Monday, December 5, 2011


Good news!!
Today I was successful in my search for a venue for mom's birthday celebration.  It's already decorated and set up for most of anything I need.  How's that for an easy solution! 

Parking: good
Access: good
Decor: good
Location: good
Space: good
Restrooms: good
Seating: good
Cost: good
Mom's reaction:  Priceless

Next, I must gather my thoughts...and then I'll be off to talk to a few caterers and florists.  Still trying to locate my social secretary...she must be around here somewhere.  She didn't take this month off, did she??? 

Again, we had a nice day,  which was a beautiful late fall experience, with just a nip in the air.  Mom and I invited two lovely ladies to join us for lunch at a sandwich shop.  All the time I was out having a ball organizing a nonagenarian's birthday bash, Sweetz was slaving away mulching leaves at mom's house. So much for equality.  Well, we could have switched roles, but I doubt he would have done well in venue comparisons, but his choices would have had a bit more of a masculine tone: ball park, garage, 19th hole, man cave. Yep, that's why I went out today...

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