Thursday, December 15, 2011

Checking My List

Sweetz and I went to the big city today to shop till we dropped for Christmas.  I made a list and checked it twice,...figuring I've give to the naughty and nice.  The prep for events this time of the year has wrapped its gnarly tendrils around my legs and arms and sometimes I feel unable to move.  But things are getting done one step at a time and that's really all I can ask at this point.  

I have to finish addressing our Christmas cards and write notes to include with some of the recipients we haven't seen.  Doubt that will be finished tonight, but sure need to get that job done and dropped into the big blue mailbox on the corner.  Plus maybe my mailings will help that organization stay in business another month or so.  Cards, stamps, pen...check check check.  Ahhhh, the time -- ummmmmmm, surely I can find time tomorrow. 

Yes, Mrs. Sweetz, just proceed one step at a time and things will get done.  And SMILE.  And always remember the True Reason for the season. 

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