Monday, December 12, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

Monday - another first day of the work week and this one is overcast in all hues of grey.  I had a fitful night's sleep, kept waking up, but continued to lie there and occasionally I'd wake again so knew I slept some. Hope I got enough to make it through the day.  I'll be meeting some friends for supper and wouldn't want my sleepy head to land in my Mexican chicken and rice dish. 

The invitations to mom's reception are completed: addressed, stamped, and will be mailed today.  They turned out nice with little ribbons attached to the top in pre-drilled holes.  Even the little ribbons were pre-cut so it wasn't difficult to thread them through the holes to mimic bows.  Yep, and I even followed protocol and hand addressed them. 

Now, I have a stack of Christmas cards to work on.  Need to write notes on them too.  It's nice to open the mailbox and receive them from family and friends - so hope others enjoy receiving mine as well.  My list will be pared down this year - and it's a special treat to be able to email Christmas greetings to some on my list.  That doesn't help the post office stay in the black, but they will have to pare their business plan just as we do with our home budgets.  

I'm still not back to normal after my brother's unexpected death and that bears a heavy weight on my Christmas joy this year.  Grief takes time but does allow the living a chance to relive the memorable moments. I'm so glad that Wayne and I were able to bond after some rough years in the middle and those last years were sweet. I'm thankful to have those experiences and memories so I have no regrets.  But life continues for the living and we have to keep our nose pointed straight ahead looking for joy even in the little things along the way.

May you always keep Christ in your Christmas. 

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