Monday, December 19, 2011

Where Are The Candles?

Since I'm under the weather with a "cold", I was restricted from entering the kitchen today.  That can have its benefits since MainMan fixed the meals today.  Yay

Poor Babe, it's his birthday and even had to bake his own birthday cake.  Fortunately, I had an emergency cake mix in the cabinet so he decided he'd make it himself rather than take the chance he'd be challenged with a fight against my germs.  So, a bit later we celebrated his big day when mom arrived - but there were no candles on his cake.  Didn't seem to bother him getting the fork in his mouth - along with some vanilla ice cream on the side.  Yum.  I'm not a fan of chocolate, but must admit this was a great cake.  One piece will probably do me though.  He and mom ate two pieces of cake!  Where do they put it?  And my mom told me today that she was still losing weight.  So, I encouraged her to eat a second piece - which she did - every crumb.

Zicam works - well when I remember to take it.  When I'm feeling better, I tend to forget them.  Sweetz bought another box of them which is labeled "ULTRA" so I'm prepared now with 3-hr lozenges and 4/6-hr soft gels.  That combination should cover the 24 hr period enough that I can get well.  Let's hope - since life isn't much fun in sick bay. The box's claim is that this product will shorten the length of a cold and relieve a sore throat.  So, how long is "shorten"??

I received a slideshow of a friend's decorating skills. Her house is so beautifully decorated that I can only drool.  So, I decided to remove my feeble effort at decorating a corner table to see if I could accomplish something of the Jean Look.  Doubtful it is successful, but maybe it shows some improvement. Now, that I see the picture --- I'd say I still need lessons... 

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