Thursday, December 8, 2011

Knives and Forks

Had a good day, life seemed calmer.  Hey, but I was alone most of the day - hehe  That's it!! My problems stem from irritation from other people!  Well, not really, but it seemed like it the other day.  I was really frustrated with someone beginning Wed evening with a phone call that irritated me wildly.  Took yesterday off and just did what I wanted to, and obviously worked through my irritation.  Anyway, today was better and I think I'll be ok now.  Sometimes just a bit of reflection time works wonders. 

I made the 5 angel ornaments for our tree yesterday as a way of calming down...and it worked! Even Sweetz thought they were cute.  I can't find my stash of ornament hangers so the last 3 angel ornaments are lying on top of the piano waiting for me to figure out Ornament Hanging Plan B.  I've seen wire ones with cute curly flips and turns.  Surely, I could make 3 doing something like that.  Yep, think I'll do that tomorrow.  These 3 angels need to be gracing my tree and I would think they would adore fancy curly ornament hangers - well, I would at least. 

Today I met with Marcia whom I volunteer for.  I turned in my last project and she gave me two more projects to work on.  Seems she is updating some documentation  and these projects will involve some updating and typing but she said there was no rush, but I plan to start them in January, right after the Christmas decorations are stored for another year.  It's a good thing to have some projects ready in the wings.  Don't want to get bored in my retirement gig!! 

Went to a second Wal*Mart today trying to find a zipper a color closer to what I wanted.  Wasn't to be.  Sure miss a good fabric store!  I also went here and there including a grocery store picking up a few things we needed.  Sweetz was rewarded with a fantastic lime chicken dish for supper.  Oh oh oh, was it ever good.  I tweaked the recipe, leaving out the hot peppers and such, but substituted some ingredients more to our liking and it was excellent. Yum, might have to do that again.  Of course, it won't taste the same since I didn't write down "my" recipe. But that's ok, I'm a "creative" cook and who knows, it might taste ever better next time.  

I'm still working on the healthier nutrition phase of my life and it's working...slowly.  Lost 9 pounds as of this morning.  Slow and unsteady but at least moving downward. 

I found a low carb cookbook this morning in my cookbook shelf and that's the method that seems to work for me and where I saw the lime chicken recipe.  There are lots of great-sounding recipes in it.  Ummm, wonder what I will fix tomorrow? Well, it's a mystery to me too, but with this little book...inspiration just moved up a notch. 

Speaking of reading - even though I have these two typing projects for Marcia, I'll still find LOTS of time to read!!

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