz told me it took him two hours to pick up the branches and sticks that had fallen in our yard. And years ago we unknowingly thought we just HAD to have lots of trees. The sky in this picture looks blue, but in reality it was dark gray. Menacing to say the least.

Today was another Monday but I survived. The drive to work was uneventful if I don't count the water puddled everywhere or the height of the water under the bridge I cross twice a day. It was a comforting feeling to get to the other side. The morning was rushed and it was time to join some friends at a local restaurant before I had finished everything on my morning to-do list. Oh well, that's why we have afternoons. It was great to see everyone again and I listened to their news, some happy and some sad. But that's the way it is with friends, to take the time to listen. And before I knew it, time had flown and we had to return to the clutches of our bosses. The afternoon seemed eternal - time just seemed to get bogged down to the speed of sloooow. It would have been nice to have a speed control button.

Last night I decided it was time to replace the pictures in a frame which sits on my desk at work to display four shots of our annual family destination Christmas. I like to stand it vertically so it will tuck in a small corner. Every time I glance at them, I have to smile remembering time spent with 4 precious family members. With the frame updated, it will be a highlight of the day to snatch a glance of it occasionally to brighten the hours. Can't wait for the next time we get together.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Roses and Lace

Mom and I went to a tea room today for lunch - complete with pink and lace and frills and doilies and roses and bows - EVERYWHERE. There were tea items all over - from tea pots to cups and sauces. We both ordered chicken salad on a croissant with a side of potato salad and fruit cup. And of course we had to have a pot of tea! We ordered the pomegranate/berry blend which was yummy.

While waiting for our food, the waitress suggested we check out the upper level. So we climbed the wooden staircase to find a dining room, a bedroom, and a gift shop. Of course every square foot was loaded with ultra feminine items. The bedroom upstairs looked like it could be straight out of a frilly bed and breakfast. The dining room was set with beautiful china and silverware ready for a formal dinner. The gift shop was packed with feminine items like ornate dishes, delicate vases, handmade pillows, handpainted tea towels, and more tea pots than you've ever seen in one room. A lady from the elite social class in 1900 would have felt right at home.

The food arrived with a pink napkin tied with a flower. There were generous servings and neither one of us could eat all the food. Our server said they had homemade banana pudding for dessert but since my tummy was stuffed, it looks like I have to return to try out the desserts to see if they are as good as they sounded.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Katting around

Yippppeeeee, it's Friday. It only takes 5 grueling days to make me eager to walk out for a weekend. I have made no plans for my two days off although there are several items on the to-do list but none of them lift me to the point of excitement. It's usually on a Mon or Tue night that I experience the spark but then by the weekend, that once infectious item returns to sit comfortably on the list waiting for another Mon or Tues.

My kat (yes, this one is mine - Sweetz prefers the other) enjoys snoozing on the sofa and some days I'd love to trade places with her. What a life - resting, investigating new things that come into her life, teasing me with her eyes. She doesn't realize it, but she gives hints as to her thoughts with the position of her ears, the blink of her eyes, or the movement of her tail. I like it when her tail is straight up in the air when she walks around - that means she's content. Once I saw a book on how to understand your cat but didn't buy it. I don't know enough about our katz to be able to write more than three sentences about understanding them. They are a mystery, something to study from a distance, and be accepted when their timing is right. They certainly aren't much trouble, and there's no noise unless you count those soft meows that occasionally surface. They both stand by the door when they want to go outside to take care of business and then stand at the door when they want back in. How easy is that? Oh, well, maybe I trained them to do that. Ahhhh, maybe I'm smarter than I thought.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How much longer?

I got spoiled for a few days during a recent January thaw. Today it's rainy and seems so much coooolder. Not my favorite weather condition. But it's just cold rain, could be a lot worse - like ice or snow. Guess I just can't be pleased unless I was farther south so I could experience some capris and tee shirt weather.

There was a retirement reception at work today for a nice employee who had devoted 43 years. Wow, she's seen a lot of changes in her lifetime! I'm happy for her but it brings my future to the forefront and that spurs questions of when am I going to retire? Hate those questions. Today I decided to answer, "Just can't count that high" which brought the desired look of puzzlement to each face and they would move on. Whew! Now I sympathize with a young woman who's repeatedly asked when she's going to get married, or have a baby.

After work as I was getting a haircut, Sweetz called me on my cellphone and wanted to eat out. Yipppeee, I'd never turn that idea down. He got a haircut today too, so together we resembled two skinned rats feasting on a seafood combo plate.

Sweetz got his notice a couple of weeks ago to serve on jury duty. I've never served and yet he gets a summons every few years. Seems it would be interesting to see the inside view of the justice system at work. Maybe they already know I'm short on concentration or maybe they just want males. Then again, maybe I'm too young and beautiful...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Must have been the apple

I know you've heard the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Well, I took an apple to work today. It hung out on my desk awhile, then I started munching it, chomped away until it was gone, and then the core was flung into the trash. Hey, it worked. I didn't see a single doctor. Not a one all day. Heard them through my office door though...but they kept their distance. And I felt good today. Must have been the apple.

But I'm glad when they are in their office on days I'm sick. Don't like to interact with all the sniffling patients in their waiting room though, nor the unfriendly office staff who only want to see your insurance card and your co$pay. You feel like you're part of a cattle call, sitting on the stiff chair until the assistant calls your name. You know you're next because all the people who were there before you have already gone back - and most have already come out too. You sit, you flip through a 3-month old magazine, you smile at the little kid who's sitting on her mom's lap, you notice the dried plants dangling from ceiling chains. You're praying the entire time that you don't get the germs being broadcast from the sneezes of the patient sitting a few seats from you. Yipes, where's a mask and hand sanitizer when you need them?

But I escaped today. Wow, and it was just an apple which did it. One little red delicious apple. Should I take one tomorrow?

Sunday, January 17, 2010





Time to relax and refresh and rejuvenate. We enjoyed church and afterwards some fellowship around the restaurant table with friends. Today we had 8, great time was had by all. On the way home we noticed that it was foggy but by the time we got home it was gone. Here's one picture of a sorta foggy road. And the little banner says "Let it Snow" but it's a lie - no snow is desired around here. Had enough for one year. There are still just a few tiny piles in the yard but the rain which began during the night will hopefully erase all signs of it.

It's a quiet day here now, the earth is refreshing itself which leads me to believe I could curl up for a nap without guilt.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shiny Silver

Today as I promised, mom and I went out shopping for a car for her. I had spent a long time doing research on the internet, the car shopper ads, auto trader, etc. trying to find something suitable for her. Being 88, she didn't want a red car, or a sporty car, didn't even want a sun roof! But we found a nice car for her - a used Nissan Altima with enough dials and knobs to confuse a seasoned driver. She had me check it out even under the hood to look at all the clean engine parts. (Really now, do I look like a mechanic who knows what I'm looking at!). She even assigned me as the designated driver for the test run. I did figure-of-eights, 3-point turns, circles, speeding on the interstate, and up and down some curvy side streets. It drove like a charm, everything worked great.

So we did a bit of bargaining with the big chief and we asked to see the CarFax printout, then settled on a price they could both live with. They even accepted my demand for a tank fill-up and a car wash. Oh, and the paperwork was ridiculous! Unbelievable number of papers and she was paying cash. I don't even want to know how high the pile of papers would be if someone is getting a loan! But, that is over now. Whew, I developed a headache from the stress but hopefully it will go away before long.

She took me out for dinner in thanks. Now, I need to come up with something neat to give my friend who suggested I check out this particular dealer. Ummmm, she likes sugar cookies but we're both counting calories. Think she'd like celery and carrot sticks as a treat? Naaah, that's what I thought too!

Friday, January 15, 2010

It seems appropriate

I'm sure everyone has experienced work weeks that just seemed endless. Then comes the golden ring - Friday! Rah Rah, move outta my way, I'm heading out the door. Talked to mom today and she wants to go look at cars tomorrow since we're experiencing a January thaw. OK, I said. So off we'll go tomorrow to search for an appropriate set of wheels for the Queen.

These conch shells are some of the smaller ones Sweetz collected on Christmas Beach Week. He lovingly washed them and we found an appropriate vase to accent them. The vase is over 12" tall and of course Sweetz is appropriately pleased. The best solution seems to be an appropriately HUGE container to showcase them all. Maybe Goodwill - no use dipping into my hard earned retirement fund when I can probably find something for a few buck$. Appropriate time to begin conserving buck$ and practicing for my golden ring called retirement.

Mechanical pencils don't get the credit they deserve. They are cheap, handy, durable, and dependable. This is one my former boss gave me. They are a one-use tool but I can keep Former Boss close and within my grasp. She was one of my favorite bosses of all times, so I think of her often during the day. I'm trying to make these pencils survive until my retirement by reloading lead. The pencil itself doesn't open to reload, BUT, I figured out I can upload one lead at a time from the writing end as needed. This way I can have Former Boss around to work closely with me as long as I need her. Seems most appropriate.

Ms. Cow is a gadget for cleaning the computer monitor which has a cleaning cloth on her belly. How appropriate for holding my ear buds while she keeps a sharp eye for dust to accumulate on my monitor. I got tired of looking for the teensy markings for L or R ear, so I painted the R one with some WhiteOut. Now with one swift glance I can tell which is which. Also the right plug goes over the R ear of the cow and the L appropriately waits patiently on the left when not in use. Sweet.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A matter of perspective

Whew, what a day. First I flushed the commode this morning and it overflowed onto the floor all over the bathroom. It's never done that, not sure what happened. Here I am mere minutes before needing to leave for work and I'm frantically running around grabbing old bath towels to absorb the water before it seeps through the floor to the den below. Surely didn't want to be painting the ceiling in the den! A towel in time saves a paint job! I threw each sopping towel into the tub as it got saturated. At one time I had five bath towels trying to absorb all the water. Sweetz hears me call for backup and comes running with the mop and bucket just as I had gotten most of the free water in the towels. The rest was easily captured in the mop. Then rush out the door, speed down the road, and still was 7 minutes late. Ms. Sheriff doesn't like 7 minutes late - ooooh, unless it's coming in early or staying later than the quitting bell. Oh well, another story for another day.

Then a few minutes before 4pm, I'm told that the computers are going down for backup. Ouch and just as Ms. Sheriff gives me an unfinished handwritten email to type to send to a distribution list. Sounds easy, eh? Ah, but first I must type the attachments (2) on a special letterhead that she first wanted me to design...then type the email body, then find two more attachments in separate emails that she wanted included, plus an internet link in yet another email and then combine them all into one and send to a designated contact group. Yes, she said, it HAD to go out TODAY.

Oh my, after saving each step so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel if the Internet went down, I finally had it nearly done and hit ooooops...Send... instead of...Save. Ouch, so 269 people get the unfinished email - most of whom weren't supposed to get the email in the first place. Oh drat it! So, by now precious minutes have passed (who in their right mind would be actually paying attention to the clock by this time) and I had a retraction emailed to all 269 addresses and the corrected copy with all the attachments/link emailed to the correct distribution link. I finally get out of the building without pulling down the walls on top of me. Grrrrrr...with a little bit of prior preparation on SOMEONE'S part, it could have been sent out earlier in the day. PLUS, the computer never went down while I was working on this rush job. Sometimes it's just not worth getting up in the morning...

Tomorrow is Friday, supposed to be warmer, and I need some reprieve from constant deadlines. The weekend is calling my name. Mom is wanting to look at cars, my laundry basket overfloweth, I need to begin the annual tax forms, and a zillion other things.

Ahhhhh, but it all comes into perspective when we hear the devastation in Haiti. I'll keep my troubles and pray for the safety of the people in that country who previously had so little and now need so much.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maintain Distance

The downhill slope - ahhhhhhh everything points to the blessed weekend. Yesterday and today Ms Sheriff was out of Dodge most of the day which made my 8 nearly pleasant. It always amazes me how much more productive I am when I trudge through the duties alone. But we peons must train our sheriffs to trust us and
maintain a healthy distance.

Today warmed up dramatically and the remainder of snow cooperated by nearly disappearing. Tomorrow it will all be gone. And good riddance, I say. I stopped at the grocery store after work to buy some fruits and veggies. I'm determined to eat healthier. I'm munching celery as I type to keep me busy so I can
maintain my distance from the popcorn.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Geezer math

Well, another work day over, and a Monday at that! It really wasn't all that bad...yeah right. But perserverance is the name of the game at this geezer age. You know, the age that the 40 somethings look at you with distaste and you overhear remarks that they wish the oldies would quit and let THEM take over. The answer seems to be easy...just have to have the money pile bigger than the future. So out comes the little calculator, a pen, and some scratch paper. Even got Sweetz in on the fun this time. Honestly, this financial planning gig just isn't his game. He frets and grumbles and just KNOWS we'll have to live under a bridge. Thank heaven he has me! We walk it through - kinda like the puzzles we've put together lately. One piece fits in here, make room for another, and after awhile we can actually see some of the picture forming, a bit here, some color there. Maybe it's like solving a mystery with no direction sheet.

Some of my friends have already entered into the retirement arena and appear to be doing fine. I wonder if they woke in a sweat during the night wondering how things would be. But I see them all smiles now with a slow gait. No hurry, no schedules, no stress. They all wear jeans too - you know, those easy fitting comfortable ones. Oh, and sneakers too. Nothing fancy, but boy do they look happy.

I weighed this morning. Ahhhh, 0.7 lb - not bad for a couple of days. Maybe I can add to my money pile while subtracting from the calorie pile.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It has been a good day - but then again, every day is a good day when one is away from THE JOB. Sweetz and I went to SS and Sunday worship. Both were inspiring. Afterwards we met our friends at the local feeding trough and sat for hours chatting and sharing.

We got our property tax listing in the mail last week. Groan. You know what that means! Our Uncle Sam will be wanting more money soon.

I have decided that it is time to get serious about losing some weight. The moment of reckoning occurred last night when I noticed I was chilly and decided to move around to a FitTV program thinking that would warm me up. I moved this way and then that way and twisted and kicked and turned around and was warming up when... whammoo, what did I see? The mirror! Ouch. I sure didn't look like the young'uns on the TV screen with their darling well-fitted outfits. It's time. Oh, it's well past that mark. So I tried to avoid the mirror but continued to swish and sway in tune to the leader's instructions. Surely I can do this with portion control, exercise, and healthier food choices. No, it's not a New Year's resolution, it's a healthy resolution. Time to put away the candy and break out the veggies.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Favorite days

Driving to work Fri morning was a 2-mile stretch of country roads that were nearly completely loaded with black ice. Thankfully, school had been delayed so there were fewer drivers on that section. We even had a thin coating of fresh snow in the yard too, but was not visible even a mile away. Guess that makes us "special". My migraine was gone when I woke Fri morning and I was able to get alot done at work, especially since the Sheriff was out of Dodge and the office only belonged to me.

We have a woodstove in the den and Sweetz is always eager to have a fire. Sure helps with the heating bills. We have trees and neighbors and friends are happy to give us wood so they don't have to worry with it. Sweetz has kept his woodpile neat so it's actually a pleasant scene from the kitchen.

Now, it's a Saturday and a sunny one to boot. I love Saturdays, such a relief from the workweek. No schedules, no deadlines, no boss, no stress. There's a bit of snow left on the ground and with the temps we're experiencing, it might just stay on the ground for awhile longer. That's ok, at least it's not on the road. I thought about heading out to wander in a store somewhere, maybe even go to lunch and a movie. But then a few moments later, that idea vanished and I decided to stay in and bum around in my sweats. Sweetz and I have been working on another puzzle off and on during the day, just one of those lazy days that are needed to recharge your batteries.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where's my Motrin?

I took the day off today - called in with a bad headache which is still hanging on. Even with two naps, my head still feels like it's banging away inside.

The photo albums I ordered from Snapfish arrived today. The theme is beach Christmas and is adorable. I'm happy I did this rather than order 100 pictures to load in a plain album. This is the first time I've done this. The pictures can be chosen, the book cover color, plus each page layout, and the theme of the entire book. Kinda like a small scrapbook but easier - a literal digital scrapbook. Even though it took me several hours to determine which pictures and layout, the entire project was fun, and now it's fabulous to spend time looking at them. I gave mom one so all we have to do now is relive the week and share with others whenever we want.

Mr. Weatherman predicts a bit of snow tonight - hope it's not much. Sure not in the mood for tackling snow or ice on the way to work and back tomorrow. Mr. Mailman delivered my SocSec prediction report today. Not as much $$ as I want, but it's ri$ing each year I work. My brother will retire this Aug - bet he'll love his freedom!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life can be puzzling

Time is moving right's already Jan 6. We're sure to turn around a few times and the hot summer will be with us. Then around a few curves will be another Christmas. That's ok, I'll take what life hands me and I'll be happy to enjoy each day to the fullest. An email buddy mentioned popcorn and that was the last jolt to get me up and nuke some for myself. I've been hankering for popcorn for days and tonight was IT. With our new microwave and the vision of warm popcorn was all it took for a bag close to perfection, only marred with 6 unpopped kernels. Imagine that! Yep, ate all of it myself.

Today was a rough day at work - at least on my eyes. I had to type an exceptionally long policy into the computer and my head was about to pop with a headache by the time I left. It's not much better now, but perhaps the Motrin will start working soon. I put the puzzle back in the box and immediately Sweetz was eyeing the 1000 piece puzzle of some bears in a river. So far, I've been able to keep his attention on something else, but it won't be long before the bears will be frolicking on our table. Wonder how long it will take for us to complete that puzzle? Probably long after the excitement has worn off. Ummm, perhaps if I hide the puzzle in a closet, he will forget about it. Hey, it's worth a try. The weather seems to be cold everywhere but thankfully we are warm and cozy...but it still doesn't cloud my image of travels in an RV somewhere in the southwest after retirement. Mr. Weatherman is predicting snow here tomorrow afternoon. Bummer, would be nice if it occurred on Fri afternoon.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mouse in the house

It's Monday, another fun day at work! Well, did I have you fooled on that one? One of the employees who likes crafting asked me about a macrame project a couple of weeks ago. Today she brought a sample and together we figured out how to copy it. I decided to be a bit more creative since I really didn't want to head out in our frigid temps for the "proper" materials deciding to just use stuff I had at home. Well, the picture might not be the best to see it but it's a mouse pin macrame'd from jute, beads, ribbon - stuff I had on hand. I can imagine one made as a Christmas mouse in red and green, maybe even a Valentine mouse holding a red heart with red bow or red beads on the end of the tail, a Halloween mouse with black and orange beads and maybe "BOO" spelled out in beads on the end of the tail. We thought one would be adorable attached to a gift bow, as a fridge magnet, or as a pin. I like small quick projects and this is perfect until I get bored with it. What are you doing to maintain your sanity during this cold winter?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Table feasts

Church was good today with a great sermon. The pastor spoke about where we've been, what we did, and where we're going. Seemed quite appropriate for the first Sunday in the new year. Our lunch gang sat around the table at our favorite Sunday munching hole and laughed and teased and filled each other in. So much to talk about even though we've only been apart one week. It's good to have dear friends. If that's not enough, then we are all going to spend the evening at one couple's home tonight for supper. She said she's fixing taco soup. That's a new one for me - but bound to be delicious and yep, there'll be lots more chatting in addition to munching. I plan to take some of my sugar cookies for the table feast. It's cold so hopefully everyone can stay warm. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside

One of our katz (Calli) has finally decided to sit down on the sofa after marching nervously around the house for the past hour. Not sure what her problem was, but maybe the search is over. I put old towels on the seats to save me some work. She actually prefers to be outside but with our frigid temps, she's decided she prefers to be inside tonight. I just looked at the thermostat and it's 22 outside. That's too cold for me too.

We put a puzzle together this weekend. Only 500 pieces but with its crazy shapes, many with a nearly straight edge, it was difficult to even put the edges together. But it was a nice cold weekend project. I only ventured out one inch today, and that was to let the katz in and out for potty trips. They both prefer outdoor "facilities". That's good, because emptying litter boxes isn't my idea of a fun project. We have another puzzle - 1000 pieces. Yipes, might need help with that one.

A friend just called and invited us to their house tomorrow night for supper. Sounds like we will have homemade soup, Caesar salad, and chocolate pie. Yummy! We'll meet at church, followed by lunch together, and then supper. That's nearly a whole day with good friends. Due to changes we don't feel comfortable with, we have decided to leave our church and visit others. There are two other couples who also left at the same time so we're actually visiting churches together as a group. We've noticed that some of the churches we've visited have thought we were a pulpit committee! Toooooo funny...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Day off

I had the day off from work. Yippppeee!! That ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. Today I uploaded about 50 pictures from our beach Christmas and also a couple of other pics onto our new digital photo album keychains that our SIL gave us as one of our gifts. Pretty neat. I also spent a long time in the kitchen making sugar cookies and decorating them. Not sure why I do that, but they are good when I finish. There's still snow on the ground and will probably stay there now since the weather forecast predicts subfreezing temps for several days. Since I started the day with sniffles, I took some Vit C and some cold medicine hoping to get a handle on a cold if indeed that's what it was. Well, I'm fine now and hopefully there are no cold germs to contend with. Sweetz and I are scheduled to get H1N1 flu shots next week. Ouch...