Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sounds of the Season

Sweetz and I headed out this morning to buy a new kitchen faucet.  There were several to choose from and we found one similar to the one we presently have...which happens to be leaking.  Is anything made with quality to last anymore??? 

We saw Santa today!  

We had lunch at a pizza joint and met a friend who ate with us.  She's a delight with a peppy personality - and she still wants me to come back to the line dancing class...and go on some trips with her...and join her bowling league.  Does the woman ever get tired!!

It was a great evening tonight as our town's Community Band had a concert of beautiful sacred and secular Christmas music.  It was fantastic.  That's a sure way to begin the Christmas season in my estimation.  I was toe tapping the entire time. Since I used to play the clarinet in the band, I found my eyes lingering on the woodwind section.  But the other instrumentalists were excellent too. There were solos by a couple of trumpet players and another solo by a flutist.  All were very good. I saw several people in the audience I knew and it was so nice to see them again.  Speaking of the auditorium - it was nearly full and I was pleased there were so many people out tonight to enjoy an evening of Christmas music.  I got several hugs from people.  What a delightful way to show your love and concern for a friend. Afterward, mom and I drove around a bit in the area to see the Christmas decorations in several neighborhoods - one of our family traditions.  She said she enjoyed the evening and wants to do other things with me.  Sounds like I'll be searching online to find some other area things to do...

I took pictures tonight without a flash but it's difficult to hold the camera still long enough to get a sharp picture so the quality isn't as good as I like.  Oh well, pictures are intended for the memories sometimes and not always for award-winning shots.  I had to work around some heads in the audience but considering the obstacles, I think they turned out pretty well.

And bosho...I'll be glad to include a picture of our Christmas tree - which I think is quite pretty.  Check back tomorrow to see if I was able to capture a decent shot.  Can't do it now since I'm charging my battery pack.  Plus the Christmas tree lights are on a timer and it's timed out for the night. 

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