Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Planning Is Taking Shape

Sweetz and I went out and about, up and down the roads trying to work through some plans for mom's reception.  I picked out the paper products and put a few coordinating things together - of course, I like it ... but I think mom will love it.  I bought some invitations from the same set of paper products so just need to get them printed and stuffed in their matching envelopes. 

We went to my favorite caterer this morning and got that process started.  The owner had some good ideas and again I'm thinking mom will be pleased.  That's the real reason for all this anyway - to honor mom and to make her proud. Loretta will get back with me on the final details while I need to get with her with a sample of the motif so she can coordinate her part.  Don't want to brag.... BUT, it does look like everything is falling into place and I think I can take a chance on exhaling at this point.  Yep, our birthday gal will be pleased we are doing this. Can't wait to see her smiling face.  Yes, she knows we're doing this, but I don't want her to know any of the details until the big reveal.  Wonder if there are any opportunities in this economy to be an event planner! It's definitely a lot of work, but sooooo fulfilling! 

Talked with our son tonight for a long time.  He's just the most pleasant guy you'd ever meet!  So kind to us and even feel he's bordering on the protective side.  It's wonderful to be this close with him and his family. Yep, and I'm proud of them too! 

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