Friday, December 23, 2011

Eve of Christmas Eve

Well, the ol' 2011 clock is wearing down.  What hasn't happened so far doesn't look like it's going to happen in the next few days.  But there's another year. Of course, we don't know what 2012 will bring! This year was full enough for me since I don't care for lots of action.  If there's too much action and excitement, I usually get blown away from my comfort zone. 

The gifts are all wrapped, the cookies are dwindling, my cold is hanging on, the dust bunnies seem content living under the bed, the Christmas CDs are comforting, the tree is cheery, the katz are sleeping... What else could one want?  Ahhhh, I can feel the peace!  Well, it won't last - but for the moment it's here and over there and all around. 

Hey, what's that sound?  Oh, yeah, my cough.  Hopefully, this is the final stage of the cold.  Time for this one to move on. But it did give me the opportunity to slow down, to rest, to be lazy. 

Tomorrow we will see our son and his family - it will be fun.  We'll eat and share and laugh.  We'll exchange gifts and check out what the other ones receive.  Memories will be made to keep us warm in weeks to come. 

They have a dog now which I haven't seen.  Not being dog fans, this will be an experience out of my comfort zone.  Now, katz -- they are quiet and generally don't need any attention unless they curl up in your lap.  About the only noises I hear from them is the patter of paws on the hardwood floor, soft purring, and the occasional meow reminder of empty dishes. 

But a DOG - whoa, now they are different.  But I'll refrain from pre-judging this new addition to the Sweetz family but there might be a photo or two of him in tomorrow's blog.  A beagle.  What do I know of beagles?  Nothing.  What do I know of dogs?  Nothing.  Does he bark, bite, nip, jump?  Ummm, guess we'll find out tomorrow. 

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