Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sooooooo Many Birthday Candles

Today was a delightful day, starting off overcast and ending with nearly total sunny skies.  And warm!!!  What a beautiful day for a December.  If only we could order these all winter!  But  occasional beautiful days are to let us know that winter won't be a killer and we'll survive - if nothing else but to let us be treated to one of these exceptional days. 

Three generations

We picked mom up at 11:30 and off we drove to Oak Ridge to Elizabeth's Italian Restaurant to celebrate Sweet's birthday.  Not sure how many candles are supposed to be on his cake but the fire department was warned to be on stand-by with full water tanks!

It's always a great experience when we're with Brian - he's sharp, handsome, funny, and relaxing all bundled up into one exceptional son. We had our favorite waitress, Brittney, who took care of our every wish.  I told her when we left that we'd make sure and ask for her the next time we're there.

Brian made a Dad's Money Garden for his dad, who seemed thrilled with the attempt at a special handmade gift.  There are raised beds and coins in the vegetable rows, even money poles for the cukes and pole beans to grow on.  Sooooo cute.  You can't find one of these for sale in any Hallmark Card Shop! 

Dad's Birthday Money Garden

After our loooooong birthday lunch, we visited outside awhile in order to take advantage of the gorgeous weather.  When we finally said goodbye to Brian until Christmas Eve, we stopped in CVS to get some purple paper and a few other items for mom's birthday.  All the agonizing planning has paid off and things are beginning to come together.

My birthday gift to Sweetz was a pillow I designed and made to use in his man cave. 

Buck in Flannel

This one is made of khaki fabric with a buck head on the front sporting a full rack. The appliqued deer head is cut from a plaid flannel shirt that belonged to my brother. This way we have a piece of Wayne with us every day - and it's soooo cute!

After we arrived home, I worked on a couple of projects for mom's birthday celebration that incorporates some pictures of her earlier years.  I finished these tonight and they turned out sooooooo nice.  I wanted this party to be a surprise, but she's wanting to know some of the plans and details.  She even told me today that she'd be glad to help however she could.  It would be great to have her help but I'm soooooo trying to keep some of the plans a secret so she can have a surprise or two. The next projects on my to-do list are thankyouforcoming treat bags to help the attendees remember the great time they had.  She knows the colors are black, white, and royal purple, so she told me today that she was going to wear those colors!  Now, won't that help me take some special coordinated pictures!  Yep, I plan to take a couple hundred pictures hoping to catch the perfect shots of her and her guests. 

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