Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rush Rush Rush

Worked on mom's big birthday bash today.  Feel I'm running around in circles with nothing tangible to show for all the hard work.  As much as I am proud to do this for mom, it is pretty overwhelming here during the holidays. Today, I met with the florist, consulted with the caterer, chatted with my sister-in-law, visited the venue...Everyone is rushed with their own lives and needs at this time.  Hopefully, the day after Christmas I can sit and prop up my feet while I relish a cup of cocoa, maybe with marshmallows and a peppermint candy cane.  Then begin the rush toward Reception Day.  Sure wish this event was another time of the year but we must work with what we have been given and make the best of it.

I met a good friend for dinner tonight and we chatted over chicken salad for a couple of hours.  It was good to reconnect and she was so gracious to always keep me centered and uplifted.  Good friends are priceless in this hectic world.

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