Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas is Getting Closer

Christmas is around the corner, getting closer.  The smells of Christmas are in the air, neighbors visiting neighbors.  Christmas trees are sporting their beautiful lights and gifts begin to pile under its majestic branches. Yep, Christmas is coming.

A neighbor came to visit today and brought a Christmas gift just for us!  A homemade loaf of rye bread.  And we sampled it at supper.  Ummmmm, good.  She tucked in some cookies and candy too.  Food fit for a king and queen.  I had just finished wrapping her gift and she opened it and loved it!  Nice choice, Mrs. Sweetz!

Then about an hour later another neighbor came over to visit.  He said he hadn't seen us in awhile and wondered if we were ok over here.  Imagine that, a thoughtful neighbor!  I need to wrap his gift and go over one day next week to give it to him.  Hope he likes it as much as neighbor #1.  I'll include some pictures of them after Christmas, just in case some nosey folks on my Christmas list look at the blog - surely don't want to ruin their surprise.    

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