Saturday, December 31, 2011

Surprises Along The Way

We had a surprise this morning when a son we haven't seen in years called to ask if they could come over and visit.  Sure, I said.  They have three beautiful children now, two we had never seen.  It was good to see them and catch up with their lives. 

He has a twin brother...

Imagine my surprise 40 years ago when I delivered twins.  No sonograms back in the days - just a stethoscope to hear heartbeats, and possibly one deaf obstetrician. 

We had unseasonably warm weather today for our area and I soaked in the sun and springy temps.  You know, you have to store up the good things when they happen upon your path. 

Today is New Year's Eve.  Another year gone -- ka-bam -- sure seemed to be a short one too.  Not sure if that's the speed of the seasoned citizen's calendar or what.  But it was a good one, no complaints, other than an occasional grumble or two.  2012 will probably have some other surprises along the way, but we'll face them with a smile and a prayer. 

Our day started with homemade Belgium waffles...

And will end with...

...a styrofoam bubbly.  Happy New Year everybody!

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