Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tissues and Zicam

I'm still fighting a nasty cold.  I haven't had a cold in several years so was surprised when I caught this one.  Thought I was getting more immune to them or else successfully staying away from anyone with germs.  But, sometimes we get thrown a curve ball so I'll accept this and will work at getting over it as soon as I can.  Zicam has become my best friend.  And yes, it does work - if I take it.  And at this stage in the cold process, I have decided to take it faithfully.  Plus, I decided it would be a good idea to keep up with when I take them, so I'm jotting down the time on a chalk board to keep me organized.  I took the last one about 15 min ago so I should be ok to head to the library in a bit. 

My library books are due today -- the three-week loan period seemed extra short this time.  But at this time of the year with Christmas prep in full swing, I shouldn't be surprised.  So, off I will go to the library today to exchange these for another batch.  With the winter months staring me in the face, I predict I will be reading a lot to help fill some hours till spring returns once again.  It's lightly drizzling outside but I still need to head out even though staying inside where it's warm would be easier. 

I finished the little sewing projects I was working on to put in the bags with some other goodies for the people who come to mom's birthday reception so they can remember her special birthday.  That sure is a relief to get that project completed.  Things are coming together now, although there are still a few last-minute things to do, but most of the weight is off me at this point.  Haven't heard from the caterer lately but I'm sure everything is fine.  She's probably still overwhelmed with cooking for Christmas events.  

One thing is for sure, I'll be glad when Christmas is over and I can relax again.  The Reason for the Season is being squeezed and that's not a good thing.  Then another year awaits in the wings - and we must ponder what events 2012 will bring us.  We definitely have no choice in the matter as time ticks away faithfully and we must move with it. 

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