Monday, December 26, 2011

Holding My Breath

Plans for mom's birthday reception has been clicking right along.  The one remaining question mark was the caterer.  I knew Loretta would be taking a few days off during Christmas, but never did I imagine she would be cutting it this close! Her business had been working overtime and she was stressed to the max so she definitely deserved some time off. But me...I was getting edgy and nervous not hearing from her for a week as the calendar rushed on to mom's special day.  By 4pm today Sweetz and I had decided we obviously would be doing the food prep ourselves since it was too late to contact another caterer...

It was at this precise moment the phone rang!  She was calling to say she was back from their vacation and she had everything on schedule.  Obviously, there was no reason to doubt her planning since that's her business and always has everything under control.  She just needed my final ok that it was still a go.  I had a few questions and she answered them efficiently and professionally. Nice lady.  I'll use her again.  But hopefully never to be this close to hitting my PANIC button.

It was during our phone conversation that I realized I had exhaled.  Never did I realize I was holding my breath for so long.  But worry should never have been part of the plan.  As a professional, she always has things totally under control and really only needs a day to bring it all together.  Well, she's the best in this area so why was I worrying? 

This afternoon Sweetz and I cleaned off the dining room table and laid our goodies in piles and started filling the bags.  They are now ready (one for each family) sporting purple ribbons tying them to the rest of the decor.  This reception should be a piece of cake! 

And I'm trying to figure out what to wear.  The reception has been tagged "classy" by the florist - well, that's probably right and the type of event that mom would appreciate.  After all, she's 90 and deserves to have an event worthy of her age.  No balloons, no crepe paper streamers, no cake with candles, no games.  OK, mom, we'll not have those.  It's your party, and we want you to enjoy your special day. 

Wonder if I will live till 90?  If so, will my son give me a birthday party?  I have no doubt the answer to that question is a no. Well, maybe I should hang on to these decorations, pull them out of my cedar chest when I turn 90, close my eyes, and pretend...

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