Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm Seeing Green

God has delighted us in this area with a pleasant fall.  Oh, we've had some cold days and nights, but mostly they have been on the mild side.  The leaves are all down but the evergreens sprinkled in the landscape are a brilliant green.  They are generally overlooked during the other three seasons, but the lowly evergreen gets to outshine all the other trees during the fall and winter. 

Another plant that retains its color and majesty are our rosemary plants.  Even though I have harvested a generous amount from our two plants this year, they both are hardy and continue to have strong flavor even as the weather chills.  And the pruning through my harvest ventures only create more robust and healthier growth.  I bought a dehumidifier this summer to assist me in drying my herbs, but was extremely disappointed in it as it is too hot and scorched many a tray of fresh herbs.  I actually would prefer one that has a much lower temperature setting.  Since I'm not at all inclined to spend money on the costlier industrial version, I will continue to resort to my pioneer methods and the dehumidifier has been doomed to live unappreciated in the storage closet.  A generous use for it next spring would be as a planter!  About all it's worth to me at this point. 

Our Christmas tree is green also - and one might call it an evergreen.  Well, that's a stretch but it is always green, however it's artificial.  Not my favorite but seems to be satisfactory at this time.  With the cost of real trees edging upward, this seems to be a solution which works for now...maybe forever.  Must say, it was pleasant to get the tree up and decorated in record time.  A live tree is more time consuming...but worth it as it fills the home with its fresh scent. Wonder if we will ever get another live tree for Christmas?  I did snip some greenery outside one day and that softens the absence of the majestic live Christmas tree.  Times have changed and so must we. 

Plans continue to roam through my head as I plan a nice birthday reception for my mother.  Tomorrow I will travel into town to check out a location for the gathering, plus visit a couple of vendors who specialize in catering to see if they are available to provide the food.  Another call will be made to a friend who I hope will do an floral arrangement and a corsage.  Lists fly through my brain and most land on paper.  I'm thinking I need a notebook to keep track of everything, but wouldn't a social secretary be nice at this point!!!  Both Linda and I want it to be nice - and it will be worth the effort. And who knows, there might be some leftovers!

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