Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Light Rain

My sister-in-law called and is on her way here, will take her a couple more hours, so I'll be updating my to-do list and making sure everything is in order. All three of us ladies are getting over colds, so we're trying to stay away from the food.  We definitely will all be using antibacterial hand wash - sure don't want any sharing of germs during this trip.  The cold and light rainy weather isn't perfect for her drive but as she said, "At least it isn't snowing"!  It's always a good idea to see the optimistic side.

One thing I need to do is charge my camera battery pak!  Sure don't want that to die right as I'm trying to capture the perfect shot!  OK, I'm off to start on my to-do list...

Linda arrived and stopped here first and we discussed everything pertaining to the big event.  She seemed to like everything I had done.  She went with mom to get something to eat and is to come back by here to help with some last-minute details.  Everything is coming together.  Lock, stock, and damask. 

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