Friday, December 30, 2011

The Tapestry of Our Lives

Mom started my day by calling to say she wanted to talk to Linda and me about some things.  It was quite a chat from thoughts to questions to decisions. I understand that it can't be easy to know you're 90 and not know what the future holds.  Even though she is in good health, we have no guarantee how things will be day to day.  Of course, the bottom line is that I love her and only want what's best for her.  

Life is such an unknown entity.  There are no guarantees on this earth. Well, maybe death and taxes...But our God is there for us and will take care of His own. 

I reviewed the pictures from mom's birthday reception this morning while I was trying to save my pictures to Linda's memory card.  Not sure why, but some would transfer and some wouldn't. Thought that was strange.  But we know it was a memorable day and we all thought it turned out nice and mom certainly seemed to enjoy being with her friends.  Within a few days, I need to start on a scrapbook so she'll be able to remember her special day in
pictures and other memorabilia.  Doubt I ever live till 90 - and personally can't imagine I would have the great health she does.

We received our real estate tax listing form today.  We just finished paying last year's taxes and it's already time to list for another year.  It's like a treadmill that never stops.  I did receive some good news today...someone gave me a two-year planner - does that mean I'm guaranteed a couple more years on this earth???  Oh yeah... there are no guarantees.  Oh, maybe I could use it to keep up with my healthy eating plan and weight loss.  Gracious, where did that thought come from!  There are no guarantees - pass the cookies...

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